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  1. Hog tie 5.5

    I'm hoping to arrive earlier in the week and tenting.
  2. New to me 2000 VFR 800

    Welcome to the asylum. A great looking machine you've got there. You obviously have great taste in mc's. And red is the fastest color.
  3. It looks okay in a minimalist way. And it does identify the machine. However, I do love the stock decals. Were it my decision I'd try to find some originals.
  4. RC36I achterwiel 003.jpg

    She sure is a beaut!
  5. And I just love the smell of napalm in the morning.
  6. I've noticed an unwelcome smell when idling in traffic and my 2001 fifth has oem engine and exhaust. I feely a little guilty for those nearby. But I'm a tree hugger from way back. A former fifth came with aftermarket exhause and a Power Commander. Fuel mileage improved by ~10% when I removed them. However the off-idle snatch was back. It was nice how smooth all across the rpm spectrum the throttle was with the PC.
  7. I'd imagine RANDCAP would be the melted puddle! Being conditioned to the occasional below 0F temps, I'm quite sure my brain could not function at thows temps. Especially in a helmet! We here Up North can add clothes and heated gear. I'm pretty sure I could not take my skin off in those temps, although I'd probably want to. :)
  8. No power, wont jump start

    No lights? Tell us what sort of machine you've got.
  9. Class Reunion

    Fabulous quiver you've got there my friend. I'm sure they enjoyed their time in the daylight. Solve your time issues and get some Riding in!
  10. Which One?

    Congrats! You obviously have great taste in mc's. I have loved all five of my fifth gens.
  11. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    According to Motorcycle Consumer News, which publishes certain top 10 statistics for mc's, fifth gen VFRs are tied for sixth place of all procuction mc's in braking from 60mph: 108.something feet. I'd like to see the same test performed by a similarly skilled rider on a ABS-equiped VFR800. From what I've observed of other ABS-equiped mc's, I'd say they do not stop as fast. This is of course on dry pavement and, probably, under ideal circumstances. In adverse conditions, I'd expect ABS to be a big improvement.
  12. IMG_0410.JPG

    A bright shiny machine in a dull landscape.
  13. Riding quotes

    We still love you mate. :)
  14. Hello from England

    Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's. And red is the fastest color.
  15. Hog tie 5.5

    Especially looking forward to seeing you and your new machines VcFR.