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  1. No problem, try the dowel or long screwdriver down the plug hole. I used to do this with my RD to confirm a holed piston........again. I am probably not that far from you. Give me a shout if you need a hand. Let us know how it goes. Cheers
  2. Welcome, I've found a certain online auction site to be treasure trove of bits and pieces, when rebuilding my VF1000r. I would stick with trying to do a sympathetic restoration rather than turning it into a SF. This may be a stupid question, but have you drained the oil to check the state of it, what colour and are there any bits of metal in it. If a rod had gone, i would expect all sorts of nastieness. If you take the plugs out and put a long dowel onto the piston crown, can you feel all of the pistons moving, again if a rod has gone one of them will not move in time with the crank rotation. Cheers
  3. Completely dead battery ?

    You must have really bad "gas" in the colonies Thanks again to everyone for the help.
  4. Completely dead battery ?

    Thanks for all the pointers. Borrowed a battery from a mate, started no problem. I must say I was really surprised a battery could fail that quickly. Thanks again
  5. Completely dead battery ?

    Thanks, I'll try and borrow a battery from a mates bike shop before splashing out on an odyssey as per wlodek's suggestion. I have these in my 888 and BM and they have given no problems. Cheers
  6. Completely dead battery ?

    Thanks for the pointers. I've just taken the seat off. No melted wires and nothing smells funny. The main positive from the solenoid seems a bit soft/pliable at the ends, I would have thought this should be quite stiff, given the thickness. The fuse on the solenoid is intact. The battery seems to be storing some power, I can occasionally get the dash lights on (seems to have a delay or something reseting). After it trips? Sometimes, if I switch off the ignition unplug the connector by the solenoid and replug the connector, I can get the dash lights back, however as soon as I put load i.e main lights (low load from parking lights or indicators is ok) or hit the button there is a soft click from either the solenoid or something very near to it and the dash lights go off. I'll do some more in depth fiddling tomorrow and try and get another battery. Yoshi 11.4 V across the battery with charger off and ignition off. 13-13.5 V with charger on. 14.5 V with charger on and ignition on. 0.2 V across the battery with ignition on and dash lights off. Thanks again
  7. Completely dead battery ?

    Thanks, for the info. Being a bit thick when it comes to vehicle electrics, how do I go about testing this without checking all the wiring and connections? I'll start stripping it down over the long weekend.
  8. Check out this VF1000R I came across

    I like the single seat, does anyone make these?
  9. Completely dead battery ?

    Good Day, Got a really wierd problem with my 85 VF1000r...started it yesterday, no problem, went to start it today, minor fuel pump noise then a click as if the battery was flat, and the dash lights went out. I don't think I left the ignition on, anyway tried to charge the battery, to no avail. I can only get lights if the charger is in supply mode. Off the charger the lights will come on in park, brakelight and indicators work. When I switch on the main lights there is a very faint glow from the element and the tail lights are very dim. It would appear to be a completely nackered battery as it does nort seem to take a charge and the charger comes up with an error light. Can a battery go from working to completely useless overnight or do I have a worse problem than that? Thanks in advance.
  10. VF500 Exhaust

    Interfester, thanks for the feedback. Gaz, they are not too loud, just a nice low growl. They MOT place that did mine said it was mostly up to the testers discretion. Like you said "as long as they don't make yer ears bleed". Give me a shout if you get stuck and I'll give you the address of the place that does mine. Next job on mine is to fit some drilled discs and rear sets. cheers
  11. VF500 Exhaust

    Looks good, I went with the new collector box, some additional bends and two Akropovich cans from a GSXR 1000.
  12. VF500 Exhaust

    Thanks for all the info. I was going to ask questions regarding firing order for the same reasons and was trying to work out how to route the rear bank so that they would be the same as the front. If I have read this thread correctly, then it does not seem to really matter as long as the longest (front are either 1.5 or 2X the length of the shortest). Am I correct? I don't really need to worry about the centre stand as this will be going onto a Vf1000r. I purchased a manufactured collector box from one of the members of the UK VF1000 forum members and will try that first before attempting 2 x 2 into one sets. Thanks for the thread.