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    I will let you know when it's done, but to all the VFR fans, there is not much left i'm afraid; only the original crankcases and heads are from a 1998 vfr800, pretty much all the internals are my own design
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    Been working on this deal for about a year and a half. 86 VF1000R, 50K miles. The previous owner lives about a half block from me. It is a well maintained daily commuter bike that runs perfect. $800. And here's why... Crashed on the freeway (I-5). Not sure how fast but the story sounded like it was in some traffic. A clutch master cylinder and left foot peg and bracket and it is ridable. It has braided lines all around. There were 86 VFR750 mirrors that he had painted red just to be different. It actually looked pretty cool. No idea how the right mirror broke in the crash. It needs tires and fork seals (and new front pads). Not sure what my plan is. Think I'm gonna get the essentials taken care of and ride it in the rain for a bit. But some ebay parts, new fork seals and pads, and 2 tires is gonna be a few dollars. I recently sold a complete piece of shit 1974 MR50 for $500, so that helped pay for a good portion of the purchase price. Oh and he had an extra front Comstar.
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    I thought I was the only one! Just chalked it up to my browser though (Vivaldi) Perfect example is that I can "like" Cogswell's post but there is no option for Sweeper's post.
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    And some more... had to go to canberra for work... and back... About 740km each way via the princes highway and monary highway (there is a quicker way via the Hume that is 670km - but that is a lot more boring) Trip there was a bit wet... Which also included a short delay due to a B double crash Then there was canberra itself - our capital. Then there was the trip home.
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    Just some pictures what vacuum can do to your tank. Pictures show the marks on the breather hose where it was bend. And the dent and deform tank. The dealer replaced my tank under warranty. Your tank will for sure deform and get dents before first fillup if vacuum hose is bend, the fuel pump will do the job. As Grum already tells, first thing to check after service is the vacuum hose, it's very important.
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    Thankyou all. Yes this is what some may have heard of as the Parkes938. I have raced it for the previous 3 years in the isle of man. I managed to qualify 16th in the superbike race in the wet one year but dry results have failed to perform (it's still wild to ride). It makes 152hp now but the chassis is a work in progress (it's my own linkage, steering and suspension design on the front) and the rate of acceleration is still far behind that of the top guys. I have followed Michael Dunlop and co (very briefly); the rate of acceleration of their superbikes leaves me wondering if I had hit the kill switch! The engine has had to go through extensive modification to take the power (there is more available with different ports) I did all the machining myself but it has taken much trial and error. Fundamentally the thermal efficiency of the vfr are the limiting factor. A revised casting with alternative thicknesses and coolant passages is really needed but maybe a bit over the top. The aerodynamics were an interesting learning curve. Particularly the centre of pressure, beware of that beasty! 180mph was completely uncontrollable in a straight line with my first set of fairings. Cooling was another challenge, 6 water pump designs and serious ducting to the 3 radiators later I have it under control; only just! I'll have to work on that website as there's lots of interesting things that I'm sure would interest a lot of people. Everyone who has seen me race it has been very interested to see whats underneath too.
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    Pilot Road 4's. Not the GT. Otherwise, Pirelli Angel GT's.
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    Ok, thanks I will aim to finish the website and publish details to such forums as you mentioned. I am looking to focus on the specialist smaller quantity items. The exhausts take weeks to make by hand so they do not lend well to mass manufacture. Also I am not too keen on making simple 4-1 systems just to make some money. I like to focus on the more artistic systems. The website will be mainly focused on the bike itself and tracking the project working towards riding at the TT. I have been racing it on smaller road races in Ireland and the isle of man to iron out the problems (which there are many) It is my own chassis, double wishbone front end. All bodywork, tank, electrics, throttle bodies all made by me. It's making 152hp now with peak power at 13,800 but still a long way to go before being competitive against new machinery.
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    I built that exhaust up a few years ago now. I race a vfr800 in the UK. It is running an long stroke 360 crank now and a different exhaust to suit. I might sell that one in the picture if someone is interested. I can make another one out of 0.9mm stainless or 1mm titanium though. The ideal sizes I have calculated are available in stainless but there is a compromise in titanium which is not good. That VFR exhaust was on tuned engine and I designed it to suit the cams which takes the revs to 14K so it may not suit a road bike. The VFR engine made a good 142hp with that exhaust but as I mentioned, it may well turn a road bike very sluggish
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    I guess it had to happen eventually... Anyway, the damage: Destroyed headlight Destroyed front mudguard Minor scrapes on left side crash protectors Damaged screen (due to front fairing flex) Cracks/splitting around side fairing at top (very minor) At the scene: Inside of front fairing: Repairs: I used a two-part bond - A powder and a glue. Also used some mesh to keep the powder in place and provide a little scaffold to help keep it all together. Did the same with the replacement mudguard as it had some cracks in the usual places around the mounting points. Fixed the split headlight mount point with some gel glue as it's pretty good for filling gaps and build-up a surface. Added the duct tape on each side as i'd noticed some rub marks from wiring, so figured this would maybe help slow that down. Still missing the hatch cover below the headlight.. Oh well. Damage to screen: The lack of tabs on both sides made the screen angle up at the bottom. Good thing i still have my MRA screen knocking about! Replacement headlight - Got it for £200! Bargain (they tend to go for about £250-£300, and are rarely in such good condition. All done! What crash? Unless you look very closely, you can't see much of anything, let alone any hard evidence of a crash. Just some bits which look like scratches or old cracks. Nothing unusual for a bike of this age and mileage. Could have been worse! Seems like i took most of the impact and had the bike on top of me slightly. No damage to the side, and i've only had some slight aches for the last couple of days which are pretty much gone now. Not even a bruise. Work took about 2 hours with extra time in there waiting for adhesive and paint to dry, and the headlight to arrive.
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    Came across your posts on exhaust and thought you might all like to see one of these for a 98 vfr800
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    From the album Wandering by moto

    Hwy 126 Deckers road CO
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    When reading threads, I find that some posts are missing the "heart" icon to like the post. It seems to be random - some threads have just a few that can be liked, while other threads have most of them that can be liked. Is that a common occurrence - and is there something I'm missing or a setting I need to change? TIA
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    I was born in Taiwan, I grew up where 2-wheel vehicles outnumber cars. Since the age of 4 or 5, my older sister have been carrying me on her 50cc scooter, with my other older sister. At the age of 15, I came to the US. When I turned 16, I pedaled across the continental US on a Huffy 10-speed with local YMCA group of 9 teenagers with 2 adults. That was before time of cell phones, nowadays I doubt any parents would allow such trip with their teens. I started motorcycling when I was stationed in Germany, I rode a 83 Kawasaki from the coast of Belgium to the coast of Black Sea in Romania, through war-torn countries and places without roads. My second deployment was in Kuwait & Iraq, I didn't get to ride around much other than beat up bicycles & scooters near the bases. Even during times of war I needed to get my 2-wheel fix, probably not the smartest thing I've done. Returning to the US took some adjustment, I never felt comfortable driving cars, but riding a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle I had no problem. Something to do with operating within close proximity of cars keeps me alert and distract me from the bad stuff. I've been riding in US for nearly 20 years, done some track days, but never quite catch the bug after replacing 6-sets of tires in one season; probably better for my wallet. I like seeing the world on 2-wheel.. on a bicycle or scooter is a slower pace, allows me to meet people and relate to them in a different way than driving a car or visiting as a tourist. On a motorcycle I travel far more distance in shorter time, but still retain some of the "earthy" feel when you meet new people. On 2-wheel is where I find my peace, clears my head and make everything alright.
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    "When you have a hammer, everything is a nail. When you have a welder, everything is whatever the f@#k you want it to be"
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    Just a couple of photos from last week's ride down through south eastern victoria here... Arthur's Seat, Inverloch etc.
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    The pilot road 4 is a pretty amazing tire. Also look at the road smart 3. I have no experience with it, but they used the pr4 as a benchmark and the reviews are good. The rs3 is also a little cheaper. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Have any 8th Gen owners had any problems with a vacuum forming in the fuel tank, or have any of you heard of one? I have 2 friends here in the UK who have both had issues, to the extent that the tank has deformed and the paint has cracked. Both bikes are out of warranty and Honda seem to be avoiding any liability, though one of my friends has had a £200 goodwill gesture paid (replacement tank is over £700). Honda still have not ascertained the cause but one of my friends is actively investigating why a vacuum should be building up. There is a Youtube video here showing the tank moving as the vacuum is released -
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    I guess there was a guy taking photos when I was out on the track at the Ridge motorsports park
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    I've started to build a RS850 replica from a VF750F chassis and using a VFR750 RC24 engine. I've replaced the front end with one from a Triumph T595, using this one as it's one of the largest right way up fork set up with full suspension adjustment, I had to extend the steering stem but the bearings are the same size, I'm also having a new top yoke made with a step down to give more fork length. Installed CBR600 front wheel, disc's etc and made some brackets to install a set of 4 pot Nissin's, using Brembo master cylinders for both the brake and clutch. I've installed the RC24 engine (due to the RC15 engine being shot) with a little frame mod, I had to remake some engine mounting bracket and still have to make the rear one, I'll probably wait untill I've sorted the exhaust out. Tack welded some bracing in around the head stock, started to make up some brackets for the the coils , ECU etc. I've cut and welded some brackets for the rearsets. At the rear I plan to replace the rear shock with a new adjustable one, I've installed the CBR600 rear wheel and have started to make up the bracket to hold the rear Brembo caliper. I'm hoping to be collecting some copies of genuine RS850 body work over the next few weeks, but have only just started to look out for a fuel tank as I don't like the look of the standard VF one and the VFR one doesn't fit very well. I will try and post updates if anybody is interested in the build.
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    Loved that section of 28! Layout is sweet regardless of surface. If it has been resurfaced then I would suggest it is one of the must ride roads in the smokies.
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    I had a daddy-daughter day with my nearly 19 year old girl today. We drove down to Huntsville, AL and spent the day the Space Center. It was probably the last time I'll ever spend a full 12 hour day with her. That's not what's amazing. I saw two, yes two VFR's on the trip. One was red and parked beside a house somewhere along the way. The other was in the parking lot of the Space Center. A white 3rd gen, no less! VFR.D member?
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    From the album my trips

    Heading inland from the coast across San Juan estuary at Port Renfrew.
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    I'd suggest the dealer should be checking it if I'm honest.
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    Parts of 28 closer to Franklin have gotten poorly done surface treatment lately. Parts haven't. Was there in the cage recently. The parts that haven't are in shameful condition. North Carolina gives out enough speeding tickets to pay for this road resurfacing. Bottom line, I don't much care. There are much better places to stay than Franklin. All politicians should be banished above the Arctic Circle, and we should start over again with new crooks.
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    I just bought the Basic 8th Gen. from Glen Burnie Motorsports in MD. They have them advertised on Cycle Trader now for $6K. Might give you some bargaining power for your local dealer. It's about to be a 4 year old bike! I'm transitioning from a Gen. 6 and I couldn't be happier. I've been a motorcyclist for over 35 years and never had ABS so I don't really miss it. Never had heated grips or traction control either so also not that important. The center stand used to a cheap $60 upgrade but the kit was discontinued but I was able to piece one together but ran over $150! I was originally looking at the new Ducati SuperSport but my practical side caught a hold of me and I saved 10K on a VFR that will last the rest of my life! Hitting the Tail of the Dragon this weekend and will report!
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    Put baby in the corner and don't feel guilty about it. I felt guilty when I had 2 bikes sitting, but with one bike it doesn't bother me. I'm ok with 2-3 trips per year and an occasional day ride. If you're staying active, don't worry about which hobby is being neglected. On the reverse side, I just went 16 months without riding in the mountains and went on the Fall VFRD ride. I rode like crap. I want to regain the feel and confidence again, so the itch is a little stronger.
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    I finally got her back on the road. I added some R6 grips, woodcraft bar end sliders, R&G frame sliders, a black bike bolt kit, a zero gravity double bubble, and led headlights. Now, when I have time, I need to give her a bath.
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    My wife and I have done that many times. It started a couple of years ago when after a weekend away my wife told my kids that we got to 200kmh, my oldest was horrified and said to her later "do you realize that if you two have a bad accident you will be leaving the three of us parentless". She's never been on the bike since. So now a few times a year we go away with family in the car, and I ride. We don't stick together as I mostly take the long way, but we have meeting points for brakes, lunch or coffee. We then spend the holiday together, except for a couple of escapes by me to some windy part of the country for a few hours. I just love riding too much to give it away.
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    You ride solo, wife follows in car with kid. They carry luggage. Maybe extra gear for short MC rides 2 up wherever you are going on vacation. This could work. First, TLC the bike, put on your gear, and go. I bet you will rekindle the MC love pretty quick, because it is effing great to ride.
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    Damn, in my hurry to be witty I forgot the "likable" ! Sent from my phone. Please forgive brevity and spelling.
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    I don't think there are any must do mods just whatever you need to make it suit your needs. Getting the suspension upgraded is probably the most universally praised upgrade and also if it still has the OEM tires, switching to a better tire when those wear out to something like a Michelin PR4 or Dunlop Roadsmart 3.
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    Custer is my choice, about the same distance for us. Always looking to see new things. Ultimately, no matter where it is held, it'll be great to see the northern group again. I can't vote on my phone so I'll log in tonight when I get home and cast my ballot. Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
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    Ah OK - sorry, just realised that came across as snotty, that wasn't the intention. So...it's as follows Brembo goldlines are just a make and model of caliper - they were used universally across multiple bikes and came in two flavours: single pin fixing: pads are retained by a single pin and the mounting holes are 40mm apart (these are what are on my bike) double pin fixing: pads are retained by two pins, the mounting points are 65mm apart. My calipers in particular came off a moto guzzi california (97-00, 2001 onwards went with the bigger spacing): They also come off early Ducati Monsters (1993 til 1996 - in 1997 they went to the bigger 65mm spacing mounting): Ducati 900SS (1990 which has the black calipers through to 1997, in 1998 they went with the bigger 65mm spacing): The calipers you want, look like this. Note the small spacing between the mounting points and the bleed and banjo mounting points are in line with each other: The later ones (the ones you DON'T want) look like this. Note the much larger mounting spacing and the banjo/bleed mounting points are right next to each other: I'm assuming you know what a master cylinder is, but just in case (really not trying to be patronising, just wanna save you the effort of finding out!) - it's basically what the brake lever attaches to. Smaller sizes = more brake lever travel but much less effort to get hard braking. Larger sizes = less brake lever travel but more effort required to brake hard - it's more of an on/off feeling. Bigger is NOT better, regardless of what a plethora of clueless types will tell you :) There's a calculation that can be done to work out the ratio between the master cylinder and the slave cylinder (i.e. the calipers pistons) and with an axial master cylinder...you want about 17:1 to get a nice amount of lever travel and braking feel. Hope this helps!
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    I ride for many reasons, therapy, as in just getting away. For the challenge, especially on the track. Doing a "perfect lap" is difficult, doing several in a row, is even more difficult! I ride for the solitude, to tune out the problems in the world, and focus on riding. i ride for the friends, some of the best people that I have met have come from this forum. Those are just a few of the reasons why I ride.
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    Here are my two steeds. I use the BMW the most as it is just a brilliant bike although when I ride the Viffer it does well and brings a big smile to my face. I bought it as a winter bike but don't like getting it dirty. I ride about 9000+ per year and get to Europe twice a year this was to Gap to ride the cols in the Alps with 26 other Old Gits. I was born 1940 and have been riding on and off since 1958.
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    Got it balanced beautifully thanks to your help, Terry. I was amazed how much that one-way valve had thrown off cylinder 2. Thanks again, Stray
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    Some pics of the 7 row oil cooler. I think i have the over heating sorted. I've commuted on it for the last couple of days. Stop start/heavy traffic, 105-110C. Free flowing, 95*C. But when it got hot, it dropped back to 100 pretty quick once it was open road again. Since i wanted an open road/back road blaster, and occassional trackdays, i reckon i'm good.
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    Just realized I hit 40 Hondas with this one.
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    And some from Yesterday's ride up into NSW via Echuca. Photos from Murray River in Echuca, and the next couple from Tocumwal.
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    Same here, went for a Demo Ride on the new Ducati Supersport when it came out, they are awesome, but boy are those expensive! So took the same practical decision as you. Looked up something that was similar to the Supersport and it reminded me of the 8th gen VFR that I totally forgot about and ended up finding one for almost 1/3rd of the price of the Supersport.
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    After months of procrastination, I finally took the time to install both. Total time from start to finish including setup and clean up was 2 hours: Removed Fairings Marked area to be drilled using supplied marking tool (picture of old/new rod attached) Drilled Fairings - pic shows SMALL fairing hole. Determined location was good and continued drilling to 28mm Lined up and tightened frame sliders While I had it opened up - I had to order and put in the quick sifter (rationalization to the wifey :)): Pic of old set up vs anticipated new set up. Of note, the shifter now comes from the rear vs the front. Ran the wiring around the specified paths as indicated in the instructions utilizing all clips Notice BLUE dummy clip in the photo - release blue dummy clip and connect quick shifter there. Put her back together. The gear indicator wouldn't register for about 2 minutes, freaked me out until the bike finally allowed me to turn it on at which time it registered the gears. I haven't ridden it just yet - but i'm waiting to see how she performs. Thought this may help some people out there. Removed Fairings on both sides: Old bar Old bar vs new R&G frame slider bar with spacers and sliders Drilled a hole small enough for the bar to go through. Removed fairing again and drilled to 28mm Installed and R&G logo end caps installed: Sliders installed: Blue dummy cap where QS gets installed QS vs Standard shifter before installation