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  1. This one or that one ?

    That artist is quite talented. Personally I like the top one. I would not mind that hanging in my office or my work space in the garage.
  2. If you are price sensitive about tire prices the Pilot Road 2 has taken me through all the worst weather and never caused any traction issues. They tend to be cheaper than the PR-3 and PR-4. They also last me around 10,000 miles. I've used many sets over the last six years.
  3. 030917vfr.JPG

    Nice looking unique color combination. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  4. Picture Thread

    +1. Esp. pipes.
  5. Picture Thread

    Just WOW!
  6. Lost the Love

    While my family is afraid of mc and my riding one, I am living an Allman Brothers Band song: Nobody Left To Run With Anymore. At age 68 I've lost two riding pals, one to cancer and another to a stroke. Luckily, PairOfAces is still available and willing to do some occasional weekend days with. But being retired and still addicted riding weekdays are solo outings. As Phillis Diller said "Getting old is not for sissies. For me it's all about pain management and tolerance.
  7. Why Do You Ride

    Well said!
  8. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I sure hope you can make it MotorMike. You are a fabulous wingman. The HD rental is a joke but I''m not sure I'm capable of riding one of those big beasts.
  9. FallRide Pics

    I just want to say thanks to y'all for the peek at your party. I am quite sorry I did not make it. It may be trite but "Next Year!"
  10. FallRide Pics

  11. My 5th Gen

    That's fabulous. Looks great in white.
  12. Eddie's corner.jpg

    +1 Nice pipes.
  13. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Thanks Belfry. Those are funny. The guy in the fur looks like he just rode through a herd of 'um. I wonder if Bambi's mom propositioned him. I like the one with the Gatling guns mounted.
  14. Why Do You Ride

    T Thank you Samuelx! That is fabulous. Inspirational. I ride for the adrenaline. In the moment focus. G forces and scaring myself. Seeing the country and sharing in a community. And that's just for starters.