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  1. Spent the day riding yesterday. I did a little over 160 miles. Some freeway, but mostly twisties, with a little partial gravel/pavement road. It was a pretty good ride with a few guys on various bikes. me on the 99 VFR, a Yamaha Super Tenere, an 883 Sportster, and a newish CB1100. We rode West on 44 to Martinsville then south from there toward Bloominton through the Morgan-Monroe state forest, then east on 45 to Beanblossom, south to Nashville via 135 then to Story. We stopped a few times to look at the map, stretch our legs, and get something to drink. Headed north form Story to and around Sweetwater and Cordry lakes, then the rest was highway home. The roads were mostly smooth aside from the occasional pothole which were naturally always on the worst places, and the stretch that was half gravel/half paved and littered with holes. Mostly hiccup free aside from tar strips getting the best of the guy on the CB1100 causing him to run wide off the edge of the road and I had a couple squirrely moments with the tar strips and a patch of gravel in the middle of a turn. Most dangerous snake in Indiana? The black-tar road snake. Everyone enjoyed the ride and no one went down so it was a good day.
  2. https://www.msf-usa.org/downloads/msf100_2016/Risk_Factors_From_MSF_100_Study_Paper.pdf?dom=microsoft&src=syn
  3. Affordable all season pants?

    I tried on a large short in the Venture Air 2.0 at my local gear shop but it was too snug around the waist. I'm assuming that the Flex would fit similarly to the Venture.
  4. I am looking for some affordable (around $200) all season pants. I have relatively short legs and might need something that is available in short lengths. doing some research lead me to the Tourmaster Flex pants , but they are discontinued and I cant find them in XL short which is the size I need. I am considering the Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 but I liked the removable textile outer shell of the Flex. Anyone know of anything similar to the Flex that has a textile shell or removable panels? Thanks.
  5. Ducati Supersport

    Oh I don't see me getting rid of the VFR any time soon. As of right now mine is stock aside from an exhaust, but the SS might make a fun second bike with the VFR set up with a bias toward touring.
  6. '99 with Delkevic Carbon

    From the album My Photos

  7. My Photos

    Various pictures of my motorcycles and others I come across.
  8. From the album My Photos

    My new to me "99 after going about two weeks without a bike after I went of on my '91. Parked on the back straight at IMS for the GP.
  9. Oops...

    From the album My Photos

    Went off in a turn on my first VFR. Was fortunate to come out unscathed.
  10. First "warm" day that year.

    From the album My Photos

    When I went out it was a balmy 47 degrees. By the time I made it home it had dropped to 36.
  11. About to enjoy some curves.

    From the album My Photos

  12. My first VFR

    From the album My Photos

  13. Ducati Supersport

    I like the headlight from any angle except straight on. It looks like is has some kind of weird unibrow.
  14. I'm really liking this aside form that ugly rear wheel. If I end up in the market for another bike, I might be inclined to go check it out. Opinions? http://www.cycleworld.com/2017-ducati-supersport-is-sportbike-for-you-everyday-riders