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  1. I'm thinking about a slip on pipe for better sound, but do I need to chip the motor to accommodate?
  2. Get it while its hot! https://www.cycletrader.com/dealers/Track-N-Trail-Inc-2797996/listing/2014-Honda-Interceptor®-120608052
  3. I know I'm late to the party, but any recommendations of where to buy Dunlop Roadmaster 3 tires? And yes, I'm looking for the cheapest price.
  4. Where did you buy this tank bag?
  5. Where did you buy this tank bag?
  6. Wow, I didn't know there were so many options. The Givi tank lock system looks odd, like its perched on top of the tank instead of hugging it. I like the Bagster cover, mainly because my high strength steel claw chipped the hell out of my 1997 VFR. That Bagster cover would be perfect. Thanks guys!
  7. I would like to treat my new Viffer better than my 1997, so I'm looking for any recommendations on a tank bag. Brand? Magnetic type or standard tank bag version with straps? thanks
  8. I'm not that far north of NYC, but I do take rides that far. Maybe a meet up at Bear Mountain? I'll be riding to Newburgh tomorrow for lunch.
  9. Are there any NY Hudson Valley, NY Metro, Tri-State VFR riders on this forum?
  10. Honda has too many engineers and lawyers building motorcycles. Worry about something worthwhile, like where to ride your VFR.
  11. Any Hudson Valley/NYC VFR riders heading out to Bear Mountain this weekend? Perkins Dr is probably still closed, but Tiorati Circle is always open. See you there!
  12. I saw your post and I am also surfing to see what saddlebags are available for the 2014 VFR. I don't tour often enough to spend $900 on factory saddlebags. What was your impression? Did you like them? Easy to install? Do tell!