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  1. New badge for VFRCAPT Bob

    You have a long way to go before that bike gets near the mileage of your old one.
  2. Threw one of my babies down

    The seller invoked the You drool on it, You buy it rule. I never heard that rule but it fit what I wanted to hear, so I figured it was legit. Or close enough anyway.
  3. Threw one of my babies down

    That's tough, I hate when that happens. Did it a few years ago with a CBR 954. If you could pick it up, trade bikes, and go ride anyway, I guess it could have been worse.
  4. 2018 CB1000R

    The wind blast only gets bad on the Tuono around a buck thirty. OK, it has a small screen. The Duck has no screen and it's OK at 100+. That's probably more than fast enough on the street. I may get it a small windscreen anyway.
  5. London calling...

    London calling. And after all this, won't you give us a smile?
  6. Broken instrument cluster

    Try the plastic welder from Harbor Fright? Like $10 or $15, worked on my VFR fender cracks for an ugly fix, and on a laundry basket for practice. Worth a try, imho.
  7. Why a red Guzzi?

    Old Guzzis are cool in their own Lurch from the Adams family kind of way. Especially in red.
  8. Nah. And there's way too many expensive aftermarket things I could do. You could run past 4 figures real quick. I'm thinking more important things like SS rear stand, luggage rack, small windshield that hopefully also shades the gauges. Lose the oversize license plate holder. Was looking at frame and axle sliders, but it looks doubtful they would do any good beyond appearance. The pipe behind the cover above the clutch is a slow thigh roaster at a stop light. Hmm. The handling and motor more than make these character issues unimportant. The riding position is pretty comfortable. My quest for less weight and more power is at an end. Camelot! Don't try and tell me it's only a model.
  9. Nobody ever crashed in the snake. (Big fat lie).
  10. Got my garage down to 1 bike from 3 recently, but it only lasted about a week. Oh well, I have wanted a Monster for years, and it is the fast red one. Next up the 03 Tuono needs to go and I'll see if I can survive with only 1 bike. I think this Italian supermodel is a good candidate.
  11. True Struggle

    You just have to find one 1 - 3 years oldish, with few miles. Let someone else take the big depreciation hit. Say a '14 Monster 1200, there are a few around here in the $10k range. Were $13.5 MSRP if google serves, and new '17 models are $14.7k on Cycletrader. I imagine the availability of Ducati is much less in Kansas than here though.
  12. True Struggle

    If possible test ride them both. Either will be much different than a Hog.
  13. Opinon Time - Tires

    Dealer says this here is a puncture mark. It must have run low on air and overheated. That is my expert opinion and Michelin is tight ass and won't do anything. He did sell me a new tire with no tax or install labor.
  14. Picked it up and had a little 80 mile ride today. Took it over to Mulholland and had lunch at Kristys of Malibu. What happened to the Rustic Canyon Grocery Grill? No idea when that changed. Sweet handling bike with a mechanical symphony. This is no commuter for me, this is fun fun thunderous fun. Zero thought about aftermarket mufflers, it's plenty loud.
  15. Rear Wheel Lug Nuts - Source?

    Honda car lug nuts work fine too.