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  1. A very cool hole in the wall place. I went once. Have to get back to Colorado!
  2. Well I am about to start off on another tour and this happens. I may have to head to the Sierras again instead of hitting the slab and heading to Spearfish SD & Montana. When you hit this the only thing that really works is your truck! Great VFR trip to the Sierras about a decade ago......Sonora Pass and it just opened finally.
  3. From the album Misc VFR

    Blythe again!
  4. I went with a Wing for the second bike. Turns out that you are right the Wing's ass is smaller than a VFR with bags. Took me a while to suppress the big bike bias and decide on buying one. I actually rode one instead of just reading comments from folks who had never even done a spin on one. After all it is a second bike and different from the VFR...that is the point right? And it splits fine. Actually in some ways it is better than my VFR as the riding position is more suitable for visibility and the "whiskers" mirrors let you know you can get by.
  5. A fantastic VFR sweeper road. Incredible views. Did you see any sheep?
  6. From the album Idaho, Montana, Washington

    Dual Sport....well
  7. Another thing to consider is fuel economy and towing speed. With the VFR in the bed, I see little affect on fuel economy but suffer maybe a couple of mpg with an open trailer. When I park the VFR on the middle rail the mpg loss is less. An enclosed trailer would be worse still. Also in California you are limited to 55 on the slab. The CHP even warned me once for a trailer in the car pool lane even though I had several folks in the truck! I just ran out to the Colorado River two weeks ago and frankly taking the KLRs by trailer was a delight. Why slab out and back for 500 miles when you can cruise in the truck. Plus you can bring a lot more comfort crap along! I could stuff two KLRs in the bed but that would mean less crap and the potential of a load mishap. After all, junk expands to the room available. Maybe I use the truck/trailer on 50% of my major MC trips.
  8. The prime advantage of the Kendon is that most of the time it sits ....standing up in the garage and is NOT rusting in a field. Enduring another tough San Diego winter in Borrego Springs setting up a base camp with some clingers who do have trucks or a trailer!
  9. Well I go both ways...hah! Here I have returned to soft bags for a quick trip and meetup with the SO and bonding for the trip home. Most times I just use the truck for the VFR. But I have used the trailer a few times with the middle bike. There is no perfect solution so I have both. Here I am being rescued by the same SO after a Kidney Stone attack while in camp on a "hot" VFR tour. Usually I combine the VFR truck ride with some sort of other event. Sometimes a trailer does hit the spot. My 2nd generation Kendon which is over 12 years old. It does seem to make sense in this scenario? If you get a trailer make sure you have at least two rails as it is inevitable that a buddy wants to tag along. In this case I was bringing another bike for my bro. I really like the option of the truck or the trailer. As I wrote in a thread "But It is a Dry Heat" last year getting across the desert and setting up a base camp often works out best for me and optimizes the riding experience. Sure beats a survival experience.
  10. From the album Misc VFR

    Sometimes a trailer makes sense!
  11. I have used Sierra Electronics IMC helmet speakers for many years. I use them with my integrated sound system on my Wing and with an Amp on my VFR for GPS and radar protection. Recently I used an upgraded set with my KLR riding the desert around Yuma. The new speakers were good enough I could hear my Zumo without an Amp and using earplugs. I have various cord adapters to plug into OEM sound system, an Amp or directly to the device. I am a wired guy as I loath recharging batteries on long tours. I already have enough batteries.....with a Surface, phone, and two cameras. http://sierra-mc.com/imc.asp You can see my 3.5 mm plug from the Helmet Speakers plugged into my Amp on the VFR here. I carry ear speakers as a backup but frankly I do not like them. Helmet speakers are much more comfortable for me.
  12. CC - Thought of you when I saw this in San Diego yesterday. Apparently riding in Alaska is not great in January! Tires biased for long distance seems to be his choice. So at least an Africa Twin is an option for heading South. Now that padding for camping (?) would not be my preference. I opted for a cot a few years back and it has been HUGE! I will post up if you are still looking for options here. So based on what you have ridden so far: 1. Save money and take the ST1300 which would be great for most of the trip to get there and adequate in Alaska. Rent a KLR up there if you want to ride really tough stretches in dirt/gravel to Artic Circle etc. That way your Uncle could rest and see the sights for a few days. One of our problems in our 3 week trip is that we did not have time to explore a town/city for a day or so. 2. Spend the $$ and buy a GSA which would be perfect for the trip up and better than the ST for crappy roads under repair etc in Alaska. Have to love the big tank too. Ideal bike for loafing along with a Harley. That bike would be superb for most conditions but would be a handful if the weather turned to crap and you were fully loaded with street focused tires in the mud. I passed a bunch of the Big BMWs struggling on the "Top of the World" Highway in the pouring rain for example. The pristine GSA could have a few dings though when you get back. When I go back to Alaska I will either do a repeat of my KLR voyage or buy a CRF1000.
  13. From the album Misc VFR

    All the way from Alaska
  14. CC are you taking an Africa Twin out in the snow this weekend?