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  1. My brain fogged over when I saw the key set components. Some things I will pay for to have the local shop take care of a few things, this was definitely one of them.
  2. Slip on Exhaust

    How did the Two Bros slip-on installation go? I'm looking for a sound upgrade too. Bobby
  3. Birthday present survey

    Great suggestions. I do take the boys out for regular rides to area soft serve ice cream parlors. The farthest one has soft serve pistachio! Since I only use one glove, I try to buy the best. A pair of Dainese gloves may be on the short list. This was fun. Thanks guys.
  4. My young sons want to buy me a gift for either my eighth gen VFR800 or my fourth gen VFR750. They have $100 between both of them. Any suggestions? The best ideas will be seriously considered. TIA Bobby
  5. I modified the hand controls on my 2014 VFR because I am missing my left hand. I used steel braided lines almost throughout the line (from hand control to caliper), but I have an issue with the fluid getting dark pretty quickly. It gets dark within 500 miles. The steel line goes from my hand control to the rear caliper except for the final 10-12 inches, then its the factory rubber hose. Would the rubber hose be a factor? Does the dirty fluid effect performance? TIA
  6. Wow, I am impressed. I have a 1997 VFR and its getting very tired. I don't think I need the fork modifications, but I'd like to replace the rear shock. I am going to look into your ideas. Thanks Bobby
  7. Pipe & chip?

    I'm thinking about a slip on pipe for better sound, but do I need to chip the motor to accommodate?
  8. New 8th gen - $6,500!!

    Get it while its hot! https://www.cycletrader.com/dealers/Track-N-Trail-Inc-2797996/listing/2014-Honda-Interceptor®-120608052
  9. Dunlop Roadsmart 3's

    I know I'm late to the party, but any recommendations of where to buy Dunlop Roadmaster 3 tires? And yes, I'm looking for the cheapest price.
  10. Where did you buy this tank bag?
  11. Where did you buy this tank bag?
  12. Wow, I didn't know there were so many options. The Givi tank lock system looks odd, like its perched on top of the tank instead of hugging it. I like the Bagster cover, mainly because my high strength steel claw chipped the hell out of my 1997 VFR. That Bagster cover would be perfect. Thanks guys!
  13. I would like to treat my new Viffer better than my 1997, so I'm looking for any recommendations on a tank bag. Brand? Magnetic type or standard tank bag version with straps? thanks
  14. VFR Riders in the Hudson Valley

    I'm not that far north of NYC, but I do take rides that far. Maybe a meet up at Bear Mountain? I'll be riding to Newburgh tomorrow for lunch.
  15. Letchworth Village Ride

    Abandoned psych facilities.