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  1. It's cool, but this is closer to something I would buy. This one is $575.00 USD. However, in the reality I live in, I keep buying Shark helmets.
  2. You may be interested in this: http://blog.motorcycle.com/2017/03/29/safety/tires-safety/dunlop-offering-90-rebate-limited-time/
  3. I highly recommend cycle-ergo.com to sort through potential replacements. I've considered a number of other bikes over the years and I find that I can look at this site and get a good idea on what the physical impact would be to my body. I have relatively short legs and discovered that I shouldn't ride certain cruisers with forward controls because my legs won't reach!
  4. My leg cramps when away when I replaced the stock seat. The horizontal ridge on the seat seemed to cause the problem. I also run lowered pegs. Unfortunately, my seat maker is now out of business.
  5. In looking at this bike, I'd like to point out that a full set of Honda luggage does add to the value. Others may debate how much, but all else being equal, I would add $1,000 to the value. I'm not familiar with the Canadian market, but taking into account the USD/CAD exchange rate, this would be a deal to me. I'd love to get a VFR with 19,200 miles for $4,500 USD. I gave $4,000 USD 7 years ago for a 2002 with 22,000 miles, but no top case. I don't have much time to ride, so I've only added 35,000 miles to the bike during that period. I would ask if the valve check has been completed, but not worry if it hasn't been. This will give you a negotiating point on the price. Others can chime in, but it should have been completed at 25,000km or 16,000 miles. There is significant debate on the forum as to how often these are needed. A lot of people follow the book; a few never have them done, I'm on an every 32,000 miles schedule, so I will probably do my next one in 2018.
  6. 58, but still getting it done!
  7. This brings us around full circle to the original comment. I mounted the normal versions on my 6th gen. I think the only way we are going to know is make our own decisions and share the results.
  8. Just picked the Purolator Pure One PL14610 and discovered they are no longer putting the rough yellow coat on the outside anymore which made it easy to install. It now looks like this: Have the Walmart or Mobil options picked any outside texture to assist with installation? I ended up using a filter wrench to get it tight and put a slight dent in the filter. I'd like to avoid that situation. I've had filters leak in the past because they weren't tight. Are these any good? http://www.harborfreight.com/4-piece-end-cap-oil-filter-wrenches-94096.html
  9. I"m at 57,000 miles on my 2002 and I replaced CCTs last year. I didn't mess with anything else in the engine. It still warms up normally and turns on the fan when expected. Engine temp never goes above 223F, even in stop and go traffic in the middle of summer. I'd keep on riding.
  10. $40 Rebate just popped at Jake Wilson on Roadtec 01. I just placed my order
  11. My Angel GTs are about toast, and I'm thinking that with my touring bias, I would go to the Metzeler Roadtec 01. The application guide on Metzeler's site says that if I want to run the Roadtec 01 on the rear of my 6th gen, I should use the HWM (Heavy Weight Machine) version of the 180/55R17. I've been through two sets of PR2s and the aforementioned Angel GTs, and I've never run the "A", "GT", "B" version of any of these tires. What say you? HWM or regular version?
  12. Double sided swingarm on the Multistrada 950. http://www.ducati.com/bikes/multistrada/950/tech_spec.do
  13. Here's Cycle World's coverage. http://www.cycleworld.com/2017-ducati-supersport-is-sportbike-for-you-everyday-riders There is no question that this would be a fun ride. But I don't see it as a VFR replacement. We squawk enough about fuel tank sizes and the SS's is only 4.2 gallons. That's CBR600 territory. I'm not drinking the Ducati Kool-Aid anytime soon, but I think I could live the Multistrada 950 more easily than this. Not nearly as cool, nor is it going to be as sharp in the twisties (19 in front wheel), but probably easier to live with.
  14. +1 I also never pull the battery. That's what I have the battery tender leads for.
  15. I didn't find it on the SHAD USA site. But I did find it here https://www.motardinn.com/motorcycle-equipment/shad-top-master-honda-vfr800/136083174/p