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  1. 68 is one of my favorite roads... They just paved the worst section of it. 60 in GA is a lot of speed limit changes. The law is unforgiving if you miss a speed decrease sign. They like motorcycle money.
  2. Wolf Pen Gap (Hwy 180)

    If you don't want to get in over your head, you will really love the 25mph speed limit on Wolf Pen Gap. That is just a bonus when riding. It makes it really easy to collect a driving award from Union County, GA... County full inbred of jerks!
  3. 2016 TexasMac official Picture & Home Safe Thread

    If you liked that road three weeks ago... They are putting down fresh blacktop right now. We hit it this morning and it is soooooooooo smooth. It will continue to be one of my favorite roads in the area. Little traffic and massive amounts of hilly banked curves.
  4. "tire scrub in a myth'?

    Watch the last minute of this video. My buddy made it 1/4 mile from my house when he lost the front end. New tires, morning dew on the road surface. The road goes right curve up the hill, at the top it turns left curve downhill off camber to the right. His new front tire slid then gripped and high-sided the bike. 14K in damages. It doesn't look bad in the trailer. I wish I had a camera when his baby was on her side. Yes... There are VFRD members who have crashed on my road during a TexasMAC meet. These were Q3's with a current date code.
  5. Official 13Th Annual Texasmac Event Thread 2016

    I can be available should anyone need me... MikeE@RideWNC.com 828.36one.one257
  6. Official 13Th Annual Texasmac Event Thread 2016

    I was just reading through some of these posts.... You guys are in for a real treat in Swain and Graham Counties. 28 is now 45mph then down to 40mph at Tuskeegee. Coming into Fontana it drops to 25mph. But there is good news the limit goes back up between Fontana and Deal's Gap... Yep. up to 30mph. Gone are the days of the statewide 55mph speed limit. Graham County has successfully dropped the speeds on most roads by 5mph, and a few others like 143 going to the Skyway by 15mph. Graham County has purchased a beautiful new fleet of Sheriff patrol cars. There is a mix of Chargers and Taurus'. The ones I like are white with reflective white decals... Almost impossible to spot. The totally white or black cars are another feature. All have RADAR. You will have a lot of enjoyment spending your time scanning for the law these days. The nice thing is they all are working on the weekends... Monday through Thursday they are parked in driveways at the deputy's houses. Legalspeeding.com can get you the HARD System before your visit. It does help. Good Luck.
  7. I think I got Craig holding a smile on his face... Up to meeting me, he only rode on 190/55-17. He got 500 from the Rosso's and 400 from the stone RS10. He is a fairly aggressive rider. I asked him to try a 180/55-17 and up his tire pressure. He is on his second set of Metzeler and getting over 1000 miles. He got 1200 on the M3 without changing how he rides that tire might be too stiff for him. I am now putting tires on his bike every two weeks. He is about to finish his M7 and he is liking it. I like the feel of the M7 when installing. It feels better than a Q3. Besides, Q3's are too overpriced for the limited mileage. We found one of his forks is tweaked from the last crash. It forced his wheel bearings in and caused them to bind on the inner spacer. I have moved more tires this month than all of last year... Man! I love those Harley owners. I have used up the Rebates for Pir, Met, and Dun for five addresses so far. I can't wait until those Visa cards start showing up. I have done over thirty rebates so far for me and folks who have bought tires through me.
  8. The Metzeler M7 is turning out to be a decent tire. I can't speak for riding twisties... If I got 4500 miles from a tire riding twisties, I would keep that tire combo. I am happy with 1400 miles on a set of tires. At 4500 miles riding twisties do the road sign read I-XX?
  9. Third Gear Clutch Slipping - Wtf?!

    I would flush fluid through the master to the slave. Has it ever had new DOT4 in the system? Old DOT4 doesn't correct itself... It turns into jelly and causes problems. You can skip ahead to 8:10 minutes.
  10. Sidi Fusion Air Boots $160

    I crashed in a pair of Sidi's... I wear AlpineStars now. I still don't walk right. Go for protection not price. It sucks when you wake up in the morning and know it is going to hurt when you step out of bed.
  11. Not really knowing anything about powerlet... I bought everything TourMaster. I crashed and destroyed the controller for my heated gear. I sent an email to them asking where I could buy just the controller... TourMaster responded by sending me a new controller. That is the kind of customer service which keeps the TourMaster name in my closet.
  12. Selling

    I would get rid of the Concours 14. That is one of the bikes I have owned which I never cared for. Glad I was able to sell it. It is an over rated old farts bike with tons of straight line power and not enough lean angle to complete the job. So many better sport-tourers out there.
  13. I like the RoadSmart II on the VFR800. They last long and handle really well. The PR4 is overpriced and don't last long enough. I run the T30 on the VFR750.
  14. Life and death are just part of it... It is those who crash and live then are disabled for the rest of their lives. I think that is worse than dying. Your wife now has to wipe your butt for the rest of your life or until the divorce. Kids grow up without you participating in their lives, then move away and never to be seen again. Personally I don't care... Learn from your parents mistakes. Use protection.
  15. I don't see a need for wasting money on that nonsense. It might be a good training product for novice riders. Heli-Bars change the whole riding position and make all day rides more enjoyable.

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