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  1. 5th gen with 6th gen battery? Will this work?

    This will definitely work. As will the YTZ14S which is even higher capacity. I've done it!
  2. Seriously thinking of selling my VFR :(

    Plus one (or two, maybe) for the ADV bike. Since buying a V-Strom 650, I really question owning my sixth gen.
  3. 6th Gen Mirror Extenders

    Lobster's are excellent! I mean: the extenders made by the user Lobster.
  4. 5th gen and 6th gen braking systems

    If you are interested in a low cost way to give this a whirl, I am parting out my 2003. When crashed (into), the braking system was working perfectly, but all parts would require cleaning and maintenance. It's ABS-based, and complete.
  5. I can see all the photos too.
  6. I own two 6th gens and have ridden the 6th and 8th back to back. A very well sorted 6th is pretty similar to an 8th. Luggage is worth a LOT. If you could get that 6th for anything between $4-5, I'd do it. But a white 8th is beautiful!
  7. Hand made stainless exhaust

    I'm one more!

    PM me your email address and I'll send you a PDF that doesn't need a PW.
  9. Rode in the rain for the first time tonight!

    +1 I live in Vancouver, BC (the Wet Coast of Canada) and if you don't ride in the rain, you really don't ride much at all. I have NEVER had rain get inside my helmets.
  10. HID Latching Relay

    I don't have the second relay (another project), but am willing to sell the latching relay. I'm in Canada and don't know what the relay is worth. Can you make me an offer and I'll add real shipping cost to it?
  11. HID Latching Relay

    I have a never installed Tightwad latching relay right here! But I'm in Canada and you may be best off buying in the USA... It's a JatronX Model LR-13.5
  12. I need some guidance from the collective...

    So I rented a Super Tenere in Australia, and expected to return it knowing that I had to have one. I didn't. It was nice, but not life-changing. I just bought a V-Strom 650 and love it every bit as much, and for the price it is outstanding! Polarbear and I recently did a little Vancouver Island ride on our V-Stroms (I'm a terrible influence), and over coffee and cookies he said "tell me again why we need our VFRs?"
  13. 2016-17 Wind Chill Games

    Harley grips? They should be the wrong (too big) diameter. Oxford Heaterz Sports grips are the bee's knees... The link is for identification, I'd buy them elsewhere, cheaper.
  14. Any VFRD members in Salmon Arm area?

    Nice, Lee! It's a beautiful part of the world. But I don't know any riders there...
  15. HONDA in China ,WE are VFRCHINA

    Welcome from Canada!