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  1. Rear Wheel Lug Nuts - Source?

    I think those centers were from Thurn, that's where I got mine. Stupid expensive considering what they consist of. Seems like they were around $50.
  2. Brake/Clutch/Wheel Bearing Replacement Questions.

    Yes, I use Honda seals because trying to source their seals is really tough, the sizes just seem to be so weird. The bearings can be found nearly anywhere and are generally a little cheaper than from the local Honda shop.
  3. Brake/Clutch/Wheel Bearing Replacement Questions.

    The Honda seals can be a pain to locate, so you're just as well off to use Honda parts for them. Bearings are common sizes and can be found at almost any bearing parts house.
  4. Brake/Clutch/Wheel Bearing Replacement Questions.

    Most bearings can be sourced from a good supply house. Save some money and you'll probably end up with a better bearing too.
  5. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    If you guys are really interested in the project I respectfully suggest that you donate directly to RVFR and not the GoFundMe thing. That thing charges nearly 10% for the privilege of handling your money. So if you want it to go to a good cause and not line the pocket of some stupid online company, write a check to RVFR. That's what I did.
  6. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    This sounds/looks pretty cool. I may have to change my chain/sprockets to 520 when the chain is due again. Wonder if I'll be able to find a 45 tooth 520 rear sprocket. I had to have a custom sprocket made for my Yamaha a few years ago.
  7. Front Stand Recommendation

    I have the front Pit Bull stand that converts so you can pick up using either the forks or the triple tree. Works a treat. Highly recommended.
  8. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Okay, I'm just wondering how their user base can be growing if they're not shipping product. I'm not so sure "Customer Service" is their biggest priority since there are still customers with no service.
  9. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Holy crap Batman, $600 for a 3/4 helmet. They should be able to get them made at that price point. Of course whether anyone will buy a $600 3/4 helmet is another thing altogether.
  10. Wonder what the seller's day job is? Political speech writer? Publicist for Apple products? IT guy for Equifax?
  11. Synthetic Diesel Oil for Motorcycle?

    You can quote that guy all you want, but I still don't buy his schtick. Some of it is common knowledge, and some of it is his own content. All you have to do is separate the good stuff from the dross.
  12. Synthetic Diesel Oil for Motorcycle?

    I agree with most of what you're putting out there, but I tend to disagree to a certain extent that flow is the be-all and end-all, and pressure doesn't matter. A roller bearing engine will be very high flow and low pressure because the rollers don't need any pressure to speak of. Unlike a plain bearing engine, which will fail if you have very low pressure and high flow.
  13. Synthetic Diesel Oil for Motorcycle?

    Heck, you can quote the hell out of me. And I was surprised that it happened, but it does support what other people have observed over the years: higher viscosity leads to higher temperatures with all things being equal.
  14. Synthetic Diesel Oil for Motorcycle?

    I absolutely agree about the points made by BLS about viscosity. Many, many years ago I bought a new 1980 Suzuki GS100G. Since it was an air cooled rollerbearing crank motor, I ran Castrol GTX 20W-50 oil. I also installed a temp gauge in one of the oil galleys. For some reason which escapes me after all these years, I switched from 20W-50 to a 10W-40 and noticed that the temperature dropped almost 20°, with no other changes to the motor. I noticed no ill affects and continued to use that oil for the duration of my ownership of the bike. Very interesting to read about the opinions and test results of zinc in the oil.