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  1. Brake Bleeding VTEC and 5th Generation

    I think the way he was referring to this made a distinction between the 3 pistons on the front calipers. The two outermost ones are operated by the front lever, which have their own bleed valve while the center piston is operated by the rear brake pedal via the proportioning control valve. The center piston has its own bleed valve which is oriented to the horizontal when the caliper is installed. Hence the recommendation to tilt it up 15 degrees to make it the highest point when bleeding.
  2. 6th Gen Refresh

    Dielectric grease is essentially silicone grease and is an insulator. It's fine for sealing moisture out of connectors or using on spark plug boots or otherwise to prevent arcing. Oxgard is preferred for improving conductivity and eliminating oxidation from connectors which is the main problem with the 3 yellow wires from the stator to the R/R. Keeping the connectors free of oxidation reduces resistance, which keeps them cooler and avoids the downward spiral of heat causing even more oxidation leading to the meltdowns we see all too often. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicone_grease
  3. 6th Gen Refresh

    It's all looking really good. Looks like the injectors needed the service. If you can post a video of first start up, it would be great. That's one lucky VFR to be getting all the TLC!
  4. Replace wheel bearings or no?

    It's not conclusive, but turning the bearing with a finger may reveal if there is any roughness, binding or play in the races. With the wheel mounted on the axle, trying to work it side to side can also reveal any play or clicking. Riding in the rain will probably shorten their life. They're not terribly expensive, so if at all in doubt, changing them is cheap insurance.
  5. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Everything contained here: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/86554-2018-vfrd-sumsum-4/ I'm really digging the theme of the motel. I love retro 50's / 60's types of establishments. Maybe it even has neon at night . . .
  6. I used 2 sided tape to secure mine in place. Works well.
  7. 1991 VFR750 Bremerton.jpg

    Very nice 3rd gen. Maybe my favorite of all the VFR's. Around 1980, before the battleships were returned to service, the Missouri (BB-63) was moored next to the New Jersey (foreground of this photo). What an imposing sight to come down the road around Sinclair Inlet to see 2 monstrous battleships moored next to each other and then be able to pull right up in front of them. You have to see them to understand the scale. It's hard to believe something that big can actually move.
  8. 6th Gen Refresh

    I used RC Fuel Injection in Torrance, CA. (IIRC name changed from RC Engineering). Turnaround was fast and they included a pre / post spray pattern report. They fit new O rings as well. I was able to get the injectors in to a small USPS priority mail flat rate box - I think around $6. IIRC it was $24 per injector which includes return shipping. One issue I had was the fuel smell when shipping them. I didn't want the USPS thinking I was sending something hazardous - but it worked out fine. The fuel vapor goes right through a ziplock bag - so when I do this again I'll take them out well in advance and allow the fuel to evaporate as much as possible. https://www.rceng.com/Fuel-Injector-Cleaning-P43C0.aspx?UserID=103273066&SessionID=bQxsDmb4SrAAz2d5fzzY
  9. 6th Gen Refresh

    I'm a bit late to this thread, but enjoying it. All in all, a great way to spend the winter months! Then come spring having the satisfaction of rolling out a refreshed machine to enjoy all summer. You won't regret having the injectors professionally serviced. On my 6th gen that made it run much smoother and helped the low rpm throttle response. Looking forward to more updates! Cheers
  10. Hello from Wisconsin - '91 VFR750F

    Not my bike unfortunately. Third gens did come with a rear cowl - they can be difficult to find. Airtech is reproducing them or save a search on ebay (including the UK version). Looks like your bike has the rarer than hens' teeth side stand fairing. Those are also very hard to locate. I believe they are being reproduced in fiberglass - I can't recall who is doing that. You might check out Thurn - they have some things for earlier VFR's. You may need to use Google to translate the page. http://www.thurn-motorsport.de/html/vfr.html http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/hondaz/VFR7501990-93.htm
  11. Hello from Wisconsin - '91 VFR750F

    Great find. This is what your 3rd gen would have looked like from the factory (except for the bobbed rear fender). The wheel color is "Summer Blond Metallic". Some time ago I contacted Colorite about that color but got no reply, so I'm not sure they're reproducing it. 1990 models had white wheels, which is also a popular combination with the red. Luggage is likely going to be something to find used. If you have (or know someone) with fabrication skills, hardcases from a 6th gen (2002 -2009) as above could be a nice match. Another source could be the UK ebay site. https://www.ebay.co.uk/ The bike culture there is very strong and breakers often have parts that are harder to find here. A quick search will turn up a new Givi top case with a mount for a 3rd gen VFR. If you do import hard cases, do not describe them to customs as "luggage". Luggage for travel is subject to an import tariff. If they hear that word they'll likely classify them as that as they did mine. Describe the parts as "motorcycle bodywork", or similar, which carries no duty. Best of luck with it.
  12. K&N Oil Filter Recall - KN-204

    +1. Member Olive had a catastrophic failure of one of these in 2010. I had a friend with a 5th gen that had a K&N failure too. Could have killed him. Really puzzling that the design itself hasn't been re-evaluated.
  13. Kananaskis, Alta

    What a loss to have that bike stolen. I know how I would have felt if my then new 5th gen had been taken. It was just a magic purchase that was love at first sight. I wish I could go down and buy another new one. I'm lucky to still have it today. Spectacular shot - well deserved to be on the front page.
  14. I'm a little late to this thread but really enjoying it. I haven't tried AirBnB but your positive comments about being accepting of bikers just might get me to on my next trip. When I rode Beartooth Pass, between Cooke City and Red Lodge it was a parade of Harleys which all seemed to be going about 20 mph. There were many riders with some really questionable riding skills. I try to ride respectfully, but it was so bad I got so I was taking them down in groups - sometimes 10 to 15 at a time. I didn't race past and gave them a friendly wave as I went by - they seemed to understand. Love the video - it really is a great ride. Love your experiences talking to people on the road. People seem to be drawn to bikers who are touring - particularly a long way from home. "Where are you from? Where are you going? What kind of bike is that?" That adds a lot to a trip. Somehow people on bikes seem approachable whereas people in cars or other vehicles not so much. Stopping to take photos and then writing it all up when you return really is a lot of work. Thanks for the effort - great job.