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  1. If it was a full TBR system the seller would have bragged about it. The TBR header will discharge from a slightly different location so the mid-pipe needs to be different... it wouldn't be a standard slip-on that fits the OEM discharge location. Measure the primary pipe diameters and post a few pics... owners of TBR systems will be able to spot if it is the real deal.
  2. Might be a stupid question... but is the bank angle sensor mounted with the right orientation?
  3. Motus V4

    That would be a ride out that I would love be on... ... and if I couldn't be on it I would LOVE to hear the group of them pull out!
  4. Thanks! I'm trying to combine CBR1000RR front end and 600RR wheel, need wheel measurements before I make new triple clamps... no rush, been at it for a while ;) 2005 CBR1K weighs 15.6 lbs with OEM rotors, bearings, and seals installed. Front rotor spacing measured in 3 places then averaged: 132.35 mm inner edge to inner edge 142.32 mm outer edge to outer edge
  5. Zombie Thread Alert... it's coming back from the dead ;) I'm looking at potential CBR1000 front wheel on my track bike, FinnRC36 or anyone else ... is this 138mm inside edge to inside edge (outside to outside... C-C, etc.) of the '08-'11 CBR1000? Does anyone have an '04-'05 CBR1000 they could measure the front rotor spacing or is the same as this? Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks! Did you ever get an answer? I'm working on something that involves CBR1000RR and 600RR front end mix-n-match and looking for spacing between rotors, this thread comes up pretty high on google search, nothing else that I could find has any real #'s I'm on the road and i don't have my notes with me, I did pick up an '05 CBR1K front wheel for my track bike and IIRC I have a 1mm difference to compensate for with my 929 triples and ZX14 forks... I'll post up the CBR1K rotor spacing when I get home.Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. When I lived there the Honda of Cool Springs were good honest folks... that was 5 yr ago though... Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. Link Pipe Confusion

    Delkevic will sell just a 5th Gen high mount mid-pipe... customer service sent me the part number. I'm traveling and won't have the part# info for a few days. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Rc15 Designation

    RC51 is a completely different bike and is a US designation. An RC51 model is the RVT1000 and depending on the version referred to as SP1 or SP2.
  9. Pirelli Rebate

    Nice! Thanks... I love my AGTs!
  10. Gsxr Mirrors On 6th Gen

    I'm in for a set of 5th gen if there is a group buy...
  11. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    I also received a refund for the difference between full price and our package deal.
  12. Ooooooh

    My first thought exactly... did Seb build that?
  13. Left side fairing and left side of upper front cowl rashed, left blinker punched through the fairing so I'm going to de-dumbo the blinkers and fill the voids with ABS and use LED turn signal mirrors off a GSXR.
  14. Looking forward to this... I need to fix my 5th gen fairings.
  15. Well, it appears at least two other people are communicating with Paul and creating confusion. Matt, who does all the engineering & fabrication work at Tyga, emailed me wondering where the TBR header was... I never mentioned to Matt or Paul about providing a TBR header. I don't have one. I have had detailed discussions with Matt and he asked me to send the two OEM headers, one with a cat and one without so he would have both 5th and 6th gen headers and have more than one reference point. Now it appears someone led Paul to believe that TBR headers were being shipped to him and he feels like he wasted $300+ and I look like an ass. In June I will have been working on this exhaust header project for three years... whoever is communicating with Tyga please stop until the VFR800 headers are in production. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk