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  1. Official TEXASMAC 2012 Event Thread, May 17th-20th

    Shannon and I are out for TMAC. I had surgery on my shoulder and I'm still 6-7 weeks away from riding. I dragged my feet as long as I could hoping I would be ready and we could make it. But it's now time to call it. We hope you all have a great time! Ride Safe! Hopefully we can make it another time.
  2. Honda add

    "Video not found or access denied"??? In the top right corner make sure HD is off then it should work.
  3. Kilimanjaro jacket

    I have the Kathmandu Jacket witch is very similar and love it. I wear a cool vest under it in the summer down here in the valley and am comfortable for hrs. I find the coat very roomy with excellent movement I'm six foot with a 52 inch chest. an I have an XL. plus I love that it zip's to my mess pants.
  4. Any GoPro experts???

    I like to film in F5 mode an 8gb memory card and the Batt run out about the same time. 2Hr. GoPro is coming out with a new 3D case but it requires 2 GoPro's or you can make your own mount with the two cameras side by side. I use Magix software for my editing because one it's user friendly and two you can burn your video's in every 3D format. Here is a lap at Inde Motorsports Ranch in AZ this was my first 3D video and the settings are off just a little so you get just a little shadowing but you'll get the Idea plus a little haze that I'll clean up next time. So If you have a pair of these-put them on. I also like putting the GoPro in Camera mode you get so cool Photo's, I still need to do this at a trackday.
  5. What's wrong w/ this picture?

    And it's crooked.....maybe thats a good thing. :biggrin: I love it though! :fing02:
  6. New helmet

    I would swear a guy was selling those helmets at Laguna-Seca 2 years ago I really liked it and the price wasn't bad but I had just bought a new NH Arai, He was out of SoCal and said they had only been in the US a few months...with the econ going down hill maybe he didn't make it. Why don't email them and ask? info@airoh.com a review from 2007: http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-helmet/airoh-tr1/
  7. bikes

  8. 2010-11-08_14-50-06_466.jpg

    From the album bikes

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  9. 2010-11-08_14-32-31_38.jpg

    From the album bikes

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  10. 2010-11-08_14-50-25_273.jpg

    From the album bikes

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  11. Mick Hoy Around the World Journey

    Loving the trip report. If you get to Phoenix, AZ we have a spare bedroom and I'm sure we can make room in the garage for the VFR next to ours and some good roads to ride. Plus I brew my own beer and always have a few on tap. :fing02: Just give me a yell if you need anything ride safe. Mark
  12. Photo1 (2).jpg

    Hey I know that road and that bike! :cheerleader:
  13. gas tank camera mount....whats good?

    I use one of these and love it. http://www.sportbikecam.com/home.php I all so run with a GoProHD mounted on the side of the bike with the suction cup and have had zero issues.
  14. Ain't technology great?

    Looks like an April Fools joke to me! :rolleyes:
  15. 954RR

    Pics of my 954RR