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  1. Seat mod/recover

    I had my 6th gen Sargent re-worked locally, though I never liked it from the start. I had mine done by cutting down the Sargent foam to a thinner level and then had 2 layers of progressively softer foam put on top of that. They were able to do that whilst retaining the cover. That way it molds to me to eliminate pressure points but still offers support against bottoming out on the seat pan. They also shaved off the contour lines that run lengthwise along the saddle that would cut in to the thigh on long rides. My longest ride on it was 460 miles. My arse wasn't fresh as a daisy when I got off it, but it was doable. A 300 mile day on it is not a problem. Maybe the most important thing is to find someone that will work with you. Each person is built differently and has their own preference for firmness so be sure to get what you want.
  2. I don't own a 1200 - however AFAIK Convertibars have the largest range for adjustability both up and back. To get the most out of them though may require a refit of hoses, wiring, etc. https://convertibars.3dcartstores.com/Honda_c_25-2.html
  3. Two VFR's in One Day?

    Sounds like a great day. Except for the seat and bobbed fender it looks bone stock. Nice example. My MSF instructor worked at the local Honda dealer and had a 93. I drooled all over it. Should have offered to buy it from him. It would be interesting to know how many of them survive today in similar condition.
  4. You can download the service manual for free here. On a 6th gen ABS, normal behavior is for the light to come on with the ignition and then go out once moving as you mention - no blinking. I've always understood that an ABS fault is indicated by it being on while moving. I'd think it would be the same on your bike but maybe not. Either the service manual or a dealer should be able to explain if the blinking is abnormal.
  5. When reading threads, I find that some posts are missing the "heart" icon to like the post. It seems to be random - some threads have just a few that can be liked, while other threads have most of them that can be liked. Is that a common occurrence - and is there something I'm missing or a setting I need to change? TIA
  6. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    S.D. vote here. I hope I can make it - just won't know until 2018.
  7. Maybe not head of Equifax IT security just yet . . . Hard as it is to believe, the head of IT security at Equifax (now "retired" - riiight . . . ) that oversaw this national nightmare has a degree in music - no education related to IT. Given the morons that run that company, he's probably on their short list as the replacement. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/equifax-ceo-hired-a-music-major-as-the-companys-chief-security-officer-2017-09-15
  8. Where do I start - Cause it won't!!!

    Something simple to check would be the air filter to see it's become a critter hotel. Also, pulling at least 1 of the plugs to see if they're fouled or just worn out might tell something. Particularly if ethanol fuel is commonly available where you live, water in the fuel could also be a possibility. For the latter, siphoning the tank completely dry while it's propped up to check the air filter could probably eliminate that as a possibility. There are some fuel treatments available that also might help with water issues. If you're getting spark, the electrical system checks out ok and none of these things help, having a shop diagnose it might be the way to go.
  9. Stator for a 2002 model VFR800

    After the '02 model Honda upgraded the stator for more output in subsequent years. The OE one for your '02 has been superceded by the larger unit. Unfortunately to use it, you will also have to replace the flywheel to match the larger size. IIRC the '02 part number will show as "no longer available" or "discontinued" or similar in the catalog - I believe it's also the same for the '02 flywheel. The only option to keep your current setup would be to find someone to re-wind your existing stator. There is at least one source for that in the U.S. - not sure what your options would be in New Zealand. Best of luck with it.
  10. New member, New to Honda

    Welcome aboard. You'll love it! Do you know the source of the seat? I doesn't look stock.
  11. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    Since you're at it, a fan override switch might be a consideration. Since I've installed mine, my cooling issues have disappeared, even staying with the stock fan. It just takes some presence of mind to be on top if it - about like minding the turn signals.
  12. What is this?

    Shoot - I thought it controls the flux capacitor . . .
  13. Fuel injector clean/refurbish recommendation

    The improvement here must have been much more dramatic than mine. I had 3 showing "Good" and one "Fair" prior to cleaning - and I still felt and noticed the difference. No fuel additive is ever going to clean injectors as thoroughly as removal and a bench clean. Particularly on 6th gens where stumbling and rough running seems to be an all too common complaint, other systems / factors often catch the blame when the larger issue is more likely dirty injectors.
  14. Fuel injector clean/refurbish recommendation

    I used RC Fuel Injection for the injectors on my 6th gen. Service was quick - and I think it ran about $25 per. I mailed them with out with no problem. They're in Torrance if that's close to you. Cleaning made a large difference in the engine's smoothness, especially at low throttle settings and low rpm. Definitely worth it. https://www.rceng.com/