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  1. Single Nut Axle + Cush Drive, Group Buy ?

    70k miles
  2. Single Nut Axle + Cush Drive, Group Buy ?

    My rear bearings are shot. I am at the point where I need to either buy new oem bearings or invest in a single nut set up....
  3. Gear Driven Cam Conversion & Restoration

  4. Gear Driven Cam Conversion & Restoration

    Awesome news about the bike! Sorry about the GF issues :( Can you post the dyno sheets please and thanks?
  5. You could always just send them in for analysis. Cheaper, plus you wouldn't have to worry about wasting the cleaning if they sat for more than a month.
  6. Wow you went from 7.8% variance, to 0.8% variance! Great stuff!! I keep telling people how important this is, but most of them would rather just waste money on snake oil lol.
  7. Daytona 675 Subframe And Tail Swap

    Nope, sorry, I got married and bought a house. All modding is on hold for a while, until I can catch back up.
  8. Another Inverted Fork Conversion (6th Gen)

    Did you even read the thread or search at all?
  9. Most of the snatchy-ness is due to the factory o2 sensors and their purpose. Disabling them is a double edged sword. Honda uses them to go into an ultra lean burn closed loop fuel tuning, say about 15:1 AFR, when under light/steady throttle conditions and in 2 valve. On one side, they make for great mpg's and very clean emissions, but on the other side this lean burn causes lean surging and when you move the throttle, you will be going in and out of closed loop fuel injection and lean burn, causing abrupt throttle transition. If you disable them, you will lose the lean surging and snachyness, but you will also lose a few mpgs and gain some exhaust fumes.
  10. Pipe & chip?

    Don't you say that about staintune! :P
  11. Pipe & chip?

    I guess it could be possible, heck okay, sorry lets give the dealer the benefit of the doubt :)
  12. Pipe & chip?

    The last ecu only went under closed loop tuning, while steady/light throttle cruising. I doubt this one is much different. I could be wrong though. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. Pipe & chip?

    Lol that dealer is either ill-informed or hoping that you are.
  14. Vfr800 vtec

    Fifth gen =\= VTEC Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk