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  1. VF400F resto-mod

    Thanks for the rotor info, I need to check what I have. I have the 18" rear from a NC30 if you're interested in a swap of some kind. Interesting Yoshimura made cams for this bike.
  2. VF400F resto-mod

    I had considered going that route as I have the same wheel and swingarm. I found the exhaust I am using so saving those for another project. Interested to see how you do the exhaust. Looks like a very interesting project.
  3. VF400F resto-mod

    What is the diameter? I may be interested.
  4. VF400F resto-mod

    Not much new. The bike came with two lower cowls, both broken. Luckily the plastic is of the thermoplastic type so I was able to use a soldering iron to weld pieces together to make one cowl. I took the opportunity to make it look a bit more molded to the Hindle exhaust by adding and shaping plastic.
  5. VF400F resto-mod

    Thanks. I may take you up on the triples. Haven't located front end yet. Original forks are 35mm. Always open to new ideas.
  6. VF400F resto-mod

    Probably a set of VF500F forks. I'll rework them I spose; lose the TRAC, emulators maybe, etc.
  7. VF400F resto-mod

    The slightly bigger boomerangs from a Euro VF500F2 yes. Not the NS400R/VF wheels.
  8. VF400F resto-mod

    The CB1000's should be the correct diameter although they won't fit the Comstar as is. The calipers shown also hit the spokes. I haven't revisited this setup but plan to. I hear you regarding needing another project!
  9. VF400F resto-mod

    Here is a link to a Japanese site regarding this. http://www.geocities.jp/ponsuke1jp/sub25.htm
  10. VF400F resto-mod

    Found it:
  11. VF400F resto-mod

    David Matthews boomerangs on his CB1100F. Not stock hardware:
  12. VF400F resto-mod

    That's a good read.
  13. VF400F resto-mod

    I'll see if I can find the links. Probably saved to one of the computers. Interesting about widening the R rear. Been thinking about this for years. Just haven't done it or had it done. See above post. Yep i I think the 400 should be a good time.
  14. VF400F resto-mod

    Now that's a little scary. Comstars by themselves shouldn't be Moving around. At least I don't think they should. What do you think was the cause? Yep, I did a test fit on a set of CB1000F forks with swing away axle clamps. I would like to use that set up on a VF1000R build I've been thinking of for years; 17" Comstars with the rear widened to 5.5". Powdercoat the sliders fighting red. Leave the clamps silver. Those 43mm tubes are nice and beefy and no TRAC. Nice and subtle. As far as the nuts and bolts, why not paint them silver? I'll be doing the rivets that way if/when I have them powdercoated. It doubles the price if I have them masked and coated separate from the black. And I can paint a few rivets convincingly.
  15. VF400F resto-mod

    Thanks. Lots to do.