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  1. Send me a private message with your email address, and I'll add you to the waiting list. It's getting close to the minimum viable order size, so signs are looking positive for a third production run.
  2. I ride year-round, and have never had a problem with spray;- as you correctly observe, the length of the tail prevents any rooster-tailing above about 30-degrees from horizontal.
  3. It's possible that TBR have simply shown the wrong can on the website page for the VFR... the link you posted above is no longer working, and if you look at the pics of fitted articles, they're the longer S1R version, same as what I have.
  4. From what I can gather, Two Brothers has replaced their earlier (longer) version of the S1R. The can currently depicted on their website looks to be as much as half the length of the S1R I fitted 2 years ago. That said, I'm very happy with the model I installed; on a black bike, it looks like it was always meant to be there from Day 1. The sound is magical, and the performance is noticeably improved.
  5. According to the AustraliaPost website, the current shipping cost to the US & Canada is AUD $15.85, so still the same as last year - but from past experience, AusPost's prices seem to go up at the end of March each year for reasons unknown (Australian FY is Jul.1 to Jun.30). The second production run articles were sold at AUD $70 ea, but that may be subject to change for a third run if the laser-cutting folks, or adhesive reflector suppliers have increased their prices since then. Someone asked for photos of fitted examples. See below (with thanks to their respective owners, License plates censored just in case) USA: UK: Australia (Mk.2 Prototype with extra tab): France: I'd love to throw up some examples of Swedish and Canadian plates too, if anyone from those countries would like to post?
  6. Update: The 2nd Production Run has sold out, and feedback from the both runs has been universally positive. If you're keen to be a part of a possible future third production run, please add your name to the list, and also send me a private inbox message with your email address (so that I can reach out to you if/when we reach the minimum viable order size of 12 units). Payment (AUD $70 + postage) will only be asked for once articles from a third run are ready to be sent. Interested: (10 so far - as of February 28, 2017) David (Swe) Eric PeterMI (USA) Corrugated (Can) SubjectArc vfracer750 (CA) GatorGreg (FL) Check6 (CO) robmeister1969 (UK) Tredmkv (IL)
  7. Looks fantastic, I love what you've done with the high-rise pipe. The Tail-Tidy was definitely a smart choice in that situation, really lets you show the beautiful back wheel of as a key feature.
  8. I'm one of those annoying types that records every refuel and crunches the stats, but in my defense, it makes tax-time a breeze, and helps identify potential mechanical problems affecting mileage early on. I'm also one of those annoying types that live in a country that uses the Metric system. :-p Avg Distance between refuels: 387 km Avg Fuel refill: 19.3 litres Avg Petrol Price: 133.7 cents per litre (AUD) Avg Refuel cost: $25.92 (AUD) Avg Kilometres travelled per litre: 19.88 km Avg Litres per 100km: 5.04 litres Best Litres per 100km: 4.49 litres Worst Litres per 100km: 5.44 litres Compared with 2007 Gen-6 VFR-800: Avg Kilometres travelled per litre: 15.93 km Avg Litres per 100km: 6.30 litres Best Litres per 100km: 5.29 litres Worst Litres per 100km: 7.62 litres
  9. My black beastie next to Grum's red beastie. If anyone in or visiting Melbourne has a white beastie we can get to join in for a photo-comparo, let me know! :-D
  10. Might I suggest you delete the attachment for confidentiality reasons? ;-) All good, I never doubted you. Based on your advice, I've purposely 'adjusted' the customs value declaration so as not to attract import tariffs, so hopefully no one else gets stung by it.
  11. PayPal invoices have been sent to everyone that I have a delivery address for. If you haven't received yours, check which email address you provided, and make sure it didn't end up in the junk filter. If you haven't given me a delivery address and are still interested, or if you'd like to be included in this production run, please drop me a message at nz.cam@hotmail.com Cheers - Cam
  12. Looks stunning, Janne! I haven't seen the arrow pipe in the black, but this really looks the part. And I may be (am) a little biased when I say this, but if ever there was a VFR that was in desperate need of a tail-tidy to complete the look, it's your beautiful ride. :-D
  13. The second production run is ready to send! If you've previously provided me with your email address and shipping details, look for an email in your inbox with payment details. If you'd like to order one, PM me now. Cheers - Cam
  14. Not at all. Send me your email and delivery address details. I'm hoping to pick them up from the powdercoater's this weekend; they'll be immediately ready to send then.