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  1. Big Hole db.jpg

    Yep, Bucks Lake Road. Pushing seemed to be the more dangerous route to go. Riding was a case of look straight ahead and give it some gas ;) 7 bikes, vfr800, vfr1200, rt1200, Transalp, fz09, st1300, fjr1300, all had no issues, but all are well seasoned riders.
  2. Big Hole db.jpg

    From the album Ca ride 2017

    Road not closed ;)
  3. Bike trip 2017 (175).jpg

    From the album Ca ride 2017

  4. Ca ride 2017

    good times on the old bike
  5. Bike trip 2017 (152).jpg

    From the album Ca ride 2017

  6. Bike trip 2017 (96).jpg

    From the album Ca ride 2017

  7. Bike trip 2017 (23).jpg

    From the album Ca ride 2017

    ADV viffer
  8. Little details......... when you are OCD.....
  9. Originally developed to mount a Ducati rear wheel on the Hawk GT, fits great on the 4th gen vfr. Using Hawk/Bros 650 parts has pro's and con's, depending on your point of view. Designed by Honda for the Hawk/Bros, the parts are smaller/lighter. The smaller Cush drive has been known to withstand 80hp race Hawks ridden in full anger, and is 3lbs lighter than the stock vfr one. However, other than normal use and 1 track day, i have no idea how well it will hold up to 100hp. The spindle is shorter due to the cush being smaller, so it is lighter by a little. The pic is deceiving, other than the extra shaft for the bigger cush they mic out the same in all shaft dimensions. The hawk rear rotor is 240mm vs the vfr 256mm, so lighter as well. Spindle and rotor = 2lbs lost. Combined with the custom rear caliper hanger and a Brembo or Berringer caliper, that assembly is lighter as well. So, several pounds of unsprung and rotating mass lost even before the wheel is factored in. The old 3 spoke Brembo wheels bolt right up, the newer Marchesini's (small hole 5.5) need the bore opened by a mm or 2. Wheel offset is off by 2.5mm, so a spacer between the wheel and hub would be required for dead center. I used this setup to mount an nc35 rear wheel, as the drive pin PCD is the same for Duc/nc30/nc35/rc30/rs250/etc. I did need to use the nc30 inner axle as it is longer than the Hawk/Bros one.
  10. The Hawk/Bros spindle needs to have the drive pins moved. and a outer spacer would be need to be addressed for the Duc wheel. nc30/nc35 wheels just use the nc spacer and nut. For the Duc wheel offset, 2.5mm, a spacer is good, but 2.5mm is minimal..... Sadly, the guy on the Hawk Forum who was making and selling these as kits is gone walkabout, so I post this as info only. I do not have/make these mods/parts to sell. The only part in production is the Caliper Hanger, which will NOT fit the stock vfr750 rotor (yet). wwresto.com does the hangers, he is also on vfr facetube groups. I have been trying to get him to do a hanger for my 5th gen for my delink.... no luck yet...
  11. 4th gen tidy up

    I estimated once.... but you may be right. Used bikes almost always have secrets....
  12. Oregon to Colorado!

    Hwy 40 is your friend in Utah and Colorado ;) Loads of small awesome roads in Utah, if you have the time.
  13. What was your first bike

    LOL :) in "Merica" we ride whatever.... we see kids starting on Hyabusa's, R1's, Full size Harleys...etc.. One license fits all, so get licensed on a 125-250 and you get a license good for anything.... it's Crazy, and most places no helmet required either...
  14. Pipe/Exhaust advice

    Time will tell. We have a set of headers on a Hawk that were coated 1 year ago and look new, but long term is unknown..... I tried it since the shop is next to my office, the nearest Jet Coat is 50 miles away.
  15. Pipe/Exhaust advice

    Cerakote FTW :) just had a 2bros 4th gen header done, awesome. Pics in a bit...
  16. Rear brake use

    Teaching classes and instructors since the 80's.... Nothing has changed, still about 70% front and 30% rear.... Obviously varies between bikes, sport bikes 90/10, cruisers 70/30, and others in between. Stopping too fast, really ? and which has better control (feel), a hand and fingers or a foot in a boot...... More schools are actually teaching trail braking as well, which has no back brake involved once lean is initiated... This is why Cruisers are over 1/2 of the fatalities in the last 5-6 years. Most do not know how to stop. "Had to lockem up", "Locked er up and slid it out", so much stupid shit.... She should be retrained or fired... probably teaches for Harley-Davidson Riders Academy, not an MSF school..... Either way she is doing her students a huge and dangerous disservice.
  17. Summer 2017

    still lotsa snow
  18. Snow but perfect temps

    From the album Summer 2017

  19. Frozen lakes, but clear roads

    From the album Summer 2017

  20. low

    From the album Spring 17

  21. Spring 17

  22. high

    From the album Spring 17

  23. Finally clear roads

    From the album Spring 17