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    From the album Doug"s Bike

    My brother's 98 VFR in Yosemite December 2011
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    I'm stepping in to hopefully follow up the Texasmac legacy with an excellent ride occurring in Franklin around the same time this year. Look for a a new thread this weekend with the juicy details. Thanks again Kevin for all your hard work over the years. I doubt anything will ever top the legacy and the memories left from all your dedication to this forum and the ride itself. -PRB
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    From the album my VFRs

    My '91 VFR750 along Mill Bay, probably in 1994

    © Lorne Black

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    Spot on candyredrc46. hence why I will be spacing the heads around 2-3mm to bring comp down to a more sensible level. I will know the final target thickness once i measure head & piston volumes. I plan on getting some brackets water cut so I will do the head gaskets in copper at the same time. the 8th gens share the same intake cam but a different exhaust cam as the 6th gens, looking at the part numbers. makes you wonder if its worth a swap out. once I get some plans drafted up I will show you guys the intended design but basically the airbox will still take a flat panel airfilter. the throttle bodies are splayed out to accept the supercharger between them with lengthened intake runners by about 4 inches. heres a question - will spacing the injectors further away from the cylinders affect anything? i will do the velocity/ timing calcs to check. one could guess that at lower revs where there is vacuum that this may be of some effect, but at higher revs where there is boost pressure i cannot see this as an issue. thoughts ? all will live under the tank so that riding through the rain will not be a concern. I was originally intending on mounting it below and in front of the motor, but the idea of cold wet and muddy air put me off. I live in the tropics so Its very , um, tropical 😆 photos of the throttle bodies milled flat and the wee rotrex in all its glory
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    Well the TexasMac is now History! I decided not to put out the efforts to put another one together, maybe it will return on the 20th anniversary? If it continues this year or at all it will be put on by someone else and be just called the Tmac. I would like to at least reserve the name TexasMac for the last 13 years of events I put on for my own selfish reasons. I hate for this to die, but I just don't have it in me this year. Thanks again to everyone who ever helped in any way on past events and for every attendee! Thank you!
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    From the album Meet & Greet

    Starin' at the world through my...
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    Forum posts with broken pictures have been fixed, with a text replace in the database mysql query. 5000 something rows it said so thats a lot of broken pictures, did the same thing for blog entries..
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    So I am starting a VFR Project bike to keep me busy until the weather gets better so I can ride again. Though I do think I will still be working on this project even after it is riding season. I have found that trying to find actual specs either hard to come by, wrong or people throw their opinion into a thread that might have real info in there but has so many inaccuate infomation that the facts have become untrustworthy. One such fact was trying to find the weight of the VFR swingarm. I couldnt find any true hard facts on the actual weight but I read how heavy it is...some people even said it was twice the weight as a modern DSSA. Well I had the bike in pieces so why not find out...To be fair the VFR swingarm has stuff like the sprocket, cush drive, and brake disk attached to it so to get an actual comparison I weighed the complete swingarm, with wheel/tire, brake caliper and complete shock assembly. I just happen to have my swingarm off my 2011 CBR600RR...so I am using that as a comparison. The VFR has a BT023 tire on and the CBR has a Pilot Power 2CT. Both are pretty worn so no real advantage of new tire vs old tire. I know some will say I should have taken the tires off but in the real world you would have them on and I don't know about you but I do not go around with my scale and pick the lightest tire I can find when I get new ones. What was the outcome...well the VFR swingarm assembly was heavier no surprise... but not by the amount I was expecting. 2004 VFR swingarm/tire/shock - 67lbs 2011 CBR600RR swingarm/tire/shock - 59lbs That is 8 lbs!!! I was fully expecting over twice that... To me I will take the 8 pound penalty and keep the SSSA for no other reason besides they are cool. I figure I need to go on a diet anyway and can easily lose that much. I hope this helps people.
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    This replica is simply bike porn! From FB
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    176 days have past since that fateful day in August............ Man, it is GOOOOOOOOD to be back on a bike! And WHAT a bike it is.... (Yep, that is why they call it a shake-down run... the rear indicator bolt was not secure...) My familiar stomping ground.. Not exclusively mine though.. Hail to the Chief!!!
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    JZH, even if you do modify the fairing frame, these thicker forks will hit the fairing panels (underneath) so you'll have to shave a bit off there. I can't get full lock, but can turn the steering enough to make it have a turning circle of an old Ducati, say. It's OK - as long as I lean it well into every turn it's fine. I just have to make sure anybody that does ride the bike isn't lacking in confidence. Someday, when I have a bit more time I'll take it all apart again & cut and re-weld the fairing frame. For now it works as a lock stop of sorts. Also need to get around to making parts from an RC30 swing arm assembly and an RC45 wheel fit so I can fit an underslung Brembo rear caliper and get rid of the ugly cush drive of the VFR. No hurry though - these projects are best left till I find time. Another bike is beckoning my attention soon... Haven't ridden the VFR in about 2 months. Too damn cold outside and my Husky's side stand snapped off the other day just because I dared look at it. 2 months to get another new one, most likely. No regrets! A warm car is better till the spring.
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    Just picked up my 14 deluxe model this weekend traded in my 2014 triumph Daytona 675r. Can't wait for the weather to improve here and start putting some miles on the vfr.
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    From the album Escape to CO

    Last night of the trip, so let's gamble in Wendover!
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    Hello to all! This year we will be returning to the Microtel in Franklin NC for the 1st Spring Memorial Ride. (Formerly known as the Texasmac Memorial Ride) The dates are May 18-21 2017. Rates are as follows Thursday 75$, Friday and Saturday 85$, and Sunday 69$. Please note that unlike previous years, the hotel will not be holding a set number of rooms. As of this week there were 41 available. In order to get the special rate please make sure you identify yourself as a VFRD member! THE CUT OFF IS APRIL 19th! All I've worked out so far is the hotel. Please keep checking back as I do intend to set up an Eventbrite registration in order to allow folks to register and pay for shirts, food, and beer. Hope to see you all there!! -PRB
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    From the survey results of SUMSUM3 held in Montrose, CO, (2015), the location will be changing. This summer, I'll be heading out with my research & destroy partner, to scout out new potential locations for a "possible" SumSum4, slated for summer 2018. If you have interest in attending, suggestions for a location and/ or interest in helping out with the event, should it come to fruition, please chime in. If you have no idea what a SumSum is, I suggest you search the site as there are plenty of references and threads from other members.
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    I had a lot of fun at SS3 and am really looking forward to it again! The scenery was beautiful too. I haven't been a lot of places, so to get to see it on my bike, with my awesome hubby, and great friends makes it even better!
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    Looks like Lisa and I will be there. She mentioned it a few weeks ago before you posted this thread. Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
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    $100 is a absolute bargain. I bought a driven quick change rear sprocket centre/hub, and had extreme creations custom make a 45T 530 rear sprocket for me. I had a fairly new chain and front sprocket at the time. I'll drop down to a 520 when it come time to replace them. I dropped the wheel to ex creations to make an adapter set up like carro used to make, but as he had a spare vfr arm lying around, he figured out that the 1098 guts would be easier to transplant.
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    One "trick" I like to do for braided line is go to lowes and buy some quarter inch diameter tygon(plastic) tubing. Its cheap. Then route it like you would with new brake lines and then cut it. You can screw up a couple times before you get one right where you want it. Ez peazy...... Cost is around a whole $5. GL
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    Yes. I want to know more please. Never mind. Can't get used tot he way this new website works. I'm in. Will be booking the room today. See y'all there. And again, thanks Ben for keeping the tradition alive!
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    They didn't need much tire to work great. Don't get me wrong, I'll be building a 500 with CBR wheels at some point, but when you didn't know any better...
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    Hi guys. Well Ive blown my savings. spare 8th gen motor in the mail, plus a rotrex c15-60 is on my bench I am intending on nestling the supercharger in the vee of the motor, splitting the throttle bodies further apart, and driving off the alternator side so I dont need to molest the fairings. following the same philosophy as the 6th gen mounting arrangement doesnt work as well due to the radiators being in front of the engine. I really wish A&A was still around as I would have just gone straight to the source, But Im asking for those of you that have had some experience with the kits in this to please lend me a hand. a few questions in relation to the 6th gen kit. did the original map sensor get used ? was any pressure related corrections sent to the power commander? does anyone have a 6th gen map they could pm me as a starting point? do we know what fuel pump was used in the kit? thats probably enough for now. As you saw by my hand made exhaust, i can work out all the mechanicals easy. just need a hand with the sensors etc if you all wouldnt mind. should be a fun build! by the time its all done I will have one well opened up 8th gen!
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    Yup, the Delkevic. I had one on my CBR and have them on both of my Viffers. Love them. Here you go:
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    Even though the name will change, we won't forget. I suggest that we all make it practice to slip in the clutch and give a V4 salute as we pass the cross site. This event has fostered so many friendships and memories for so many of us. What a legacy. Thank you Kevin.
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    That tan line on your cover needs to go... you should let me put a window in it :D
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    Started rebuilding bike, frame and swingarm powder coated, engine painted and forks stripped and rebuilt, carb rebuild done with new jets and needles to accommodate exhaust, wheels painted...the list goes on...oh and it's snowing outside
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    Just. Do. It. "This piece just ties the room together" Thanks Seb!
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    Maybe yes, opinions differ I guess. I would have tie-wrapped them, but then again I tie wrap everything.... Like a vurhurgin, shiney and new But, as our mommies taught us, true beauty sits within....
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    68 in March and going strong. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Very happy in early 2017, I received a gift, is the sixth generation of 25 anniversary edition, ED version, don't know if edition is Honda limited release version, now I have two edition at the same time (and a 50 anniversary edition in 1998) is the fifth generation, with VFRD friends together to share the joy! This is the sixth generation from China's yunnan VFR800 female knight
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    I noticed that the full motorcycle.com review by Troy Siahaan which popped up on their site yesterday says "Perhaps its nearest Japanese analog is the VFR800 Interceptor, which was dropped from American Honda’s lineup in 2015." Link: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/ducati/2017-ducati-supersport-review.html I also thought it was ironic that the same publication (in a review by Evans Brasfield) gave the EXACT SAME SCORE of 86.5% when they reviewed the 8th gen 3 years ago! Link: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/honda/2014-honda-interceptor-review-first-ride.html Mr. Brasfield noted in his later long term review that : "In the 1,100 miles I’ve logged on the Interceptor, I’ve become even more fond of it than I was at the introduction. " Link: http://www.motorcycle.com/features/living-interceptor.html It will be interesting to see if they feel the same way about the new Ducati after a long term test.
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    Hi Guys yes I know, Jibbles you tight bastard, just fork out for the honda OEM quickshifter... 😆 I was going to buy the honda one but after hearing a few peoples complaints about the change in foot position to avoid the shifter I figured I would try do my own. excuse the 5 minute workmanship, but i didnt have much hope for it. A stainless bolt with a hole through the end, tig a little bracket onto one of the fairing brackets, add a 12 volt brake light switch and spring and walla! 10 dollar quickshifter. verdict - works really good. not happy with mr hondas delay times but I will live with it. if I can be bothered I will wire it into the power commander but for now its just fun banging up through the gears 😎
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    Digital Silver Metallic
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    Bad memory on my part--in my mind's eye your bike was a pristine 5th gen. Glad to hear you fixed her up. I've always believed bikes were made to be ridden, fixed when necessary, and ridden some more.
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    If you build it they will come. Marking my calendar now, pretty sure the Ducati can find its way out west again...
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    Unfortunately, no it's not. Could be any chaffed or shorting wire... hence my suggestion to vigorously wiggle various sections of the loom to try to actively provoke the fault and narrow it down. Could be loose connections, crappy Honda crimps where they conveniently (sic) join a new section of cable to the end of another to avoid wastage (there are crappy butt joints all through their wiring harnesses worldwide... but you still meet the nicest people on a Honda, at their wit's end with the electrical system but all the nicer for it.) It would be extremely rare for a product made by Josh to be faulty but he is after all only a Demi-god and may have been distracted by jelly donuts or some of the other varied, various and varyingly awesome pastriliscious consumables he and his amicable family members are prone to constantly be baking and torturing or teasing each other with on FB... and until now the issue has only raised its head with the VFRness installed. Could be a freak accident of that nature. Improbable but not impossible. Try to be methodical and only change one thing at a time or you won't know what it was with certainty. Try reading any related sections of the workshop manual for a process of elimination.
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    Feel 16 on and 100 after getting off after a long day.
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