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  1. i was told by viffer93 couple years ago, to get a Factory Pro jet kit. i still haven't done it, but i have had this issue. your electronics grounded good? reg/rect, stator? I sent you a pm with my number. Use it and I'll be in touch as soon as I get home. Tag
  2. what's the question? how many lights there are? I just went out and turned my key to try and understand the question? I don't get it.
  3. love the 3rd gen no matter how tattered they still have that 'zing'.
  4. Sync carbs - adjust fuel mixture & float level. Viffers are finicky this way, but when dialed ... weehaa need help? holla via pm. Process but worth it.
  5. Mmhmm love that thing long live the 3rd gen's !! Kudos on purchase
  6. I would do a 'benefit the volunteers tribute bike' you could get sponsors ;-) less out of pocket, if ANY COST, better assistance in getting the project done from start to finish, more information including legalities AND experience. This will help in another, more personal project. * make friends not enemies *
  7. You still have your "pair" valves on it? Some people confuse that 'tapping noise' with something more serious. Post your findings. How does she run?
  8. Bought 2 sets from chaparral ebay, 179-set shipped.
  9. WOOHOO !! LOVE VFR TRACK STORIES... Welcome to the club :-)
  10. Nice job eric!
  11. As long a ive had my viffer, ive had All suggested items to look at, happen at one point or another. Just like the bike does, keep 'hunting' :-)
  12. ^^Hasn't everyone done this ;-)
  13. Lol i tried finding this post for a couple of days. Please, try this. . . THIS PROCESS TAKES TIME. HAVE PATIENCE Remove fuel tank. IF you have a shop manual, check out chapter 6-4. FUEL SYSTEM SECTION. there is a diagram, of the carbs removed ABOVE the bike. Over piston #3, at thd back right hand side of the carb, there is a sub air filter hose line. *you should be able to remove this hose FROM THAT sub air cleaner case* . . twist, and pull gently it should come right off. (The hose is shaped with a bend) While using a compressor, place and of compressor nozzle into that hose. Look down each of the 'air funnels' < weird name, as you apply air pressure into the hose, ALL of the slides should go up into the diaphram area. If not, check for stiction on EACH slide. If one sticks, pull the carbs, pop the tops, remove the slides. You may not need to check needle and seat, but do so anyway. CLEAN SLIDES, DIAPHRAMS, SLIDE AREAS, AND MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THERE ARE NO TEARS in the diaphrams, use rubber gloves and your favorite 2-stroke oil to rub clean any residue.(on the slides AND slide areas... Do not use sandpaper, or steel wool (these are your carbs man). Do this until you are satisfied with cleanliness, wipe clean with clean cloth. Re-apply 2 stroke oil upon re-assembly (i do this with ALL CARB RELATED SESSIONS) MAKE SURE YOU GINGERLY tighten the top cap for diaphrams, like you would replacing and torquing a car wheel. Align the top caps correctly theres a bump for the air hole in the diaphram ***if youve made it this far youll know what im talking about*** Replace carbs to the boots, have fuel line from a gas can to your tank fuel line fire the bike up. You should notice a difference. If satisfied, button her up and go :-) This is a cost effective, albeit time consuming process. IF YOU NEED HELP SYNCING CARBS OR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS, PM ME prior to placing carbs. *** carb plate removal might be necessary *** Tool for that is :: http://www.harborfreight.com/impact-screwdriver-set-with-case-37530.html
  14. Your thread made my day . Thank you