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  1. Bike Idling at 3k RPM!

    Check your Murphys law fuse? Gotta be something small.
  2. Looks sweet. doubt I could stand the reach to the bars for long enough to have fun. Monster.
  3. Replaced clutch plates around 50k miles in mine, iirc. Have not allowed fluid to get near that bad. Yikes.
  4. Lost the Love

    I have 3 grandsons, visiting this weekend. The rental car is a Hyundai Accent. Yaaaaawn. I wish I had a bike here.
  5. Why Do You Ride

    Yeah, we call it an ocean.
  6. Lost the Love

    I have a nice 100 mile loop and some variations. Can be out and back in 2 1/2 or 3 hours. Longer if lunch is involved. Better a half day ride than no ride.
  7. Lost the Love

    You ride solo, wife follows in car with kid. They carry luggage. Maybe extra gear for short MC rides 2 up wherever you are going on vacation. This could work. First, TLC the bike, put on your gear, and go. I bet you will rekindle the MC love pretty quick, because it is effing great to ride.
  8. A second bike?

    Those looks sweet. I am thinking Monster 12000 because am afraid an 800cc twin might feel weak after the Tuono. It will happen.Anyway, no have not tested one, nor owned one.
  9. Long Scraggy overlook

    That smile is contagious.
  10. Paint

    Shake shake shake, shake that rattle can. That was my one bike painting experience years ago. I hear things have changed. But am sticking to my vow to never ever do this again. Much easier to keep than the no beer vow.
  11. First track day!

    Good choice of numbers on the bike.
  12. Advice needed on second bike

    A Burgman scooter weighs 600 pounds?!! No wonder it's ass looks so wide. Might as well get a hog. Plenty of good suggestions for bikes. I'll suggest stay away from Repsol boy in his wife beater, shorts, and flip flop riding gear. He is likely to crash and cry Boo Hoo. Then you will have to respond Eff Ewe while you call 911. Because sadly you can't leave him lying there alone.
  13. Long Scraggy overlook

    Great shot AM. Ride on.
  14. 1998 Side Stand

    You can also look at the online parts "fiche", or get yourself a pdf service manual.
  15. 1998 Side Stand

    How's this?