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  1. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Thanks Cogs. It will be great to reunite the swell brothers. I'm hoping to drag a couple more viffers along. The arm twisting has begun.
  2. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I cannot find the name of the accommodations. Any help?
  3. This outfit sells this stuff at a discount: Motostorm s.r.l. via Leopardi 14 47833 Morciano di Romagna (RN) ITALY Tel. 335 6027769 www.motostorm.it - info@motostorm.it I have a new set of PL257 on the way. One got bent while performing as a frame slider. Still works but it looks a little crooked and I've lost a couple of the bag mounting bungs. GiviUSA has been very helpful when replacing parts and hardware also.
  4. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    I also particularly like the HRC Gear Driven Cams decal. I am considering something like that for my rear cowl. I think this machine is the best looking (and probably the best performing) VFR I've seen. Fabulous Work. I'd consider looking you up just to see and hear this machine if I'm ever in you hood. And you've got one of the best hoods in the country. You are one lucky dood.
  5. TMAC 2018 - INFO

  6. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Just WOW!
  7. That machine definitly needs a SubSpeeds Clear Cluch Cover. HA! After all it is ment to minic a Ducati on a VFR and yours is not visible. Is that not a sin?!
  8. 1991 VFR750 Bremerton.jpg

    A beautiful machine and a fabulous picture. You obvioulsy have great taste in mc's.
  9. Rear Wheel Lug Nuts - Source?

    I really like the look of your wheel. First of all, I like the black lugs. And I'd like to know where you got the hub center VFR cover.
  10. vibration-proof grips

    This thought triggered another idea. Every one of my fifth gens (5) has needed steering head bearings. When loose or worn out (Honda used cheaper ball bearings) it some times mimics a cupped front tire, i.e. vibration. My first fifth was originally diagnosed by the dealer's service tech with cupped tires; when I replaced them the problem was still there. That's when he showed me how to check that. While on the center stand he had me press down on the pillion seat to raise the front wheel into the air. He then slowly turned the front back and forth. He said there is a "notch" in the center of the movement that I could also feel. The solution was installing All Balls tapered rolling bearings. Issue cured. Five times. One bike exhibited the problem at 28,000 miles (such a youngster!). On my first it happened near 80,000 miles. Once again, good luck t.i.n.s.
  11. vibration-proof grips

    No on the non-oem grips. Two of my fifth gens came with some aftermarket grips, two layers with red underneath and black with cut-out so the red showed through. I sold the first machine with them. Then a subsequent fifth had the same grips that were very worn out. Since my first fifth gen's oem grips were still unworn at 105,000 miles when a deer KIA'd it I've stuck with oem since. No complaints with them, luckly. Hope you can find something that works. Numb hands are a pain in the.... wrist.
  12. 2010 bike won't start

    I've had a bank angle sensor go bad on my fifth gen. That would be my guess.
  13. vibration-proof grips

    Back in the old days of 1969 I bought a set of grips that had lateral sections of gell making the grips semi-squishie. I've not seen anything like them but then I have not been looking. Have you determined that you have no wrist issues like carpal tunnel syndrome? I had CTS and the same symptoms. The numbness was no longer an issue after surgery which I understand is much easier since I had mine done eight years ago. Good luck.
  14. Trying to find touch-up paint

    (Being infamous for my memory) I believe I have bought OEM paint (code R-157 for 2001 VFR 2 oz.) from PaintScratch dot com. Incline Village, NV 89451 (775) 831-9493. At the same time I bought primer and clear coat that had their name on the bottles. (Being a champion procrastinator I've yet to use them.) Good luck.
  15. She's (it's?) a beaut. Take care and have fun, in that order. ;)