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  1. Made it home safe and soaked Sunday afternoon. Really enjoyed my first TexasMac and meeting everyone. Big thanks to the everyone who showed me the roads! Hope to make it to future events. Greg
  2. Dunlop started $40 visa rebate. Good from 3/15/16-4/30/16. http://www.dunlopmotorcycletires.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/16D_40SpringRebate_final_r1.jpg
  3. I just re-keyed my Givi bags, so I have keys and cylinders around. PM if interested and I can see if I can help.
  4. I have the TCX AirTech GTX and love them. My feet get hot, and they do a good job of keeping them cool. Have yet to test out the waterproofness of them, but with them being GTX, I'm not too worried. They are comfortable for me to walk in short term, but have not worn them all day off the bike. Usually pack a pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots to go with the activities that I'm planning. I have worn them on some all day riding without problem. These are my first pair of TCX, I've had them for about two years and so far with quality, I would buy another pair of TCX.
  5. I have a set of these and heated grips that help my hands in the cold weather. They can rest on the brakes, so keep an eye out for that. But we'll with the laughter I get when I break them out. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/26201/i/parts-unlimited-snow-paws?WT.ac=SLIsearch
  6. I have a Mountainsmith tent that works well. Folds up small enought to fit in top case, good quality tent. Imo. Amazon has them in stock. Also, don't forget a ground cover. They have lots of compact sleeping bags for good prices, but have not got one yet. http://mountainsmith.com/index.php/morrison-2.html
  7. Also check out bikebandit.com. They just gave me a coupon code for 15% off. bikebandit is the code. Should be good for about 5 more days from what I remember them telling me. Good Luck!
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