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    James Hillier today at the TT. Respect indeed
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    Mount Panorama NSW
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    Did my first "real" tour with the VFR last week, spending four days doing passes in the Dolomites. The VFR does it all - getting there, doing some serious riding in the mountains and getting home comfortably. The bike would benefit from a slightly shorter gearing, but that is about it. Sports touring in perfection, imho.
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    Just back from a great ride to Bright and Mount Beauty in North East Victoria. Some fabulous roads and scenery. From now onwards snow and very cold, frosty, foggy weather starts to settle in. Fantastic place for riding in early Autumn. Cheers
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    From the album My Life With A Honda Interceptor

    A little Photoshop lens blur for enhanced awesomeness!
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    Picked up my first ever brand new 0 mileage bike. Shoot first new anything for me. I put on a little over 100 miles and it's a blast. The low end power seems much different from my 5th gen I had. Also the Vtec caught me off guard the first time but I'm getting use to it. Overall the first day and ride have been a complete success. Thanks to those who shared their insight about the 8th gen!
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    Turns out airbox is stock with heat wrap. Even has snorkel in place. Ak-20 Axxion cartridges in forks. Penski is 8987 and steering damper is not yet identified. Wverything is ultra plush right now. I need to set up suspension more to my liking.
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    From the album Spring 17

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    From the album Ark 2013 March

    C14 chasing Vfr1200
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    Celebrated the win. Remembered the loss.
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    I ride to work every chance I get , I just can't get enough of this bike. I think it has alot to due with the mistake of buying the honda CTX1300 , I got to the point I dreaded riding it and when it was totaled I was happy to find something more me. And the VFR800 is ME. Not slow , not too fast , not heavy, sounds great with a nice pipe. Makes power down low. I get looks from little HS girls on the way home who can't see my grey hair under the helmet LOL . Just a blast to ride. Can't wait to head to Top of the Rockies rally in Peonia CO next month.
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    From the album Roebling

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    RC replica on track!! I've finished guys
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    Thanks for the help guys! I got a temporary solution to get me home!
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    It will be "awesome"!!!
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    Thanks for the shout-out, Greg, and great video! I'll overlook your mispronunciation of "EnZED Cam" - Kiwi born and raised, Australian-adopted and soon to be married to (though I'm working hard on converting my fiancée to being an All Blacks fan... rumour has it such an outcome may require her to surrender her Australian passport! ) Weight-wise, the 8th-Gen feels much more lively than the 6th-Gen I owned previously (dropping the twin under-tail exhausts will do that, given the 10kg saved right there), and I don't remember the 5th-Gen being as easy to ride.. As fun, yes, but not as easy. Is it as nimble and bat-shit crazy as a Hypersports class? No. But show me a Hypersports bike that you can ride all day, two-up, or do a 4-day tour on, or commute to work every single day on. Such a unicorn does not exist. Boris from BikeMeTV nailed it when he said that the RC79 was "the incarnation of the YouJayEm;- Universal Japanese Motorcycle... It does most things brilliantly, everything really well, and nothing at all badly." VFR-800, bitches! For the faithful, there is no substitute.
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    Here's a vid and some pics of my tail tidy. No need to make fun of my chicken strips - I've already been told I ride like a pussy about a million times
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    Teaching classes and instructors since the 80's.... Nothing has changed, still about 70% front and 30% rear.... Obviously varies between bikes, sport bikes 90/10, cruisers 70/30, and others in between. Stopping too fast, really ? and which has better control (feel), a hand and fingers or a foot in a boot...... More schools are actually teaching trail braking as well, which has no back brake involved once lean is initiated... This is why Cruisers are over 1/2 of the fatalities in the last 5-6 years. Most do not know how to stop. "Had to lockem up", "Locked er up and slid it out", so much stupid shit.... She should be retrained or fired... probably teaches for Harley-Davidson Riders Academy, not an MSF school..... Either way she is doing her students a huge and dangerous disservice.
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    I sold my RC51 and bought an amazingly modified 99 VFR. I am hoping to learn about the build and need help identifying the builder. The seller was not the builder but a friend of his in Laguna Hills CA More pictures to follow. I plan on keeping the bike as it has 18k miles and every mod I could ever want to do. Here are the list of mods which are said to have removed 70lbs from the stock weight. Full Brembo brake system front and rear Attack adjustable triple clamps. Converti bars Marchesinni wheels said to be HRC issue HRC single nut spindle/axel Penski rear shock Traxion Dynamic cartridges in forks reb adjustable Two bros full exhaust system or at least aftermarket SS headers with hi mount SS 2 bros slipon. Dynojet PCV PC quick shifter. Speedohealer and Kriss head and brake light strobe. Clear double bubble wind screen. Ignition key switch replaced by 2 toggle switches to start. The fuel tank is mounted high in the front which may indicate an airbox modification. I see temperature foil tape on the airbox. (Have not opened it up yet) Not bragging yet as i have a lot to learn about this bike a d am hoping one of you can help me find the build thread for it. Oh and I am so STOKED to be on a VFR again.
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    Don't make a simple task complicated, the best thing about tapered roller bearings is they can have more play than standard roller bearings & not overly move due to the seating tapered profile. It's due to this you should only ever hand tighten the top locking rings & only torque the triple clamp nut. What is most important is to remove top triple & re tighten lower locking rings after a few rides just in case the bearing shells you installed had some extra movement to seat correctly. Also don't spare the grease work it into those tapered rollers before install.
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    Took a little ride up by Mount Adams. I love the PNW when the weather is nice.
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    and both have been turning motorcyclists into mechanics since their respective inceptions?
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    Trust in mechanics or dealers notwithstanding, the Akro is a more than decent pipe, and in some countries the Akro is what Honda themselves sell as an upgrade option. As such, one of the things the extra coin buys you is the certifications that tell the police to bugger off if they're tempted to cite you for noise or an illicit muffler. Not a bad thing to have in some places. YMMV, of course. And preferences for appearance will always be subjective. Personally I could never understand what VFR owners saw in Staintune cans.
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    Just take a look at the pic of your bike. Huge brakes at the front, tiny brake at the back. Whaddaya you reckon?
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    Yeah, I miss her. Walked into the dealership the other day and saw her on the floor. Kinda felt like walking into a bar and seeing your ex dancing on the pole while a bunch of dudes try to grab her seat......
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    Thank you for all your help @auggius @Marooncobra @MadScientist @TheDutchy @CandyRedRC46 @Auspanglish @thtanner *fingers crossed* the bike seems to be charging now. I put on the roadstercycle mosfet RR. shows a constant 14.3 and ran for about hour half and no issues. The headlight issue was just the bulb, not sure why my good bulb didn't work when I switched plugs previously but I pulled everything apart and checked wiring, adapters etc and all seem good. Going to get a new headlight soon.
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    That connector is a known trouble spot on the 5G. What happens is the plug gets wet and the terminals start to corrode. The corrosion causes the resistance through the connector to increase, which causes heat and starts to melt the body of the connector and/or the insulation on the wires. Preventative maintenance (cleaning the corrosion, adding dielectric grease) can prevent this happening as quickly, but a more permanent fix is to cut the connector out (you need to replace yours anyway!) and solder the wires together, finish off with heat shrink. It doesn't matter which yellow wires are joined across the gap when you do this, they are all the same. As suggested above, it would pay to go through the other connectors on the bike and clean and grease them. Pay particular attention to the battery connections and earthing points. Many of us have fitted a voltmeter (preferably wired directly across the battery terminals and powered through a fused relay) to keep an eye out for the signs of charging system failures. Basically the system consists of the AC alternator which connects via the three yellow wires to the rectifier/regulator (R/R). This rectifies the AC to DC and regulates the voltage going to the battery, and should put out around 14-15V. The melting connector that you have can short the alternator wiring and cause one or more phase to fail. The R/R can fail in two ways, it stops charging (so voltmeter starts reading low) or it stops regulating correctly and over-charges the battery (voltmeter goes high). If you ever smell a cooked battery (sulfury-egg odour) then a faulty R/R has probably caused this. The R/R by design will get pretty hot (hence the fins) as it does it's regulating thing, and eventually the heat will cause the components to fail. There are different types of R/R called MOSFETs that run cooler and last longer, if you need to replace the OEM part. The last significant charging system failure would be an ageing battery, in my experience these often lose their ability to start the bike hot, and early signs are the digital clock resetting when you start the bike.
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    Let me know as these goodies progressively arrive, folks. I'm always thrilled to see photos of bikes with them fitted! Cheers - Cam
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    Glad to report that she has forgiven me my stupidity and gave me a wonderful ride!! such a pretty lady....
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    I avoid "growing up" for that very reason! The general plan the next several months is work 1 week, ride one week, repeat. Not sure if anyone stopped at the cross site. Kimball and I went for a hike but I don't think we went far enough or it was obscured by vegetation. I saw it yesterday coming back from week number two of mountain fun and it still looks to be in great shape on passing glance.
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    Which is why I always recommend parking "nose-up." 1) Gravity keeps the side-stand in the locked position, and 2) When it's time to taxi, you've got the engine ready to power you up the incline. You don't want to be trying to push a bike backwards up an incline if you can avoid it; whether on or off the saddle, assisted or not, that's just asking for a driveway drop. (Users from the GoldWing forum might beg to differ, but we don't have their electric reverse gear! )
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    Whats going on everybody. I recently installed a DL10 Delkevic slip on exhaust onto my 2014 VFR800FD. It sounds absolutely amazing. I could not be any happier. Below is the link to the video I made for the install which has sound clips etc. Also I am starting a YouTube channel up so if you could subscribe that would be awesome too I really would appreciate it. My content will include my VFR, Guns, and shenanigans on my plated KTM dirt bike. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDwRQ4zhfl8
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    I have a degree in physics...scales work EXACTLY that way...the weight of the vehicle (be it 4 tires for an auto or two for a motorcycle or one for a unicycle) is supported at each point of contact with the ground. Example pickup trucks tend to have more weight on the front wheel, Volkswagon Bugs to the rear wheels. You can put a scale under each tire simultaneously or separately and add the values up--it is a scalar measurement (pardon the pun). They WILL equal the total weight of the vehicle. If the measurements are not equal there is a bias... If you have learned physics differently...please share how you were taught. Sincerely, Matthew Roth
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    I just paid - with the current exchange rate the 90.85 AUD worked out to $69.38 in US dollars INCLUDING shipping from the other side of the planet - great deal IMO! I can't wait to get it on my bike! Thanks again for creating these for us NZ - you da man!!!
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    Yes, year round and on stereotypical English country lanes!
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    Had fun the little time I was there Saturday. Paul (Marriedman) and I kept to ourselves mostly, but got some great riding in and a few good photos.
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    CB1000R 15 lbs, 10 ozVFR800 5 spoke (1998-2009) 13 lbs, 4.6 ozVFR750 8 spoke ('90-'93? something like that) 12 lbs, 11.8 ozI once had all three wheels and weighed them at my local post office on the same scale.
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    Well, wonder how the bike selection panned out. When you are sitting on a fastball and the guy on the mound flings one in towards your head that bends gently over the plate for strike three... To review the selection criterion for the new mount was a bike that would pair nicely with the HD that my uncle was taking to Alaska. This is his trip that he has been planning for several years. So, the bike that I would have purchased for myself for such an adventure was 60/40 the Triumph Explorer 1200 over the BMW GS. I loved the Triumph test ride and it seems that the transmission issues of the of the 2014-2015 models have been resolved in the 2017 release. Still don't get the warm fuzzies about some of the warranty issues I had read about from other Triumph owners when I consider what was ahead for this bike on this trip. My like affair with the big BMW is documented in this this thread on the test ride. I think the initial vague feel from the front on turn in would be soon forgotten and the bikes reputation and capabilities are as stellar as everything you have read on it. That being said, Tim (my uncle) last owned something other than a Harley when he sold his Triumph in 1978 (IIRC) and bought his first Harley. The outcome of my efforts to seduce him to an ST1300 were destined to fall as flat as North Korean missile test. So what's a guy to do? I swerved back to the tried and true Honda tent and tossed an F6B in the back of the Tundra for the ride home. The Honda dealer in Rockingham North Carolina (Sport Cycle) does a well enough job in accommodating out of town buyers. They buy Hondas in bulk and offer great pricing. I picked up the GL1800 F6B Deluxe for $16,498 plus TTL. List price is $21,500 or so. We only had one SNAFU, the bike that I reserved to pick up at noon on Wednesday was not out of the crate yet when I arrived at 1212...the sales guy (Keith) had confused the dates and had me down for a pick up a week later. We waited 3 hours for it to be assembled and stuffed in the back of the truck so we could head back to Maryville. I had initially hoped to pick it up and ride it down to SC to Tim's house so we could leave from the same place for the trip. That wouldn't work as there are many farkles that need to be added for a trip like this. I brought it back to Casa de Carver and starting farkling. Here are a few pictures of the stocker and then some of the upgrades as we added them. Pardon the mess, we just moved 3 homes into this one and the over flow is filling my garage. For this reason I sent the bike home with my "shop foreman" for a few days to install the Heli Bars. He refused to open the brake lines in this mess. Allow me to get a few more pics tomorrow to show the highway pegs, Heli bars and some others mods. I spoke to a moderator today and we are going to make sure that this is in the correct area of the forum and I will begin posting daily trip updates during our time on the road here. I know this is not a VFR but I call it my Honda-Davidson as it is the most Harley-esque bike that my favored brand makes and I think it pairs perfectly with Tim's new HD. Our official departure is next Wednesday June 7 from Clemson, SC. Stay tuned as I will give ride reports of the various farkles and gear as well as some of the stuff we will use for camping and documenting the trip.
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    I have a set made by T-Rex, with sidecase protectors i installed Piaa led fog lamp to the side protectors
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    The reason not to simply reverse DC polarity and thus reverse the direction of rotation of a fan blade is actually an aerodynamic one. The most important feature of most motorcycles' fanblades is their airfoil shape - the curve of the blade from leading edge to trailing edge. This curve achieves greater flow at a given rotation speed through Bernoulli effect. 'Lift' occurs with low pressure on the convex side of the blade and high pressure on the concave side. Rotating the fan in the opposite direction would actually reverse this gain in flow - even less lift than flat blades would be generated. Flat blades would function in a more Newtonian manner, like paddles rather than wings. It's not directly related to flow, but it is interesting to note that the angle of attack also varies from the hub to the outer 'tip' of the blades. This is because the blade's linear speed is slower at the hub. The blades have greater pitch or angle of attack at the hub than they do at the outer end of the blade in order for the entire fan to flow air at nearly the same rate across its area.
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    My addition from last week.
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    Nice bike. Ordering my panniers soon. What are those black things, one attached to each side of your fairing? Do you have the quickshifter and are you happy with it (would you buy it again)?