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  1. Should I have buyers remorse?

    I think the internet is doing you some disservice. The so-called "upgrades" to the ECU, etc.....they were not upgrades. In 2000-2001 the VFR800 was fitted with a catalyst and a cold idle unit. It also got slightly smaller diameter headers. So yeah they had to re-program the ECU and it wasn't for YOUR benefit but for the benefit of the Environmentalists. I remember well when a major US publication (before everyone went to online publication) gave the 1998 VFR800 the award of Motorcycle Of The Year. The bike they tested put out around 102 rwhp (US-spec). Later VFR's registered 98 rwhp after they got the catalyst/smaller exhaust. Coincidence? I think not! Today's VFR800 puts out 96 rwhp. Seriously! They just keep choking this bike's engine up and then telling us we got more midrange and better fuel efficiency. Maybe.....but if midrange is the goal then bump up the displacement to 1,000 cc and get it done right. Because VTEC was suppose to give us more midrange also from the previous bike. Maybe....but then the bike got heavier so whatever midrange was gained was taken away with weight. Enough so that Honda lowered the 6th Generation's gearing to give us BACK the midrange! LOL! Very sneaky. Truth be told, you just got yourself the most powerful VFR800 produced. And the lack of the cold idle unit (wax unit that doesn't really use wax), makes your bike a bit simpler to service. Disclaimer: we all know how to get all that horsepower back and then some simply by undoing the Environmentalist mandated crap.
  2. Jhenley, no offense but, Mini's sales keep increasing too but if you look at the JD Power and Associates ratings for problems in the first 12 mos of ownership, the Mini is way down there at the bottom of the barrel, sharing the same space as Volvo, Range Rover, Fiat, VW, & Chrysler. How can that be explained? Simple: They make cars that excite people AND their sales numbers are nowhere near as big as say, GM, Toyota, MB, etc. So when taken as a whole, they are expanding sales and taking market share but it's marginal compared to the total industry. A good example are H-D. Their bikes are no more reliable than KTM. Yet they have the Lion's share of the market. Unreliability in and of itself doesn't spell doom for a manufacturer if their products have a lot of other redeeming qualities. Chrysler has had a bad reputation for reliability yet they sell every truck, JEEP, and full size car they make. That's because the Chrysler boys (and girls) know their $hit and what people want to buy. Period. They just choose to buy parts cheaper than say, GM or Ford so failure rates are higher. Finally, nobody is saying Ducati's are unreliable. And nobody is saying Yelp is perfect. But you have to look at the overall rating. Yes you will have issues with every brand. But when there are enough issues within a brand, it's time to take notice. Catastrophic failures are rare with Honda VFR...that's just a fact. But they do occur. Same with Ducati's. But "Honda Reliability" was not created in vacuum. It was earned over decades of consistent reliability overall. Meanwhile, Ducati unreliability was also earned over 2.5 decades of owner experience. So perhaps they fixed their major issues after a certain year. Just keep in mind public perception takes much longer to fix than quality issues from one year to the next.
  3. Myself and a couple of members plan to ride to Borrego Springs this coming Sunday, 1/14/18. We will meet up in South Orange County, CA. Ride across Ortega Highway, then head south from there. Probably will skip Palomar Mountain due to the recent wet storm we had and instead, head straight to Borrego Springs via Highway 76. We get started early, around 7:30am - 8AM. Interested? Please chime in here and let's get some rides going.
  4. 5th gen

    Nice bike!
  5. 6th Gen Refresh

    You could have done it for the cost of the brake fluid. But yeah it's time consuming and not at all intiuitive to bleed the 6th Gen brakes. But once you understand how the linked brakes work, you'll get why it's done a certain way.
  6. 6th Gen Refresh

    It's definitely looking a whole lot better now. I could tell from the first set of photo's that the bike didn't get much love from all the PO's.
  7. I agree with you almost 100% except the part about the VFR being "difficult" to like after a few days. I think if you are handed the keys and ride the bikes back to back, one might immediately like the Ducati's added sportiness because it feels more fun. I believe the VFR is very easy to like right from the start because it demands so little from the rider. It just does what it's suppose to do without too much drama. But I do believe the Ducati ratchets up the excitement factor a bit more and that's what tips people in its favor the first hour of riding it. I also believe the reality (here in the US) is very few people will be taking these bikes on long trips. Most sport bike buyers here commute to and from work on occasion, then ride to their local sportbike hang out (or the Starbucks or Bike Night). At most maybe 150 mile day ride. For that kind of work, the Ducati will excite the rider more and impress their audience more.
  8. Struggling to remove spark plug

    Damn! That Aluminum Cylinder head is relatively soft so it is all too easy to overtighten or screw up the threads. I put a little Anti-Seize lube on my spark plug threads so they don't dry up to much and prevents issues later.
  9. My Custom Tourer

    I must admit I thought your bike was going to come out looking dorky as hell, but I was wrong. It looks pretty good! Nice job on the windshield. You did that right by raising the windshield AND the handlebar location to balance each other out.
  10. Help me get naked

    I have a Trail Tech Vapor Stealth on my Suzuki DR650. This gauge cluster rocks and is very high quality. Unfortunately, as you have found out they are NOT designed for high revving motorcycles. They are designed more for single cylinder or V-twin's that don't need to rev that high. Plus, they do NOT have a gas gauge.
  11. Struggling to remove spark plug

    Agree that the hex on the plug looks good. Maybe buy a new spark plug socket? Because they should come right out. They do NOT need to be very tight in there, just a bit more than hand tight so they should turn back out easy as long as your socket has a nice grip. I use articulating ratchet extensions (they look like auto driveshaft connections) so you can have the socket at an angle as you turn the wrench. VFR spark plug replacements are usually easy.
  12. Alternative Motorcycle Transportation

    It's kind of a waste of a car. It would be cheaper to rent a trailer to tow the bike on, instead of gutting a perfectly good car that you can use when the weather turns bad. If you factor in the value of the car (whole) if you sold it, the monetary waste is even higher.
  13. End of an Era - No More VFR?

    It's what I want! Just not in THAT color.
  14. End of an Era - No More VFR?

    Ducati did that with the SS. Last SS in the US was 2007 I believe.
  15. End of an Era - No More VFR?

    I wasn't being snippy at you Jhenley. When I said "you" I meant that in a general statement. I do fully understand what you're saying. I live in SoCal where there are A LOT of fast cars, trucks, SUV's, with uber-powerful engines, so I know what you mean about others being able to keep up. But that statement should be taken into context. Keep up with you WHERE? Twisties? Busy Freeway? City? Open interstate? The only venue these fast cars have a chance to beat a VFR is the open interstate IF they have the space and distance to do it. I remember seeing a video from Brazil where a loud-mouthed Audi R10 driver kept bragging that he beat two liter bikes on their freeway. Well yeah they were lucky to be alive! And his Audi top speed is probably above 190? While the liter bikes probably 186? Clearly he had the advantage. But if you saw the video it was obvious the Audi was on the ragged edge of causing a massive pile up! Truthfully, you won't encounter many Audi R10's. Further, look at the VFR800 roll on numbers from 45-65 then 65-85 or 65-100....one would need a twin turbo something to keep up (not pass). But once in the open those same cars will pull away at 140+ as the VFR reaches its top speed. That scenario won't happen often. 99% of the time you will be ahead on a VFR800 when you factor in other vehicles around you. The maneuverability of a sport bike is more than enough to keep fast cars at a distance in public roads MOST of the time. I'm sure Honda can make an 800cc V4 with 120 rwhp. But they're not willing to invest millions just to get that engine to pass emissions for a bike that's not going to sell so well. Like I said, even Ducati didn't think 120 rwhp was necessary on their SS. Even Kawasaki's Z1000 isn't flying off the showroom floor either!

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