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  1. Below is my reply from Metzelers Oz distributor, if a little brief also seems reasonable although differs from the US reply in actual recommendation for my gen 5 VFR800. " Metzeler recommends the normal tyres unless you are doing majority of pillion/ full heavy luggage riding. Kind regards, Cassons Pty Ltd "
  2. Below is my reply from Metzeler US, seems reasonable. " The HWM tier is an option for folks who may ride 2 up, have accessorized their vehicles or prefer the 2 ply carcass on heavier displacement machines. When checking our fitment information, (we are trained to use US files for US inquiries) I see the HWM specified for your rear tire so we suggest the following fitments below: VFR800Fi / ABS Interceptor 98-15 front part no. 2669800 120/70ZR17 (58W) TL Roadtec 01- rear part no. 2681300 180/55ZR17 (73W) TL Roadtec 01 HWM Kindest regards, Metzeler Team "
  3. The fitting dealer recommended and installed the standard 01s front and rear, to early to make a judgment myself, interestingly I'd fired off emails a few weeks ago to US Metzeler & the Oz Metzeler distributor on their recommendations and the US came back as HWM rear and the Oz Standard rear ?
  4. Nice to know, are your the regular or HWM ( Heavy Weight Motorcycle ) versions ? It's interesting places like Jake Wilson indicate both are suitable for the VFR800 though other tire selectors recommend the HWM only and and UK Metzeler site just shows the regular version ?
  5. Anyone run the regular Roadtec 01s on their VFR800s, what are your impressions ?
  6. Nice shot Kirbs, your Front R2s looking a little shagged.
  7. Plexus with microfiber towel are the only things I've used on my Iridium Shoei Visor for the last 4 years, unless loads of bug splatter on it then will wet a soft facial tissue with warm water to lay on the bugs for about 30 sec's then rinse them off.
  8. H'mm I had to replace my last Front Powers at my cost after only 4000kms as it developed a strange vibration which increased with frequency with speed. On visual inspection it looked fine and a trip back to the Tyre dealer on the balancing machine confirmed wasn't actually balance related. Odd really as the previous 2 sets and current replacment Pilot Powers front have been fine. ?? :beer:
  9. Thats what I've always run them at since my first set in 2004, works for me.
  10. Was the Ram air the difference rounding up those Gixers on your KR track day ?
  11. Same here, used to use a tank bag regularly until a tiny bit of grit got trapped under it causing scratches in the tanks paint :rolleyes: , now use a Ventura rack and bag, fantasic, it feels better having clear view of tank and instruments and not having to unclip GPS before swinging the Tank bag out of the way in order to refuel, much better. :thumbsup:
  12. Tend to stick with the handbook recommended 36 Front and 42 Rear in my Pilot Powers measured when cold.
  13. Yes and no, my last three sets have been Michelin Pilot Powers and have been too satisfied in them to consider changing them until something verified as a better balance with superior grip Dry & Wet with ( for a Sports tyre ) its good milage.
  14. How much for that Horse in pubic hairs ?
  15. Does sound a bit like a fishing expedition, should anyone educate " Very Fast Ride " on the VTec's Vtec not being a proper VTec rather it is an unfortunate, useless and unnecessary bodge ?