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  1. Some boring statistics... it was a slow Monday. There are still 9 tail-tidies available from the final ever production run. Across all three runs, here is the breakdown of units sent by country. USA: 37 Australia: 18 Canada: 11 England: 6 France: 2 Sweden: 2 Italy: 1 New Zealand: 1 Norway: 1 Scotland: 1 Taiwan: 1 Wales: 1
  2. Quick trip down Memory Lane, with my old 5th-Gen VFR. 2005, and a tour of Tasmania with my best mate and his missus. Some of the best riding roads I've ever experienced.
  3. Mine was bought in Victoria back in 2015, for $14k even. Naturally stamp-duty will vary from state to state.
  4. And the fallout continues: News.com.au Article: Photobucket Images held to ransom
  5. Possible. If you're able to take some pictures of the 800X's fender from all angles, and measure the inside-width of the fitting (the plastic that the fender fits into, should be 86mm), then I could give you an informed guess.
  6. Hi fellow riders, Something I noticed today;- Photobucket has changed their terms of service, which means that now the free, entry-level membership can't be used to direct-link your forum photos (which is ridiculous, when you consider that Photobucket provide you with the "[ img ]" tags/codes needed to do exactly that!). They were also getting silly with the number of pop-up ads, screen obscures, and other rubbish, so from me, it's buh-bye! I've started shifting my images over to Imgur instead, which does allow direct-linking from a free account. If you spot any links on the forum with the Image Missing or Exceeded blech, let me know and I'll update the link. Cheers - Cam
  7. Greg, what camera (?) are you mounting above your left wing-mirror stalk? Cheers - C.
  8. Thanks for the shout-out, Greg, and great video! I'll overlook your mispronunciation of "EnZED Cam" - Kiwi born and raised, Australian-adopted and soon to be married to (though I'm working hard on converting my fiancée to being an All Blacks fan... rumour has it such an outcome may require her to surrender her Australian passport! ) Weight-wise, the 8th-Gen feels much more lively than the 6th-Gen I owned previously (dropping the twin under-tail exhausts will do that, given the 10kg saved right there), and I don't remember the 5th-Gen being as easy to ride.. As fun, yes, but not as easy. Is it as nimble and bat-shit crazy as a Hypersports class? No. But show me a Hypersports bike that you can ride all day, two-up, or do a 4-day tour on, or commute to work every single day on. Such a unicorn does not exist. Boris from BikeMeTV nailed it when he said that the RC79 was "the incarnation of the YouJayEm;- Universal Japanese Motorcycle... It does most things brilliantly, everything really well, and nothing at all badly." VFR-800, bitches! For the faithful, there is no substitute.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience Greg, and for the feedback. To everyone who's tail-tidy was posted in the week starting June 12th (and whom I've not heard back from), I've sent out an email to check whether yours arrived safely or not. Please check your email and get back to me;- Your satisfaction is important!
  10. As of today (June 20), there are 14 tail tidies from Production Run #3 still up for grabs. If you want to snap one up for AUD $75 plus postage, let me know via email ASAP (nz.cam@hotmail.com). Meanwhile, check out Grum's sexy-looking ride with its' new tidy, and IXIL pipe. Cheers - Cam
  11. It's worth noting that not all bikes have had the loctite applied. Based on the feedback I've received, it seems like about 1 in 7 or 8 bikes have it, the rest are just tool-tight. (Tight's tight.. what's too tight again? ;-) ). I would carefully check your bike first, see whether the locking nut appears to be resisting, and then decide how best to proceed. An online copy of the installation guide can be found here:
  12. Let me know as these goodies progressively arrive, folks. I'm always thrilled to see photos of bikes with them fitted! Cheers - Cam
  13. I think the best review still has to be this one!
  14. Judging by the amount of damage you described (and based off repair & parts costs in Aus), surely the bike would be an economic write-off by your insurance company? Do you have market-value or replacement insurance? If it were me and I had CCT evidence, I'd be pursuing all costs from the perp. on the basis of negligence and leaving the scene.
  15. Which is why I always recommend parking "nose-up." 1) Gravity keeps the side-stand in the locked position, and 2) When it's time to taxi, you've got the engine ready to power you up the incline. You don't want to be trying to push a bike backwards up an incline if you can avoid it; whether on or off the saddle, assisted or not, that's just asking for a driveway drop. (Users from the GoldWing forum might beg to differ, but we don't have their electric reverse gear! )