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  1. That's what happens when people assume they need to "Re-Jet" and just go bigger........
  2. At 4k altitude we had to go down a step or two from stock, even with a full TBR system......
  3. Yep, the most amazing facilities other than camping...... Showers, water, etc.. They are just more slanted toward Motor Homes. I have friends that camp there on local race weekends. I feel a 45 minute drive is worth it for MY warm bed, but I am old.. ;)
  4. Yes, but it's not ideal.......mostly dirt :(
  5. I know nothing about time lines or dollar signs, but there are 2 sets of 4th gen TBR headers, left and right exit, along with a 4th gen mule, on a boat to the far east.....we shall see.....
  6. Something about them.....They make a great stablemate to the vfr :)
  7. If you mostly tour, used FJR's are going cheap these days and are big bang for the buck. Allrounder = vfr of course :)
  8. single nut Triumph rear means mismatched wheels, or alot more work......just sayin. Looks awesome as is :)
  9. From the album 4th gen Fall

  10. Hi slo1, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. used Tiger 800's are getting cheap....... and the 650 Versys will do anything a Strom will with more comfort imho. Smaller DS will do just fine riding with a Road King and the low speed limits in Canada.
  12. Depends on your ass. Motorcycle Consumer News did a great article on seats and ass types, which confirmed why I like harder seats. Basically if you have little to no ass harder is better, if you have some personal "padding" then softer is better. Has to do with but bones, pressure points, etc. On a soft seat my but bones end up down to the pan in a hundred miles.. Love Sargent seats, have one on the 5th gen, but my 4th gen Corbin is ideal for me. +1 on Moto-Skivees as well.
  13. Yep :) ops checked her at a track day there..... :) My "Street" / traveler has the centerstand and I can't bring myself to eliminate it....
  14. But........
  15. Awesome :)