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  1. End of an Era - No More VFR?

    Why cant we at least get the torquey 996 vee-twin super hawk / rc51 engine in a cool thoroghly modern sport tourer?? Light weight and with plenty of oompf!
  2. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    IN and Booked, looking forward to this next episode!
  3. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I voted for Colorado, but would be IN for either locations,,, probably will have to ride through CO on the way to and from Deadwood anyway!! :)
  4. Looks like the Cherry Lane bridge near Orofino, ID
  5. Sounds like a great trip! Have fun!
  6. Did you get it done?? How is it working???
  7. Hey Rob. I bet if you let it sit for a day and get a pal to help you jack the swing arm up and down a bit you will get it in... I was able to thread the remote reservoir up through first and then get the rest of the shock body in there.. then the longish tread section on top seems too long,..... i thought about cutting a quarter inch off it to make it easier, but was afraid of that permanent change.. ha ha.. as it turned out it would have been fine... at least the way it all fit up on my 6th gen.. And as i recall, i think the access to to tighten the top nut is under the tank, under the rubber flapper thing.. Just take your time it will work.. Cheers!
  8. Moving to Montana

    Missoula?? Hamilton? If you take a ride toward Coeur d'Alene, look me up!
  9. How old are VFR owners?

    LVII. going on XII Yep i still use Roman numerals and write in Hebrew
  10. Satisfaction Rating of 8th Gen.

    Thanks to all for the thoughtful replies................. Practicality be damned... I am still pretty hot on the 8th Gen...... and those who already have them seem pretty satisfied........... Dang it!
  11. Satisfaction Rating of 8th Gen.

    Doesn't a "Minnesota Minute" pretty much last all winter... like 9 months?? :)
  12. Satisfaction Rating of 8th Gen.

    Wow, thanks for a whole bunch of great replies! I know for a fact that buying the 8th Gen is mostly a question of economics and not one of practicality, as the 6th gen is serviceable, etc etc... So taking $$ off the table, and notwithstanding making mods to an existing bike...... I was also hoping to hear from a few current 8th Gen owners their opinion of / satisfaction with their experience with the bike so far....... improved cooling system, narrower profile, better brakes (de-linked), and on the Deluxe model traction control, heated grips, remote pre-load on the rear, adjustability on front forks... and yes in my opinion a pretty bitchin' new appearance.. how does that stuff rate in the calculus of bike value?? Sheesh! Now i need drink! Ok there, now you can all unload on me!
  13. I am on the fence here. I have a perfectly good 6th gen with hard bags. But I am smitten with the younger faster lass.. help me out....
  14. SumSum 4 - Gauging Interest

    This sounds like a great idea. IN Grand Junction Colorado is a location with access to a lot of cool routes.
  15. Ducati Supersport

    Then upon drooling over a close up picture i realize i dont own, or even know what tool i would need to even take a wheel off.. But im sure i could find what i need down at Harbor Freight... ha ha ha!

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