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  1. 4th gen battery DOA?

    How old is the battery? It can show a 'surface' charge of over 12 volts (which is enough to start the bike) BUT if its just a surface charge the 2/3 seconds of cranking will be enough to flatten it. Charge it up as far as it will go then take it to an AUTOZONE or some place that can test it. They can tell you if its still good. ...or not.
  2. Chain Mileage

    I commute-lube once a week, clean once a month.
  3. Any Fried Stators Yet?

    When I took long trips with my 4th gen I carried a spare! I still do.
  4. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Custer is twice the distance from my house. 2 day ride there. "But Honey, I don't pick where they hold these, I just go." I voted for Custer. PS: I know that's nothing milage for some of you guys, but it's the time off that is a killer for me.
  5. My 1995 VFR750F is surging & backfiring.

    It's the carb(s)-clogged idle jet, the one that doesn't come out. I use a piece of .012 guitar string to clean them out-works every time. Nice looking 4th gen.
  6. New to me 95

    Even with all the work..STEAL!
  7. 4th gen tidy up

    PM sent-about exactly how you moved the switch. Thanks in advance!
  8. SumSum 4 Scouting Trip

    Pretty hot up there about now-but still cooler than down here. Almost 4 weeks of close to 100 degrees. Wherever you pick Tony, I'm sure it'll be great.
  9. I weigh #145 w/ gear and have the stock springs. When I replaced my fork fluid I went with Silkolene 2.5 wt semi-synthetic (their best) with a 130 mm air gap (fork tubes collapsed, no spring). Dive is much less but more controlled now. Little less of a hit on the small sharp bumps too.
  10. Burnt starter relay connector: cause or consequence?

    Ah Ha, the red wire in the starter relay cover melting problem. I think this is endemic to all the gens of the VFR. SO, after studying the wiring diagram, I ran the red wire strait to the battery with an in-line fuse holder. (completely disconnect it from the starter relay) I've never read about/seen this done in all the years of dialog on the VFR electrical problems. It's been working great for about 3 years/12000 miles now. This is, of course in addition to hard wiring the 3 stator wires, direct to frame ground and direct positive to battery from the R/R.
  11. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    . The part number is HA-00The one on the right has the same amount of pleats and looks to be the same size as the k&n I have for my 4th gen. Hmmmm...What's old is new?
  12. I am back! With UFO 99 VFR800

    Fancy seat. Could shorten the can a bit. Defiantly a keeper, somebody know what they wanted and built it. Hell of a find.
  13. So I might have done a thing......

    Very cool Rob, SP1 or SP2? Friend of mine just had his stolen, was in a store at the mall less than 15 minutes-figures somebody targeted him because he just got done doing a nice refresh to it.
  14. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Your Gabe is a welding wizard-some of the nicest work I've ever seen. I'd leave it the way it is-nice contrast.
  15. Tyga Vfr800 Headers

    Man, that's some aerospace quality work there, and I've been in the Shuttle (in the good old days....sigh).

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