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  1. Notice anything new on my VFR?

    I thought this was going to be an interesting thread... what a croc!? ;-)
  2. The reason I wanted a white one:

    Isn't the first rule of safe riding, "Make sure your pink-bits are covered!" Applies to anything in life, really; road, off-road, bedroom... ;-)
  3. Black one

    Did you get a black chain to go with it?
  4. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Overall sales, probably not - the anecdotal trend I noticed is that tail-tidies tend to be popular where there are smaller number plates to begin with. Our poor cousins stuck with Euro-style airbrakes are under-represented when compared with VFR popularity. I didn't keep delivery addresses after each production run completed, so only the latest run still has the US state information.
  5. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Just 3 8th-Gen tidies left. Get yours now, or be stuck forever using the sad-face emoji!
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    My hair split along time ago. ;-)
  7. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    My "day" job is in infrastructure software deployment & project management, and is taking up more and more of my time, never mind having any family time, or side projects. On top of that, my powder-coat contact has retired, so I can't get them professionally finished at mates-rates any more. The minimum commit-to-buy order size would likely jump from 12 to 20 before a 4th production run became viable.
  8. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Domestic Parcel-Post to anywhere in Australia is only $8.45. Do you want to reserve one now before they sell out? There's been a rush of interest this week, with 2 sent to Canada, 3 to the US, and 1 to Norway.
  9. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    The current production run units are AUD $75 each for forum members, and shipping to the US & Canada is AUD $15.85. There are now seven tidies left;- I shipped two to California this morning.
  10. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Some boring statistics... it was a slow Monday. There are still 9 tail-tidies available from the final ever production run. Across all three runs, here is the breakdown of units sent by country. USA: 37 Australia: 18 Canada: 11 England: 6 France: 2 Sweden: 2 Italy: 1 New Zealand: 1 Norway: 1 Scotland: 1 Taiwan: 1 Wales: 1
  11. Black Ops: Cam's 8Th Gen Mods

    Quick trip down Memory Lane, with my old 5th-Gen VFR. 2005, and a tour of Tasmania with my best mate and his missus. Some of the best riding roads I've ever experienced.
  12. Mine was bought in Victoria back in 2015, for $14k even. Naturally stamp-duty will vary from state to state.
  13. And the fallout continues: News.com.au Article: Photobucket Images held to ransom
  14. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Possible. If you're able to take some pictures of the 800X's fender from all angles, and measure the inside-width of the fitting (the plastic that the fender fits into, should be 86mm), then I could give you an informed guess.
  15. Hi fellow riders, Something I noticed today;- Photobucket has changed their terms of service, which means that now the free, entry-level membership can't be used to direct-link your forum photos (which is ridiculous, when you consider that Photobucket provide you with the "[ img ]" tags/codes needed to do exactly that!). They were also getting silly with the number of pop-up ads, screen obscures, and other rubbish, so from me, it's buh-bye! I've started shifting my images over to Imgur instead, which does allow direct-linking from a free account. If you spot any links on the forum with the Image Missing or Exceeded blech, let me know and I'll update the link. Cheers - Cam