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  1. Hybrid Exhaust

    I have a few cans that could work. I have some R1 leo Vince carbon cans with adapter sleep early to fit
  2. Hola I'm not sure if this has been covered but in looking into shock options for the 97 I rescued recently (see above 7 page sticky marked F4i conversion) I stumbled on a potential donor shock. There are enough similarities between the vfr 750 and the Aprilia Futura to make a leap into purchasing this cheap alternative. The most notable that caught my eye was the length of the 2 shocks, the shock mounts (both use an eye to eye) and the weights of the 2 bikes. Not to mention the engine performance and the fact they are both using single sided swing arms (makes me feel less dirty of mixing the two countries of origin). In my research I stumbled on a Penske from a reputable seller on eBay. He had it listed for 375 shipped. A quick call to the number I found on a background photo and he came down to 349 shipped. More to come on this experiment but I wanted to kick off this rescue thread with something for everyone. http://r.ebay.com/VxzEOp Up next... 07 CBR 600rr front end with 25mm ohlins cartridges. Top triple custom made to make up for fork length difference. Clip ons with risers. Koso GP gauge. 04-05 1000rr bodywork. Custom rearsets mounting plates for vortex rearsets. Tires, this bike has had bald tires for years!
  3. Looking for the builders (Marty or Nick) of the bike from the sticky above. I have a few questions before I buy it from the current owner.
  4. Im buying this bike and looking for Marty or Nicks number to confirm a few things with the current owner.