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  1. But, are you hoarding? Sorry, just a thought.
  2. But but, you did not remove the word sport.
  3. Welcome. I'm guessing you'll receive an earful. Err, a lot of helpful info, just not from me. I am no help. Cheers.
  4. Guessing this would not change if you removed the word sport.
  5. Can you back the bike up a foot or so?
  6. Having a ;little problem fact checking this.
  7. How old am I? Git off my lawn!!!
  8. Very pretty country, charming even, Cronk y Voddy Crossroads, I love the names. Now go put some miles on that thing. You have the roads for it!
  9. Ouch. That's a crash. I was thinking little or no speed in driveway or even garage, oops it's heavy when you allow it to lean over.
  10. just north of Joshua Tree, California. I was wondering when New Mexico got one. Nice pic.
  11. Aggressive riding, excessive speed. That pretty much says it. Except I don't think I would call a "low speed ground impact" a crash. Tipover yes. Capsize, that's for boats, or maybe a hog. Agreed, short legs do not help.
  12. Wife must have her car, that's for sure. But, guess who gets to take care of it beyond washing?
  13. Fractured Fairy Tales.
  14. OK, so how does that work? I will admit to feeling a disturbance in the force. Three bikes and 2 cars here, and they ALL need something. Maybe this is how it starts. The things you own end up owning you. Did you feel an urge to sell all that you had and give it to the poor? Wait, that's not right. Sell 3 bikes and get 1 new one?