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  1. Looks like you have a lot of work before you can try to start it.
  2. Thanks. I'd think that means they are good foot protection.
  3. I sent a text message to, uh........ Your home phone #, Doh!
  4. Message sent. Time to update your bike list in your sig.
  5. Way old thread, but I did not revive it. Anyway, how are they? My favorite boots and most comfortable footwear ever outside a pair of slippers is my Z Custom boots. Too bad they do not do boots now, I will have to try Bates, the Z's are over 10 years old. Holding up, but getting old.
  6. Like you said, if it sounds too good.....
  7. You're not likely to see another one of those on the road. Looking good.
  8. Guinness Extra Stout. Won't fix it, but may ease the pain while you think of a fix.
  9. Always carry zip ties and strong tape.
  10. Don't forget the "Camel Toe" tail light.
  11. OK, this is where you get a new bike from them, better than the one they effing killed! This is where you threaten them with hell fire from your team of lawyers! They hit and run, that is(?) a felony! Or some kind of crime, not just disappointing. ************ Wait, just some property the fuzz say? I am pizzed on your behalf! So, if somebody tipped an SUV on it's side while it was parked, just some property?
  12. "Major" service, valves, fluids, etc, at indy shop did not detect big axle nut was going to come loose in a few hundred miles. With crappy and expensive results. I will not go back there. So, check the rear axle nut!
  13. The new vintage air is usually best.
  14. Was gonna say no, but went to the garage. Lifting the bike upright, putting my right foot on the right side of the stand and moving my toes left, yes! I'm surprised but the maybe an inch or more of play that is taken up when I set in back down on the stand. It's old but it does not seem to be a problem. If leaning over too much check the Harley bolts that hold the stand on. Mine has been dropped low and no speed, but not punted off the stand by a stupid ugly vehicle.
  15. Sadly, whatever the details to the chain of errors that led to the crash, he is not coming back. He did create a legend though.