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  1. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    That is a very cool engine stand. Glad to see someone put an otherwise bad frame to use.
  2. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    Man that AFR is all over the place.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-2008-07-08-Yamaha-YZF-R1-OEM-Titanium-Exhaust-Header-Pipes-/192263591575?hash=item2cc3cd9697:g:HjcAAOSwgIpZf80B&vxp=mtr
  4. R/r Flip Plate Mount For The Fh020Aa Shindengen R/r

    Yeah I am going to have to do that. Let it run until it gets hot and the voltage drops. Then disconnect the rr and then test each phase of the stator, to see if its an rr issue or a stator issue.
  5. As far as cylinder work goes, have you looked into sleeving or cylinder support systems? https://www.cylindersupportsystem.net/ https://www.goldeneaglemfg.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=1 And maybe switching to an electric water pump?
  6. R/r Flip Plate Mount For The Fh020Aa Shindengen R/r

    Yup that is how mine is behaving, but the part that throws me off is the rr getting really hot. Keep in mind, I have my rr mounted to the back side of the passenger footpeg in open air. It shouldn't be getting that hot. Is that another symptom of a failed stator leg?
  7. This is awesome! Basically a custom modern RC45 that Honda should have built!!
  8. Please publish the website so I can see details on your race VFR!
  9. R/r Flip Plate Mount For The Fh020Aa Shindengen R/r

    I might need to upgrade to the sh847 soon. For one reason or another, after 5 years or so, my FH020 seems to be heating up. If I get stuck in traffic for a while, the rr starts getting really hot and eventually will cut out and my voltage plummets. I'm gonna have to figure this out eventually.
  10. R/R Mod

    roadstercycle kit thread/
  11. This reminds me of the set that guy made for his 8th gen...
  12. RS850 Replica

    This is awesome, Subscribed!