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  1. Any Fried Stators Yet?

    When I took long trips with my 4th gen I carried a spare! I still do.
  2. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Custer is twice the distance from my house. 2 day ride there. "But Honey, I don't pick where they hold these, I just go." I voted for Custer. PS: I know that's nothing milage for some of you guys, but it's the time off that is a killer for me.
  3. My 1995 VFR750F is surging & backfiring.

    It's the carb(s)-clogged idle jet, the one that doesn't come out. I use a piece of .012 guitar string to clean them out-works every time. Nice looking 4th gen.
  4. New to me 95

    Even with all the work..STEAL!
  5. 4th gen tidy up

    PM sent-about exactly how you moved the switch. Thanks in advance!
  6. SumSum 4 Scouting Trip

    Pretty hot up there about now-but still cooler than down here. Almost 4 weeks of close to 100 degrees. Wherever you pick Tony, I'm sure it'll be great.
  7. I weigh #145 w/ gear and have the stock springs. When I replaced my fork fluid I went with Silkolene 2.5 wt semi-synthetic (their best) with a 130 mm air gap (fork tubes collapsed, no spring). Dive is much less but more controlled now. Little less of a hit on the small sharp bumps too.
  8. Burnt starter relay connector: cause or consequence?

    Ah Ha, the red wire in the starter relay cover melting problem. I think this is endemic to all the gens of the VFR. SO, after studying the wiring diagram, I ran the red wire strait to the battery with an in-line fuse holder. (completely disconnect it from the starter relay) I've never read about/seen this done in all the years of dialog on the VFR electrical problems. It's been working great for about 3 years/12000 miles now. This is, of course in addition to hard wiring the 3 stator wires, direct to frame ground and direct positive to battery from the R/R.
  9. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    . The part number is HA-00The one on the right has the same amount of pleats and looks to be the same size as the k&n I have for my 4th gen. Hmmmm...What's old is new?
  10. I am back! With UFO 99 VFR800

    Fancy seat. Could shorten the can a bit. Defiantly a keeper, somebody know what they wanted and built it. Hell of a find.
  11. So I might have done a thing......

    Very cool Rob, SP1 or SP2? Friend of mine just had his stolen, was in a store at the mall less than 15 minutes-figures somebody targeted him because he just got done doing a nice refresh to it.
  12. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Your Gabe is a welding wizard-some of the nicest work I've ever seen. I'd leave it the way it is-nice contrast.
  13. Tyga Vfr800 Headers

    Man, that's some aerospace quality work there, and I've been in the Shuttle (in the good old days....sigh).
  14. 4th Gen Dyno charts/results

    CRRC46 is right-that is very rich. Seeings' how you're at sea level (or close compared to me) I'll bet somebody has been in the carbs. Mine still have the Phillips/8mm hex screws in them and I had to go in and put the jetting back to stock to get it to run right. I'm running stock style filter, high mount Staintune w/big spud and (Dutchy's right-plug the hole) NO airbox mods. On the 4th Gens the snorkel is important for cutting the turbulance of the intake air. I tried removing it and it really hurt my low and mid-range response. I've never dynoed mine but it'll pull like a freight train to redline and I average 45 mpg. (at 5500 ft. elev.) Also check and see if anybody raised the needles. I know dyno time ain't cheap but IF YOU CAN just change one thing at time-so you know where to go back to if it doesn't work.
  15. Splitting the carbs (!)

    Thanks Gordon, I've sync'd 'em on the bike several times with a Morgan Carbtune-great piece of gear. I will definitely do the bench sync before they go back on. So how brittle were your fuel tubes? I found some stainless replacements that they are very ($) proud of. Do you have any recommendations for a parts source? It's 60+ degrees here this week and it kills me not to be able to ride. - Tim