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  1. Time will tell. We have a set of headers on a Hawk that were coated 1 year ago and look new, but long term is unknown..... I tried it since the shop is next to my office, the nearest Jet Coat is 50 miles away.
  2. Cerakote FTW :) just had a 2bros 4th gen header done, awesome. Pics in a bit...
  3. Teaching classes and instructors since the 80's.... Nothing has changed, still about 70% front and 30% rear.... Obviously varies between bikes, sport bikes 90/10, cruisers 70/30, and others in between. Stopping too fast, really ? and which has better control (feel), a hand and fingers or a foot in a boot...... More schools are actually teaching trail braking as well, which has no back brake involved once lean is initiated... This is why Cruisers are over 1/2 of the fatalities in the last 5-6 years. Most do not know how to stop. "Had to lockem up", "Locked er up and slid it out", so much stupid shit.... She should be retrained or fired... probably teaches for Harley-Davidson Riders Academy, not an MSF school..... Either way she is doing her students a huge and dangerous disservice.
  4. From the album Summer 2017

  5. From the album Summer 2017

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  12. That's what happens when people assume they need to "Re-Jet" and just go bigger........
  13. At 4k altitude we had to go down a step or two from stock, even with a full TBR system......
  14. Yep, the most amazing facilities other than camping...... Showers, water, etc.. They are just more slanted toward Motor Homes. I have friends that camp there on local race weekends. I feel a 45 minute drive is worth it for MY warm bed, but I am old.. ;)
  15. Yes, but it's not ideal.......mostly dirt :(