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  1. 1991 VFR750 Bremerton.jpg

    Quite possible the carriers were the Hornet and Midway. Both were up there at that time as Midway left San Diego in 1992. Ironically I almost took a shot of Midway & my VFR two days ago but but I forgot!
  2. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    I think the 5th gen is 5.55 and I have pushed it to over 250 miles twice. Out West the range comes in handy. On my last long tour this summer we had to stop twice in a panic for a buddy on a Triumph 1200 with a 5.3 tank when he was in extremis. The stations of course were charging confiscatory prices as we were in one pump boonies! I was on my Wing and passed up both spots as I had extra range and was getting equivalent or better mpg with my Wing plus I had a lot more gas.
  3. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    Looks to me a significant upgrade. So I see improved handling with the new model among other gizmo and comfort updates. I have never found the GL1800 much of a handicap even in the tight stuff. Indeed I regularly look for the twisties on tour whether I am on the VFR or the Wing. While I have upgraded the suspension on my 5th gen the Wing is still stock. The only handling arena I get upset with are high speed sweepers where sometimes my GL Carrier seems to wallow in the trough a bit. And all my pegs are gone! I suspect the new front end suspension will tighten things up a bit but we shall see. There are two areas where some would argue the new Wing is a step backwards. Fuel capacity is now VFR like at 5.5 gallons although Honda claims a 20% improvement in mileage...so range would be comparable I suppose. There is also a significant reduction in luggage volume. This would impose some packing discipline at least for me. When I was looking for a bigger Sport Touring bike I ended up with a Wing after I actually rode one. I never looked back and think the new Wing would add more sport to the equation just as the original 1800 was a huge jump in performance over the GL1500.
  4. Advice on moving VFR on 5.5ft truck bed

    Ok this should answer the question. A couple years back I rode to AZ to meet the SO and drive back together. Here the VFR is loaded into a 6.5 bed but the chock is setback about a foot to allow me to retain the folded bed cover on the back. Note the plywood over the tailgate. No problem. I started doing this about 7 years ago and it still works although I split between trailer, pickup and riding from my doorstep. It depends?
  5. Truck guys

    As indicated earlier I have been quite happy with mine for some 13 years. On my trip to Alaska back a few years ago I towed to the border to save both bike tires and time as 3,000 miles on a KLR on Interstate 5 would have been ....well awful! We only had 3 weeks for the entire trip and still did some 4,000 miles on the dual sports. With practice you can back up fine just make sure you have a bike on the trailer for a reference. Mud flaps on the truck are a good idea especially if you are running in the rain or snow (ugh). I added the third rail option but only take a 3rd bike (very small dirt bike) in a real pinch. I use the middle rail for my big bike which helps with flotsam and drag. It makes me feel more comfortable too although I never had any stability problems with my Wing on an outside location. Towing again to Utah in a couple of weeks and doing mostly dirt roads and riding out of a base camp with all the comfort crap. You have to be careful with dirt roads with the Kendon due to its low riding height. I have run Utah a couple of times with the VFR so this will be different. Trailers and trucks give you more options! I was thinking after a 4,600 mile tour this summer maybe I could have figured out a way to use my trailer????
  6. Ventura rack question

    Here Here is the other Ventura 5th Gen version. Not quite the best "action" shot but my best to show the design. I still use this rack with my hard bag setup. With Hard Bags.
  7. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    Yes the long tour tire dilemma! Change the tire before the tour or hope for a fast change somewhere mid tour? I just went through this on a long tour to Montana from San Diego. Whatever you do ........make sure you bring wheel change tools so you do not pay the exorbitant fees for pulling the wheel off the bike. Tire shop folks typically make no differentiation between and conventional and SSA tire mounting setups. And since they know they have got you they charge accordingly! A couple of other thoughts about the process: Have you ever run that tire before to really know how many miles you have left? It is a real bummer to have chord showing 500 miles before your well planned and theoretically scripted stop!! Are you certain you will be in Colorado Springs on a day certain. I have never had a tour go exactly according to plan to include a tire fiasco. If it slips to the weekend you could be Dead in the Water for a few days. Think Labor Day Holiday in the USA! Some tire shops require that the tire comes from them not some less expensive Internet outlet Generally it is faster to get the tire changed if you bring the wheel in (see note about bringing the right tools to do that) Based on my experience I would change the tire before the tour and keep the old one as a spare. But I have a tire changer at home!!
  8. But it is a dry heat....really!

    Well I managed to survive another tour and massaged the HEAT fairly well. The Blythe forecast above really scared me. I had three options take the VFR to the Sierras or the WSBK races. My hottest choice was to take the big bike to Glacier and Montana with a lot of slab work. This NOAA forecast below convinced me at the last moment that I had a window of time and could avoid (hardly) the brutal heat so I headed North East on the blue corridor. Hottest point of the Trip was coming back at 102 in Ridgecrest California and coolest arrival temperature for any day was 77. And it was balmy San Diego on my last day...yes we are spoiled here!
  9. Well done for your first "tour"! Pretty ambitious to put in that many miles on your initial trial by fire. No matter how many trips you take you will add new items to the "lessons learned" list. Trailering is a good option to save tire wear and to beat the heat. You are in prime country for baking and slogging across the slab to destinations can beat the hell out of you especially if multiple days are involved. I wrote up "dry heat" if only I had known sheet last year....... http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/83875-but-it-is-a-dry-heatreally/& I just got back from another long one and added more to my list....oh well you never stop learning. I really like the looks of the 8th gen and OEM bags.
  10. Ice vest. Make or buy?

    Not sure this would be a great idea on a VFR as where do you put it and can the electrical system handle the load. After one seriously hot tour I considered this: http://www.veskimo.com/body-cooling-vest-products.php And I already carry too much stuff on tour! But most of the time I would not need it as in my experience one can hack a few hours of heat. Multiple tour days of hot running is what really does me in. My cooling kit as described in my "But it is a Dry Heat" thread is a evaporative cooling vest which I charge in a ice bath in my soft sided cooler. This does triple duty as ice chest for cool drinks for riding and in camp. My vest lasts at least an hour. Drink, drink and drink too!
  11. SumSum 4 Scouting Trip

    Just got back myself from a tour of the area up to Canadian border/Glacier to include the Black Hills etc. I ran the Lolo Pass on the way back. No crowds! No sure what you are exactly scouting for? Lolo Pass a few years back! Great VFR road!
  12. But it is a dry heat....really!

    It is all about the camping and comfort. And I still enjoy that too. Frankly you do not see many VFRs out and about with loads of camp gear. I used to spartan camp so a tad less crap. I manage with the VFR but my camping needs have grown proportionally with age. I think I will stick with the bike as long as I can with an occasional derivative bike/truck/trailer trip when circumstances dictate. Cooler today so I am off soon. I hesitate to post up a shot of my Wing fully loaded! But it will have a big jug of ice water for my sorry old body in addition to a cooler to bath my cooling vest in ice for that "air conditioner" feel (for an hour maybe).
  13. Truck guys

    Helps distribute some of the weight from the rear tire to the bed plus more importantly it allows me to "roll over" (when loading) my folding cover latch which is on the tailgate.
  14. Summer Tour August 2017

    Looks like a great route. I am traveling to many of the same spots soon. Watch the heat!. In honor of your naval service I am taking my CV bike.