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  1. just wondering .... is the spinning in the field part of the brewing prossess ???lol
  2. Sena SMH10 Intercom system...anybody have one?

    hey 803 i had the same problem with the cutting in and out ....there must be some kind of film on the connections . take off the main unit and get a little flat head screw driver and scrape the brass contacts a little . i did that and they work fine now. and to ff songs and stuff , push in the big toggle button and turn at the same time . that jumps song forward or backwards if turned the other way
  3. Sena SMH10 Intercom system...anybody have one?

    so i got my sena set during the winter and was unable to try them till yestersay . so after 3 hours of riding i think i could give a real good opinion on them .... the set up i have is the headset with the speakers taped to the inside helmet . for talking on the phone they are great ! my wife was able to hear me loud and clear with minimal road or wind noise .... i also put on a chin skirt on my helmet also ..... i also had ear plugs in my ears and i could hear her at 90kmph with no problems or lack of volume . as for music , they have 0 bass and the sound isnt very good . with the volume full blast with the ear plugs in the music is very low ,which when i ride anyway is how i like it so it doesnt break my concintration with loud music . so are they worth it ? i think so . to talk on the phone and with another sena while riding is great . they are small and well made . i would recomend them . .....also at one point i was gonna go to the mic with the plug in for ear buds but changed my mind . i bought these mostly to comunicate with my pasanger or bike to bike or on the phone not for music . not always do i ride with music and with the earbud one i would have to wear the earbuds everytime i ride and didnt like that idea . i have shure se425 so they also work as earplugs . so if i want to listin to music i just plug the se425 into my ipod and i still can hear the phone over them music ..anyway hope this helps someone thinking of buying these . oh and by the way i paid 275 shipped to my door off ebay
  4. Sennheiser Ear Buds

    i have the shure se425 and love them , i like that they are sound isolating . if i use the foam tips i can wear them for 12 hours and no discomfort . plus they sound pretty darm good ... but just remember if your music is ripped at 128kps u can have the best earbuds in the world and u will get a cheap sound . now with large memory mp3 players out there u sound rip at apple lossless to get the best posable sound out of your earbuds
  5. IMGP0840 2000

    is this shit real ???!!! wow if it is i wanna die there
  6. IMGP0705 1600

    shit , that looks like it came right out of a story book !
  7. JVC HA-FX35-B Soft Marshmallow Stereo Headphones

    hey if u are ever in the market for a new pair , try shure se425 , they can be a little more expensive but well woth it , the seal is fantastic and the sound is natural and flat ..ive had them for 2 years now and love them
  8. Then and Now Images

    love the old pics . i relly love the comparison
  9. Aftermarket exhaust?

    hey beck i like your opion . there is too much hype on slip on's and what power they add . i think if u are looking for a slip on ,pick by looks and sound ...thats all , the couple of hourse u MAY get u wont feel . funny though how well all will drop big coin just for sound lol i laugh cause i spent 1000 for my laser .....and think its worth every penny lol hey and i really like that DAM pipe. i use to like the acprovic but somehow the DAM seems to keep the look and flow of the bike perfect ! dont get me wrong i love the acprovic but it almost looks a little to fast or racy for the bike
  10. Sena SMH10 Intercom system...anybody have one?

    no the garmin is the non bluethooth i think its the 750 , kinda sucks . i might sell the 750 to my buddy and see if i can find a 700 somewhere . so far just playing with them in the house they are pretty cool . i am suprised that although the speakers are small the sound insnt that bad . i meen of course there are many other small speakers out there that are better quality but still not bad . as for the lack of bass they all have lack of bass. anyway when i put them to real world road use i will defently write my personal review . and never know i just might go to the 35$ boom mic with the earbud plug in
  11. Sena SMH10 Intercom system...anybody have one?

    been sitting on the fence about the smh10 for a little bit now . i usually ride with my shure se425 plugged into my gamin 700. the last trip i did with my wife said it sucked because i was always saying to her " i cant hear u " . so now seeing on ebay 250$ for a pair i thought they aint gonna get much cheaper and bought a pair .... hope i am gonna be satisfied with foam ear plugs in the ear with the speakers being good enough to give me enough volume ... only thing is gonna have to wait to spring time to try i am very excited to try them though from what everyone says there the best
  12. Sick of ear buds

    i have a pair of shure se425 i like them . they have soft memory foam ends that give u all day comfort and block out wind and road noise but i can still hear my engine . i dont ride without them . even if i am not listing to music they keep the noise level way down
  13. Heated grip install question

    ya i love the grips . even if the temp is 12 celcius i still use them . i also use to use fall gloves that were thincker but not anymore with the oxfords . and 3 seasons and the glue is holding fine . im sold on oxfords ...worth the 65$
  14. GOPR0352

    hey i like the coat , what is the name of it ?
  15. Vic Van to San Fran

    lol some one should tell gary that the mullet be out of style since 1984 lol

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