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  1. Standard warranty in the US is only 1 year for the VFR. The Gold Wing comes with 3 years, but after a quick check, it looks like every other Honda model is only 1 year. This is directly from the VFR page on Honda's website: FACTORY WARRANTY INFORMATION One Year Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan Read more at http://powersports.honda.com/2015/interceptor/specifications.aspx#ri0uH1JEqwKV70yy.99
  2. Unless the bike they are selling is still in the crate (highly doubtful), you would be able to take it home the same day. Make sure to ask about the HondaCare extended warranty. It adds another 4 years/unlimited miles to the 1 year base warranty. Mine only cost $695. Even though Hondas are super reliable, that's too good of a price to pass up 4 more years of coverage. If you plan on getting saddlebags, try to get them to give you a deal right then...they are expensive.
  3. Did you try opening your fuel cap while it is making the sound? That would be the easiest way to rule out fuel tank venting. The stop switch vs the key affecting the sound is really strange.
  4. I got them at Performance Cycle. Prices were lower than anywhere online...$110/144. $320 OTD, including mounting. They have lots in stock. The rebate works no matter where you get them. Submitting claim online is very easy, requires proof by way of a picture of the receipt. BTW, I finally picked up a front stand to make tire changes easier...a bit safer than my old technique of jack stands under the fork legs.
  5. At that price, it's a no-brainer. Get the Deluxe and don't look back! You can always add another 5th gen down the road.
  6. $6800 for a Deluxe? I think that's the best price yet! Only $50 less would be exactly half of original MSRP.
  7. Thanks for posting that info Duc! I got a set at a local store on May 15th, and they said nothing about a rebate. Just went online and submitted my claim. Tire rebates are great. I've done 4 in the past couple years, with perfect success. I find the best use of the visa debt card that you get as the rebate, is for car washes over the next year. I finished up my last card a couple months ago, so it'll be good to get another one. One small correction...it actually started on May 15th, not the 5th. As for the tires, I've only got one little scrub-in ride on them, so too early to comment. But I feel confident that I will be quite happy with them.
  8. I have that exact DAM on mine, and it sounds great with the sport db-killer installed.
  9. An easy way to verify this is to open the fuel cap while it's making the noise.
  10. If you want silver with a nice tone, I have to recommend the DAM in matte silver with the Sport DB killer. It has a unique look and is loud enough to sound pretty sweet when you get on it. But it's easy to keep quiet when you're putting around town, or coming home late at night. This video (not my bike) does a pretty good job of capturing the actual sound. Keep in mind, the backfires when letting off only really occur when revving like that...doesn't really happen when riding. Here's the link to DAM's site... http://www.damexhaust.com/product-detail/36 I actually have the matte silver with carbon end cap, with Sport DB killer installed. It works perfectly with the factory bags, too. The white bike in the last shot actually has my old Delkevic 14" oval carbon on it. Without the baffle, it was only slightly louder than the DAM with the Sport DB killer. The Delk was my temporary pipe until I figured out which expensive one I wanted
  11. Technically, you have more than one bolt to deal with in the front...the slave cylinder has to come off to get to the sprocket. After recently changing both of mine, if I only had to change one, the rear would be easier and quicker to change than the front. But as many have stated on many forums...I ALWAYS change all 3 parts together, every time.
  12. My vote is to put the baffles in for a few months and then reevaluate.
  13. That's not a beast...more like a douche-mobile! I've always hated those morons with extended swing arms that don't know how to take a corner! They usually just go to bike nights and do lots of straight line drag racing in town.
  14. 520 kit for 8th gen This is the kit I just installed on my 8th gen (stock tooth count). Absolutely nothing wrong with switching from the stock 525 to a 520 on our bikes...and saves a bit of rotating weight too!
  15. Just backfires in the exhaust...it gets quite a bit louder with an aftermarket slip-on.