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  1. Riding it out in Canada like a Boss...
  2. Sorry boys, between work and Hardly Strictly 17, this boy is Bay bound. Roll On!
  3. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    And when it's too damn hot to just pass through. Do as the locals and start a Sierra loop first! Bring your swim ware boys and girls...
  4. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Who's Next...shout out to Noel
  5. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Allow me to expand on the Butte pic
  6. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Gad Damn it. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for keeping us in line, B. (what wedding?)
  7. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Straps on an ST & T-case on a RVT. That's a first!
  8. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Noel, if you need to ride the sofa for bit I'm sure some of us will pull the DB killers and help you out...
  9. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Taco Bell...walking distance 🤢
  10. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Booked a room for the Penn./ So.Bay contingent at Super 8 Auburn, near 80 & 49. Super 8 Auburn CA 140 E Hillcrest Dr, Auburn, CA 95603 US 844-813-8752 Sat is a work day for me but will meet you guys Sat pm. Looking forward to it. Post any changes. Thx!
  11. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    #DropBox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ok4hvu1jpmd2v3c/AACS3UIuinXLcDaWjdSn0x5xa?dl=0
  12. Sw-Motech Alu-Rack Topcase Adapter Plate Failed!

    I never felt right about those T-screws and also learned a few weeks ago that they're not engineered for the long haul. Was mounted about 1 year. My 6th Gen O.E. Box/rack had several years mounted without issue. All 3 screws sheared the T's leaving the Givi to bounce down the road like a beach ball. F'd it up. If I keep the rack, straight threaded bolts may replace those sketch Screws. The screws are not lost because they're trapped between the plate and the Box after they let go. My concern of a rigid mount is stress cracks to the box anchor points. Twisted Throttle did offer discounted replacements. Contemplating options.
  13. Assen 2017

    Play it again, Valle.
  14. Barber Motorsports Museum

    Must be this one, has a signature on it but out of reach to touch. There's a better Res. On the link above along with...
  15. Barber Motorsports Museum

    Think I have potential avatars for years! I was fixated on the collection. My better half was fixated on the 3-4 groups of Porsche schools rides running the course out back, on the other side of those windows. She wants some of that...