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  1. I'm interested to hear people's recent experiences and recommendations for a app/smartphone-based comms option. I'm specifically interested in an affordable option that allows my girl and I to connect our smartphones such that they work together, possibly with a blue-tooth or wired set of helmet-friendly headphones/microphones. A rider-to-ride option would be great too (I think Sena does this?), but it's rare that I ride in groups, and probably even less common that anyone the group would have a compatible set-up.
  2. Some good news - The parts have been picked up from the laser-cutters, and Saturday I did all the edge-filing, riveting, and tolerance testing. The assembled tidies are now with my contact who does the spot-welds and powder-coating, so fingers crossed he can slot them in with another order's run of satin-black finishing (to keep the cost as low as possible), and get them back to me within a week or two. Once that's done, I'll send out the PayPal invoices to everyone that's PM'd me with their email and shipping addresses, to let you know that your reserved tail-tidy is ready to send. In the mean-time, please also consult the online How-To fitting guide in the forum. A copy will be sent with your tail-tidy, but it's a good idea to check your factory mounting and look for signs that Loctite was used BEFORE your accidentally warp the plastic guide and make things harder for yourself! Cheers - Cam (nz.cam@hotmail.com)
  3. There's been a rush of people keen to snap up a tail-tidy from Production Run #3. I've ordered extra, but if you want to be added to the list, please send me an email, along with your delivery address. First confirmed, first served. :-D
  4. Yes, Production Run 3 is happening now. Estimating 6 weeks until they're ready for delivery (it's a small batch, so things like welding and powder-coating are being done at mates rates, but that then means I have to wait for the mate to slot it in with larger commercial runs). Drop me an email with your delivery address if you would like to reserve one of the tail-tidies once they're ready to be sent. Payment (via PayPal invoice) will only be asked for once they're good to go. Cheers - Cam (nz.cam@hotmail.com)
  5. I never had a problem with my 2007 Gen-6 VFR in Australian temperatures. That included slow-speed commuter travel in summer at anywhere from 32 - 44 degrees C. The fans kicked in at 108, and on hotter days stayed running most of the time, but they did what they were supposed to and the bike never boiled. So straight away I'm thinking that maybe something failed on your bike? In the two years that I've been riding the 2014 Gen-8, I've never noticed the bike's temperature climb alarmingly, but I can't think of any days where I was riding for prolonged periods in 40+ either.
  6. About to start Production Run #3, send me an email with your details if you want to jump in quick. Cheers - Cam (nz.cam@hotmail.com)
  7. It looks like we may have enough interested riders to justify a third production run. I've reached out via email to everyone who has expressed their interest;- please check your inbox and get back to me. Cheers - Cam
  8. Ah, I've been looking to get a Mavic Pro. Are you using any of the lens filters from PolarPro?
  9. I made the swap 2 years ago. Unless an all-in-one aftermarket kit has been produced since, you will need the load resistors, but it's not a complicated task. The write-up of what I did with photo links is here:
  10. Still need 2 more orders to justify another production run.
  11. Send me a private message with your email address, and I'll add you to the waiting list. It's getting close to the minimum viable order size, so signs are looking positive for a third production run.
  12. I ride year-round, and have never had a problem with spray;- as you correctly observe, the length of the tail prevents any rooster-tailing above about 30-degrees from horizontal.
  13. It's possible that TBR have simply shown the wrong can on the website page for the VFR... the link you posted above is no longer working, and if you look at the pics of fitted articles, they're the longer S1R version, same as what I have.
  14. From what I can gather, Two Brothers has replaced their earlier (longer) version of the S1R. The can currently depicted on their website looks to be as much as half the length of the S1R I fitted 2 years ago. That said, I'm very happy with the model I installed; on a black bike, it looks like it was always meant to be there from Day 1. The sound is magical, and the performance is noticeably improved.
  15. According to the AustraliaPost website, the current shipping cost to the US & Canada is AUD $15.85, so still the same as last year - but from past experience, AusPost's prices seem to go up at the end of March each year for reasons unknown (Australian FY is Jul.1 to Jun.30). The second production run articles were sold at AUD $70 ea, but that may be subject to change for a third run if the laser-cutting folks, or adhesive reflector suppliers have increased their prices since then. Someone asked for photos of fitted examples. See below (with thanks to their respective owners, License plates censored just in case) USA: UK: Australia (Mk.2 Prototype with extra tab): France: I'd love to throw up some examples of Swedish and Canadian plates too, if anyone from those countries would like to post?