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  1. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Booked #32 this morning. Dates look good so far and looking forward to meeting folks.
  2. 6th Gen Refresh

    Well all the cooling lines are replaced along with O-rings, thermostat, and a quick water pump inspection. All seems in good order and ready for some coolant. It's ready for the rebuilt throttle body to go back on. Let's hope we find a place for all the loose vacuum lines..... :-) After that, the rear CCT (still waiting for that part to arrive). Then these will go on..... Then the heat shield. Then time to rebuild the front calipers.... Using EBC pads.... I need to buy a micrometer to measure the rotor thickness. There is a distinct "lip" around the perimeter edge of both rotors, which tells me they are pretty far gone. Those puppies are expensive. Still hoping to use the old pair. We'll see. Still waiting on powder coating to be completed. They have my front fork lowers, which I need to get the front end back in order. So far - all is good. Appreciate all the advice thus far. Cheers!
  3. Hmmm.... Will have to inspect the basket more carefully before I put the cover back on. Thanks!
  4. 6th Gen Refresh

    Urban, I wound up using Superbright LEDs......https://www.superbrightleds.com/ They had a good selection and prices, and their website made it easier to find the correct replacement bulb. Thanks again!
  5. I'll be replacing the rear CCT also this week. I have the foot peg and heat shield removed already so access is OK. I did notice that the header may be in the way trying to use the screwdriver I modified for this. I'll give it a try and will eventually get it done. Clutch.... I have the side cover off. I'll make a visual inspection. When I rode it home on the day I purchased I did not notice any noise though. Hopefully some good news. I guess if you get as far as replacing the basket - you replace all the plates at the same time? Springs too? I've never had one opened up.
  6. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    Ya know, Could be we ride harder when we're younger.... just saying..... Cheers!
  7. 6th Gen Refresh

    Urban, THANK YOU! I'm wrapping up the cooling system now and looking at a cigar that has my name on it. I'll have a look at this source and see what I can find that will fit. Thanks for sending this over. Cheers!
  8. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks for confirming the location for me. And you're correct that feed line is the limiter. I'm not going to use the rear pegs and may try to fab a bracket off that mounting post on the sub-frame We'll see. Will post that up if I go that way. I was able to get the seat pan in (it should be called the seat PAIN as it took me an hour to thread it back into place). The rear harness and seat lock installed. Rear cowl and tail light polished up and installed. I ordered LED replacement bulbs. The running and brake light bulbs fit. The turn signal bulbs were too long and would not fit into the housing. I measured prior to ordering and knew it would be close. Unfortunately just a bit too long. Does anyone have a source for yellow LED replacements that will fit in the housing? Also the prior owner butchered the rear fender in an attempt to eliminate it. I just priced a replacement... $56. For now I'll use the one I have. I like a full fender and reflectors and at some point will replace it. I'll have a look at eBay. Now to focus on the upper cooling plumbing so I can get the throttle body back on..... Thank to you guys I'm enjoying this as much as riding.... almost!
  9. 6th Gen Refresh

    OK guys need some advice on the rear shock. I am replacing the rear with a new unit from DMR. He does nice work. Picture of old and new below. I have the shock mounted. All good. Question is..... Where is best place to mount the remote reservoir? I have the large hose clamp and the rubber backstop. I assume it attaches to the sub-frame. Either side? Does anyone have any pictures they can share so I can see how you did this? THX!
  10. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks Didit. I have the SumSum dates on my calendar and hope to join the fun. Cheers!
  11. Winter cooling improvement project

    I'm in the middle of refreshing an '07 with 48,000, on it. Going through the cooling system. Pulled the water pump. Replaced both O-rings. The shaft bearings seemed to be in good shape - no rough spots, tight fitment. I thought I'd need to replace it but I'm going to wait a bit and see how it goes.
  12. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks for all the confidence Rogue. Cheers!
  13. 6th Gen Refresh

    I've purchased a grounding kit from Wire My Bike (Tightwad here on VFRD). I installed one of these on my last VFR and in my opinion it solves the issue. So once I get the bike running I'll add that tidbit. It's an inexpensive way to improve the grounding system. I've opened and cleaned all the connectors. They were all encrusted with road grime but not discolored from heat. Some of the vinyl boots that Honda places over the connectors showed signs of heat though so I know it's experiencing some heat. I have not used any dielectric grease. Even though the box that the new R/R came in was labeled with a note recommending it's use. My experience with this stuff is that it collects debris over time and creates a less conductive connector - which in the end will create heat. Just my opinion as I know a lot of folks swear by it. So I just cleaned them all up, will add the grounding kit, and just keep an eye on them from there as regular maintenance. Urban, don't get too jealous on the paint. It looks good in the pictures but it has some form of tiny corrosion all over the paint surface. You can't see it unless the light is just right and you are inches away inspecting it. But you can feel it and it's clearly some kind of surface corrosion. I've been trying different cleaners and glazes to polish it off. Starting with the front fender and I'm having some success but not perfect yet. When it comes to the gas tank I'm not sure how to attack that with the yellow Honda wings decals as I don't want to damage those with some aggressive polishing compound. We'll see! Thanks for all the support - never been this deep into a bike. Kinda fun. Definitely a learning experience. And hope it works out....
  14. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks Cogswell. Slowly getting there. Video? Lets just get it started first. If it runs I'll post a video... :-)
  15. 6th Gen Refresh

    More progress; New Rick's stator and R/R installed. Front CCT replaced. (ordering another CCT to do the rear). Water pump removed and replaced O-rings. New thermostat installed in housing. Fuel injectors back from RC Engineering (great service btw). All vacuum lines on throttle body replaced. Refurbished injectors installed. All new injector seats and O-rings throughout. Throttle body ready to back on once I get a few more O-rings for coolant fittings. The block is still pretty grimy in places and despite cleaning with solvent and a toothbrush it's not spit polished. It's as clean as I can get it for now though. Next up - finish routing cooling lines, then install throttle body, Waiting on powder coating form there. Hopefully in a week or two I'll have the wheels back under it...... Thanks for all the help! Big improvement after RC Engineering serviced the injectors. Refurbed throttle body. Old stator. It may have been good but with 48,000 miles I thought it would be good to replace it along with a new R/R. A new battery will go in too when I do a start up. New Ricks Motorsports units purchased at Wire My Bike.com (Thank you Tightwad!) Left side case buttoned up.