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  1. Did you get a standard 8th gen, duccmann?
  2. Rekey saddlebags

    I haven't actually had to remove the barrel, but here's the instructions from Honda that I used to install them when I purchased my bags. Unfortunately it doesn't tell you how to remove them once they are inserted, but you might be able to figure out a way by seeing how they go in. PANNIER SET (Wave key type).pdf
  3. Accessory Harness for Accessories

    Have you ever looked at the PDM60? Seems like the perfect fit for your plan. http://www.rowe-electronics.com/modules
  4. I just went to the garage to check mine, and my HND31 bar end weight is indeed a bit bigger than the factory weight on the left bar (same length, but a little larger diameter). I never even noticed it before. I think it's not so noticeable because it's hard to view them both together since they're like 2 feet apart...I think I can live with it
  5. Nevermind!! I deleted that post and updated the previous one after reading the thread I attatched. Sorry for any confusion. Here's the post in that thread that answers the part number question... "I'm not sure what model Kaoko everyone here has but when I initially bought mine I was supplied with a HND31 which was listed as compatible with Gen 6 VFR800 to current. I wasn't happy with it as it was not in the 'OEM style' as it was far bigger than the stock weight and looked odd when fitted. I queried Kaoko directly about it and they had just finished production of a new model specifically for the 2014 and newer VFR - the HND29. They changed mine over and it's a much nicer fit :)"
  6. I just found my order info for mine...turns out I got the HND31 from revzilla, not the HND29 like my link shows on Kaoko's site. I also found this old thread with install info and an installed pic (not my bike)...according to a post in here, the HND29 has a different weight shape to match the 8th gen better, so it looks like either one will fit. I never noticed any difference between the 2 weights, so I'm fine with my HND31. No problems with it getting in the way...if you find that the heal of your hand is often past the end of the grip on the bar end weight, then it might be in your way. I actually used to use the basic GoCruise lever style throttle lock which worked quite well, but since it takes up a little of the grip space, it moved my hand out to the edge of the grip and rubbed some of the paint off of the bar end. Now that it's not there, no part of my hand goes past the lip at the end of the grip.
  7. I have the Kaoko...works great. https://kaoko.com/B2C/SubDepartment.aspx?CategoryID=654&Cat=Throttle Stabilizers&@Brand=Honda@Model=VFR800@Year Model=(2014 - )
  8. The reason I wanted a white one:

    1990 called, they want their paint scheme back!
  9. Picture Thread

    They weren't bad when new, but once I passed 2000 miles, they really started to wear uneven and started to feel pretty crappy. I think I only got about 4000 miles out of them. Unless you do a lot of rain riding, I don't think the PR4 is that great on a VFR. I like the Dunlop Roadsmart line and the Angel GT the best.
  10. Picture Thread

    Worst tires I ever had! Never again.
  11. I recently had mine replaced on my Deluxe (grips were starting wear out/tear). Dealer charged 2.5 hrs. It was already at the shop for a 20k mile service, and I didn't feel like dealing with it myself, so I paid too much for them to do it. Basically, the exact same work is required to add them to a Standard, or replace them on a Deluxe.
  12. The 1200 only weighs about 50 lbs more than the 8th gen...still under 600. And with 172 hp on tap, you would never notice any power loss from the shaft drive...and no chain maintenance! I may still end up with a 1200 some day.
  13. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Well in that case, only the VFR had LEDs in 2014...to the best of my knowledge. Even today, there aren't many with full LED headlights.
  14. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Actually there were plenty of bikes from many brands that had ABS and TC in 2014...most BMW, most KTM, some Aprillia, the Gold Wing...just to name a few. You would have to go back to before 2010 to find "hardly any" with those things. As for the VFR's TC, while I do think it can save some crashes, and I always leave mine on, it can be dangerous when it cuts power when you're hard on the gas over bumps...like shooting a gap on a left turn. It seems like it takes forever for the power to come back. But that's really the only time it's bad. Hitting any other unexpected 'slippery' situation on the gas would probably cause a wipeout if you didn't have TC. That's why I don't hate it, and keep mine on. FYI, as I've mentioned in the past, my only riding is hard and fast in the canyons and I would rather have ABS and TC than not.
  15. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Ok, getting back on topic... I just went for a little ride, and when I got back I decided to do a little testing of the rpm rise in first gear. As it turns out, it might not be such a useless feature after all. As we all know by now, at idle (1200 rpm) in first gear, when you let the clutch out a little the rpm goes up about 250 rpm, which isn't enough to really help you idle off the line. And if you hold it at 3000 rpm or more with the throttle, and let the clutch out a little, it doesn't rise at all. But....if you can manage to barely open the throttle enough to get it somewhere between 1500 to 2000 rpm, it will jump at least 500 rpm with the clutch, which was a much more noticeable increase on the tach. So basically, if you happen to accidentally give it too little gas taking off, it might actually add just enough rpm to keep it from stalling.