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  1. I intended to ride today but threw in the towel, a moist one and packed it in. Got home at midnight. Another great time with great people!
  2. Called this morning. Was able to get a single room. Woohoo! I'll just have to bring my own refrigerator. :)
  3. I tried to book a room yesterday after work. The guy said I had to call between 7 & 3 to talk to the person doing the VFR bookings. Tried calling before work & during my two breaks today. No one was answering the phone. Finally got through after work, 4:00 EDT and got put on hold for 15 minutes. I was then told that there are no rooms left, VFR or otherwise. GRRRR! Guess I'll be making other plans.
  4. I'll be on my way early Monday morning. If I see him along the way, I hope he and his bike are in one piece!
  5. I've got the 23rd to 27th scheduled for vacation...
  6. I always had front end chatter under hard braking and chalked it up to the suspension. Changed to EBC HH pads. More initial bite, more braking power & no more front end chatter under hard braking. Would never go back to OEM pads.
  7. Left the Microtel @ 5:30am ET sat morning. Got home a 8:15pm CT sat eve. Judy and I had a great time again! Big thanks to BR and Andrea for organizing the event. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the banquet next time!
  8. We're bringing some Leinenkugel's Orange Shandy & Summer Shandy New Glarus Spotted Cow Would like some Yuengling
  9. If it weren't for bad luck, He'd have no luck at all. Get well Terry!
  10. Registered! Motel booked, new reg/rec & stator ordered, mouse nest in V to eliminate so I can patch up the wires, new tires to mount, brake pads to install and pick up a new trailer. I guess I'd better get busy!
  11. Motel booked. Arriving late Tuesday. Checking out early Saturday morning. MotoAmerica @ Road America Sunday. Woohoo!
  12. I've got the vacation time scheduled. Now I've got to get the rest of the details figured out.
  13. For me, the limiting factor for riding isn't the cold, it's the salt on the road. If there is salt, I don't ride.
  14. That's sad. I guess I'll have to take extra good care of mine.
  15. Hat received! Thanks Kevin!