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  1. Ya, darn! While retro-cool and all, if I keep the stock inboards I have to replace at least the rear rotor as I'm sure it's warped. Im thinking the 500F2 wheels would give me the mini retro-racer-hotrod look I'm thinking. Plus dual front discs are a plus. I like effective brakes. You can push further if you can stop. Gotta get it up and running/riding before all that though.
  2. While I'm not ruling that option out 100%, I've done similar a couple times. A great solution performance-wise. I set these aside years ago with the plan for a 500 Interceptor, just add whatever front end I felt like at the time. I don't think I will use them on the little 400 and only show them as ideas I've considered. I want to do something different.
  3. Thanks for the link. I might take you up on that. I have a thought that involves VF500F2 black boomerangs. We didn't get them here.
  4. Hello Tyy. What tires are you using? And what sizes? thanks for your thoughts. I haven't decided which direction to go as above. Been a touch busy tonight putting the motor in the 400 chassis. Looks like I can move forward. Don't mind the filth as I needed to do a proof of concept fit.
  5. No hate here. I actually like the stock wheels. Definitely a cool retro thing, inboard discs included. I just haven't decided the end result yet. And there's something about a 16"/18" combo that I kind of like.
  6. Terry thanks for confirming the brakes. I'm pretty sure the rear rotor is warped. Cool pics of your bikes.
  7. I'm going back and forth on that. Would be good to have the dual discs, not loving the TRAC. Also, I've got a set of 17" NS/VF1000 Comstars that may find a new life with this project.
  8. The inboard discs are probably not Hondas greatest achievement. They tried to ventilate as much as possible but I imagine heat still gets trapped. The rear on this bike is warped. Probably corrode pretty easily tucked in like the are also. I have some ideas though. On the little Magna the V is upright more like the Interceptors, there is no shaft drive but a chain driving the rear wheel and the motor spins the correct direction. Should be a pretty straightforward swap as the 500 is pretty much a bored out 400.
  9. Magna motor in the VF400. Then get rid of the rest of the Magna. The motor is essentially a 500 Interceptor motor but cams and carbs tuned for more midrange. Transmission should be a bit different with slightly wider ratios the first three then closer the last three. Then the fun begins. I am torn between keeping the stock wheels and something a bit different.
  10. Just got to read through this thread from start to now. All I can say is that is the coolest! (And how do I get a copy of that exhaust without going to Devon?)
  11. Long time since I've been here. Drove a bit Saturday to pick up this VF400F rolling chassis and this non-running V30 Magna. I spent Sunday going through the Magna to get it running. We didn't get the VF400F here in the US so it's a bit of a rarity. This one is titled and I went to the DMV today to get the title in my name so I know there's nothing wrong there. The owner claimed it was _the_ VF400F used in this Cycle Guide magazine. I don't know about that but I do know I have an interesting project on my hands...
  12. A little late but we did a thread regarding putting a R motor in a F frame a couple years back. I still have the freshly modified and powder coated F frame wrapped in an old sheet waiting for one of my R motors.
  13. Should trim those mounting tabs off along with the frame mounts for the rear passenger pegs. But yes, looks like a 1000R with 750 bodywork. First year R with the narrower heads.
  14. Hello Ascalon. I dont use CBR600 wheels but close relatives although wider in the rear on most. At the moment I have Michelin Pilots, Michelin Power Pures, Continental Motions and Michelin Road 4`s. The Road 4`s are the same size probably as what you are considering (3.5" x 17" and 4.5" x 17") and they are on my modified V65 Sabre which is my heaviest bike. I am very pleasantly surprised by these tires. I have heard good things about the Road Smarts but I have never tried them myself.