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  1. What to bring

    This guy is pretty enlightening about motorcycle travel. He travels the world on his XT660. He does a whole series on the subject. And his pronunciation is entertaining as well.
  2. Should I have buyers remorse?

    There is always some fluffy selling points to make this years offering sound as though now is the time to buy. I have owned a 86 VFR700 98 VFR800 and replaced that with a 99 VFR800. There is a very good case to be made that early 5th gens are the best but to be honest they are all great bikes.
  3. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Thing of beauty. Did the F2 mod to my 86 VFR700 back in the day. I never corrected the geometry completely like you did. I lusted after a RWB CBR900r another riding buddy had so really appreciate the body work mod you did. Brilliant work. See avitar photo for reference. I ended up selling my 86 to a friend and bought a 98 VFR800. I thought it interesting that 86 and 98 are the same numbers when you turn them upside down.
  4. Buy it Back??

    It does fulfill the missions the Tuono is less competent at. If you can get it in the $4k range do it.
  5. New badge for VFRCAPT Bob

    Damn. Some good people over there. Seems to be the way of social media.
  6. New badge for VFRCAPT Bob

    PM being sent. My tires are a squared off mess from all work and very little play. Need to ride. BTW. What happened with OCMoto.com. I can't connect with that forum anymore. Did they retire it?
  7. New badge for VFRCAPT Bob

    My wife is sort of responsible. We were looking at "what ifs" in personal plates on the DMV web sight for her new to come electric vehicle Chevy e Bolt. When we saw it was available she said i had to get it.
  8. Who steals a VFR? I think just riding a 99 Honda VFR800 is a good enough theft deterrent for me. I think all the disc locks do is increase my chances of a tip over. Twice to date. May be a personal problem true but the likelihood goes way up if you put that little thing on your disc then after a long days work you gear up and load up the bike and anticipate that moment of clutch release and the ride home but ..errch! bam!. Disc lock strikes again.
  9. 98-2001 5th gen Rearset adapters - Sebspeed Customs

    I am really impressed with the Driven rear sets on my FZ1. They also make a set for CBR954. I will think on it and get back.
  10. Monster No Longer in my Dreams

    Yep. I spent some time on Craigslist looking at some Italian sportbikes yesterday. Tempting. My FZ1 may finished.
  11. Monster No Longer in my Dreams

    I think you are going to have a lot of fun with her. Peter Egan said all real motorcyclist know red black and white are the only three proper colors for a motorcycle. You should go visit a ducati monster forum and see what mirror work best with it. I think most of us old timer VFR guys are closet Ducatiste's. The newer 18,000 mile valve tune goes a long way to justify the switch. Wind protection and crash protection would be my two first mods. With your body weight the stock suspension should be great. That second swing arm holding the plate and sigals will have to go.
  12. Is it part 21 oil seal? If so it is just a matter of pulling the old one out and pressing new one in. Not sure if there is a c clip securing the seal or not. I have done them before. Just be careful with installing the new one. Wet it w oil and put some plastic wrap over any parts of the shaft that might tear the new seal. Also make sure you install it in the right orientation. A shop manual is helpful for definitive answers.
  13. Will look in my shop manual tonight after work. I have a 5th gen and had a 2nd gen as well. Need to make sure we are on the same page .
  14. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    I have a work day scheduled for that day that may be cancelled. If so I will be going.
  15. If you are using the centerstand while working on it you can establish the oil level in the sight glass and extrapolate the oil level to the other side. There will be some residual in the gear shifter housing I take it you just changed the oil with some fancy expensive synthetic brand and are not want to waste it. I think you can do it without changing the oil if that's what you want to do. In fact on the centerstand and normal oil level you may just get some residual. Remember to put cellophane plastic wrap over the splines on the gear shifter shaft before installing the new seal to protect it from chaffing and damaging it. Honestly you can probably leave the gearshift cover in place and just use some picks to pull the old seal out. Good luck to you.

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