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  1. Maybe. Are you that close to using up all that wattage? You can always install a voltmeter to make sure you aren't draining the battery when geared up.
  2. Anybody do track days?

    Cyber Monday 25% off sale. Paid $300 instead of the $390 for two days . Didn't have to pick which days either, can be used any day I pick. Problem is that they are only running weekdays again this year, so will only be able to do a couple days there anyways. I'll have to search around for weekend days elsewhere. And if you were like me and didn't want to take your VFR to the track and risk throwing it down the road, there are some smoking deals for track bikes on WERA forums. Think I saw someone trying to sell a fully set up '08 CBR600 for $2200 or something ridiculously cheap. Deals to be had out there.
  3. IIRC, the 6th gen had around 230W to spare for accessories. Not sure about 8th gen, but wouldn't expect it to change that much.
  4. Looks like Friday for me. Leaving for Chicago on Saturday sometime, so probably won't be around for saturday morning. I'll try and leave work early, but normally I get off at 4pm. I thought they were normally open until 10, but maybe I remember wrong.
  5. Nice clean install on the controller. Did you try the heater out? Report on the quality of heating? The hugger looks decent. The paint seems to match well. Assuming it's plastic.
  6. Anybody do track days?

    Did a 2-day at Mid-Ohio for my first track day experience. Absolute blast. Great track, great instructors, and mostly good weather. Ran into some fellow Croatians from Toronto and they let me into their garage. First day was learning the F2 and the track. Second day felt pretty good and was able to go a bit faster every lap. Later did a day at Grattan with STT. Not sure I'd recommend them unless you are high intermediate or advanced. It's pretty much a free-for-all at all levels. Didn't gel with the track as easy as Mid-Ohio, but it was super hot and greasy. Spend part of the day stuck in a really slow group, then spent the rest of the day trying to learn the track with slow progress. Bought a few track days at Mid-Ohio when they were on discount for christmas. Can't wait.
  7. Alternative Motorcycle Transportation

    was pretty sure I posted this already, but I guess not. Not your 40mpg, but pretty sure it would still win in a drag race with the trailer attached.
  8. @Urbanengineer Where are you coming from? Looks like Friday night/Saturday morning.
  9. Let me know when you're in town and what day you plan to be there. The Cleveland show is decent. I shifted the main reason for going from seeing bikes to shopping for gear. Last few years almost all of the helmet mfgs have been there with a full line up, offering pretty nice discounts (33% off). No race leathers yet, but I'll be looking for a fresh pair of boots and gloves. Honda, Ducati, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW are typically there represented by the MFGs. Everyone else is dealers bringing in bikes if they even have a presence.
  10. Audi has done good things for Ducati in terms of reliability. But I would hardly compare having the R/r go bad the same level of unreliability as finicky electronics that will leave you stranded or high-maintenance valves. Then again, nothing like the murmors I hear about the MV F3 675, which people recommend changing valve springs every 2k if you are doing track or agressive street riding.
  11. Maybe. Usually decide that weekend. What's bringing you out this way?
  12. New to me today

    Outside of bike-thieving heavy areas, this works really great. Heavy car with a honkin big, heavy engine helps keeps the front wheels planted when moving two bikes. 27mpg (US gallon). (Mostly because Y2KVFR maintains his trailer).
  13. New to me today

    Just change the concept from 'project bike' to 'abused bike shelter' and all of a sudden things are ok! Looks pretty good. Check those fluids and filters, and let her rip
  14. I had oil coming out of the exhaust on a VF500C. There was a hole in the piston and busted valves, so oil free to flow out. That is highly unlike with the VFR750, but I would do a compression test to make sure things are ok.

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