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    From the album my trips

    In 1998 I jumped back to the VFR fold with this brand new VFR800. Resprayed wheels improve visual and a Yoshimura RS3 helps unleash the aural. Unfortunately this bike met an untimely end when it was stolen less than a year, and 25K km later.

    © Lorne Black

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    From the album my VFRs

    This totem is the Salish Bear pole at the summit of the Malahat highway near Victoria BC. It was carved in celebration of the 1966 centennary of the merger of colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The elevation is a modest 356 metres, or 1157 feet, above Saanich Inlet which can just be spied in the background.

    © Lorne Black

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    Spending a tax refund I haven't even received yet and then some, I pulled the trigger on a fine 2007 specimen today. In perfect condition, with only 19k miles and new rubber. All I have to do is reinstall the stock shock linkage and sidestand as the PO lowered it for his wife. I opted for the familiar to me 6th gen due to more predictable trouble free riding with this lightly used bike. I happy!
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    I know no one has been losing any sleep over my follow up to checking out the VFR this past week. But since I started this poll, I thought I'd provide an update. It took a week longer than anticipated but I was fortunate to pick up a new red 2014 Interceptor base from a Honda dealer in Wisconsin. $6,485, had them add a center stand, $7.300 out the door. (I'll pay tax separately in IL). At that price I couldn't pass it up. Check out Cedar Creek Motorsports - if you're in the market, no affiliation, etc etc. Good people to deal with, Ryan was the salesman I dealt with. I was happy I drove the two hours to take advantage of the price. Just a beautiful bike, Honda did an incredible job designing this thing. Much to learn about the VFR from the many knowledgeable people here. I'll continue to do a lot of reading. Thanks for all the responses.
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    From the album my trips

    Southbound on PCH, looking towards Point Sur. This after the last 2-smoke Grand prix at Laguna Seca in Sept. '94.

    © Lorne Black

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    I just bought my first VFR. What a magnificent bike. I'm awaiting a quickshifter to arrive then will start shopping for panniers and top box. Where is the best place to shop? I got the quickshifter from an online store in Germany. Shipped to Australia it was half price! $307 aud compared to $647 aud at local dealers. Previous to this I had a BMW S1000r that was an absolute lemon full of faults and problems. Back to Honda reliability I go.
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    Hello Guys! after reading the forum and getting some really good advices from the community i finally bought my bike!! the bike came with some goodies a Tecnik jacket and pants with boots and a black helmet. My wife is so happy since the owner of that bike was a woman :p its a 2009 with 7600 ish km i bought it for 7800 Canadian dollars
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    Wow. That's great. Tracked my white 2014 Viffer 800dlx too! Down at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington USA. Here's a few pics. Weather wasn't the best but running in the rain is good practice for smoother control inputs. Though counter intuitive to me at the time the instructors said to over inflate the street tires for the rain to open the treads which yield better grip. It worked!
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    So what's up 5th gen'ers........ Just wanted to say a lil thank you. I have lurked around this forum for a very long time gathering copious amounts of info that has allowed me to start, work on, fix, troubleshoot, and ultimately get on the road a project of mine that I have been working a very very very long time on. So, a big huge thanks to the forum and all those people that have helped me without even knowing it .......and to those that do know it :P here are a couple pics of how she sits now........still a long way to go and more changes to come....but ya get the idear
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    Well, the saga is almost over. I authorized my Credit Union to payoff a 2016 matte black 675R from a Private Seller. He's actually more than a private seller, I ride with him frequently, but he has decided to give up two wheels in favor of a hot little Mini Cooper. His loss. Bike only has 4,500 miles, and the previous owner doesn't ride wheelies or any other shenanigans. He also installed the Tanks Slapper protective film when the bike was new, and purchased the Maintenance package to 24,000 miles. He even installed a brand new Pirelli Super Corsa on the front this afternoon so, "I could go ride without spending anymore money on it." Anyway, everything should clear the banks this week, and I'll post pics when I get it home.
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    Testing my new drone and can confirm that the VFR is beautiful from the air :)
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    Hey All! Not sure what I can contribute here on this discussion other than building a full on custom exhaust for a VFR was the things nightmares are made of haha! That is my bike above and I did build the exhaust from scratch. This was my first exhaust build and I learned alot...particularly I learned not the build a V4 exhaust ever again. Mostly joking here, it was a blast to build. If you guys read the article on Burns site you read the issues I had with the first bends i bought...that set back back quite a bit. I did back purge all welds and used ZERO filler...just super tight fit ups and my TIG. I have a buddy of mine who welds stainless tubing for milk processing and they dont use filler either. If you have a good fit with no gaps its actually pretty easy. I used a racefit can from John..at racefit. Of course I had to chop it down even more. It does exit from the right still My VFR sounds like a caged animal! Its not everyones tastes, especially how loud it is but I love it. I went into this aiming to NOT loose any HP or Torque. I figured if I could at least get it as good as stock I would be in business. I was delighted to find I gained 10hp and 2.5ft/lbs of Torque! This bike has been a work in progress over the last 4 years but I think its done now...I think. Cheers!
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    Not beautiful like all these other amazing photos, but it turns out you can fit a VFR into a Honda Odyssey...
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    I can't take credit for taking this pic. Was too busy sloshing through the rain! Magoo
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    This is my favorite photo of the old girl, even though she doesn't look near her age. LOL
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    Just spotted this on FB; now I want one... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    "Has anyone heard about these guys" hahahaha DMR is the king of VFR suspensions. I'd go that route.
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    Spent about 12 hours cleaning, painting, scrubbing, polishing etc... Repainted header pipes Cleaned and restored the end can Repainted the forks Fully cleaned the front brake discs Serviced the brakes Repainted the stands Replaced loads of bolts with nice shiny high tensile marine-grade alternatives (front discs, rear sprocket etc...) LOTS of silicone and cleaning. And then it rained and snowed on the way home for exactly the amount of time it took from the shop to my house. Exactly. #britishsummer
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    I sold my 2005 VFR for the CRF1000L Africa Twin. Love the suspension, cushy ride and seating position. That being said I loved my VFR and after 90,000 kilometres never really found it that uncomfortable other than wind blast.
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    Whoa... no Sport Riders over the age of 50... I think of my riding as assertive not aggressive...
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    Ok, got it done this am. Went with a skinnier stripe. I think it looks much better.
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    lol, it must be different where you are. Most of the people that I have met at dealerships I wouldn't trust with an oil change much less anything more involved.
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    Finally an updated Magna...
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    So I was able to take a ride on the new SS yesterday. Although it wasn't a long or twisty ride, it was enough for me to get a decent feel for the bike. I'm not really going to compare it to the VFR other than it did feel like a bike one could ride all day without feeling tortured and it did feel rather lite and nimble. I really wish I could have taken it on a more appropriate test ride, i.e. Twisty roads and some length but alas not the case. One thing I will say, at low RPMs it did seem to make the bike feel like it was about to stall. However, once the RPMs hit 3.5-4k, the motor really kicked in and it felt more worthy. To add though, the electronics were set to "sport mode" so not sure if that was a big contributor or not but the salesman I spoke with was an older model SS owner like myself and admitted that the low end of this bike was lacking in comparison, so I'm thinking it's more the motor than the electronics setting. Probably should have played around with the settings. That being said, it will rev past 9k RPM, versus my era SS. There were a couple of things I like about the bike, one the lite feel and ease of taking a turn, particularly at slower speeds. Something I have a hard time with on my 95 SS. There's the saying. ?What a difference a year makes"...well this would be 22 years if compared to mine but ultimately that's where I'm coming from. When on the gas it did feel like a really strong motor with a decent amount of torque but with the stock exhaust, it really didn't quite have the "feeling" of being so. Maybe I'm spoiled with my Duc and VFRs having a bit more "growl" but ultimately I wasn't sold on the bike. Maybe it's sentimental but I honestly prefer my old SS over the new one. Although it's ultimately more refined and has a lot more advancements over my 95, there was just something missing for me. The dash, even though it has more to it, I kind like the old school dual dial tachometer & speedometer of ole versus the all in one LCD dash panel. I had no issues reading it in bright daylight BTW. Would I get one? Maybe, if I didn't have already have mine and was looking for an alternative to an inline 4 and/or wanted something a little different than a repli-racer or if I just wanted to dip my toe into the Ducati pool, this might be a good entry level Ducati sport bike. Ultimately, I won't be trading in my current SS for one nor give up either of my VFRs for one but I'm glad I rode it so now I wouldn't question it years down the road..."Why didn't I just test ride one?"
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    Comparing the Daytona to the VFR is like comparing walking shoes to track cleats. One is comfy and sporty enough; the other is purpose made for a specific task. That said, I'll try. The weight and geometry of the 675R make it more nimble than the VFR could ever hope to be. My braking and turn in points are all way off at this point. I've always liked the brakes on the 8th gen though, so I can't fault the VFR's brakes. The difference is mostly in perhaps a little better feel from the 675's Brembos, and the fact that the Brembos are tasked with slowing a machine that weighs over 100lbs less. Speaking of weight. I know a large contingency of VFR owners want the VFR to lose some weight. After riding the 675, I'm not sure that's the best idea. The wind, even slight, blows the little Triumph all over the road. It's acceptable for brief gusts while out riding the canyons, but if you had to fight that for hours on end of touring, it would get old fast. Where the VFR could use some help is in the power and suspension departments. Even an extra 25-30HP would be great. The fact that it doesn't come with a fully adjustable suspension is just unacceptable at this stage. I wouldn't even care about USD forks, if it came with a really good conventional setup. The Daytona has only slightly more power, but its suspension is world class compared to the VFR. The ergonomics are what they are. Surprisingly, the knee bend on the Triumph is about the same as on the VFR, but the bend at the waist, or crouch, is substantially more committed on the 675. The Daytona's saddle is awesome. No complaints there, I personally even favor it over the VFR's stock seat. However, the VFR is an all day bike, the Triumph is decidedly not so. If you ride 2up, your passenger will hate you and never ride with you again if you force them onto the 675. Not necessarily a bad thing. In short, the 675R is a scalpel and the VFR is a top of the line Leatherman. Pics (I'll see if I can get some better ones) https://goo.gl/photos/PtazG5uz9fTxJHEm8 https://goo.gl/photos/CfWA8jycRGVpsZu59
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    And in a Pontiac Montana!
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    I figured I have to own at least one Honda V4 before I throw in the towel.
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    From the album VFR Travels...

    Because you can't wash it and just put it back in the garage!

    © Daryl Dempsey

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    I went back and read your original post and this whole thread. I tried to find an example of a "highway cage"...what I've seen, and what I've found for sale from various sites are engine crash protection in a few forms. First, crash bars/bungs that most of us who ride on the street, on the track use or have seen used--I've had these on my 1998, and DO NOT have them on my 2000. Next, if you own a Harley, you see various forms of extensions or cages or highway bars you can add and yep they help in a tip over---keep your chrome shiny, not scratched. Someone posted the example of the Africa Twin (SWMotech) as example of crash bars for Adventure bikes--and are very common on adventure bikes. I've also seen various crash bar setups (guards and full cages) for folks who like to stunt or want the extra protection--that IS common and they are most common for supersports...but doing a search for crash protection cages it comes up MOST common for sites tailoring their business to stunters. I don't see a lot of supersport "cages" for supersport touring...or for VFR's...its NOT common for VFR's because they aren't a big draw for stunting, and because IMO "highway cages" aren't used by people sport-touring. They ARE used by stunters and ADV bikes quite a bit... Not sure why we are all "ignorant" on this...I've been around the block a few times on a bike, I love to learn about gear, and I have friends who ride Harleys, dirtbikes, stuntbikes, who race WERA so I see quite a bit... Maybe it's "termnology" that is keeping the understanding apart, but if I can see more "supersport highway cages" or even find a hit on a google search for "highway cage" when combined with motorcycle or supersport, well, i'm teachable...and not too hard headed. You asked if anyone had run them on a VFR (resounding NO so far--people have run crash bobbins/bungs) and what people think about them. It seems to me that some people think they'd be good for protecting the bike, some people think they are for stunters/stuntbikes, some people think they are ugly, some people think they would "hang up" and mess the bike up more than crash bungs...you asked for opinions--I see a lot of opinions. I hope more people chime in and share if they like them--or especially if they've tried a "full cage" or not...variety is the spice of life. BUT, just because someome calls them stunt-bars, doesn't make them "ignorant"...it makes them accurate IMO in this case. As for their opinion if they lke them or not, well you asked for it. Personally, I'd like them on an Africa Twin--or a DRZ even maybe, or 650 thumper ADV bike, but not on my VFR oro my trackday bike. My 2c... Matt
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    Well my 2016 8th gen was my 50th birthday present from my wife. My first VFR, but my 3rd Honda. You read correctly. It's the legendary, mythical, fabled WAMP! (Wife Approved Motorcycle Purchase)
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    mission accomplished, an even lighter clutch..
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    She starts and runs! Needs a full set up but the early signs are very positive. All of the bodywork is now quick release and I have to say I'm really happy with the overall look of it
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    Yep. This started off as a 5th gen build, then the 6th gen folks would like to see this. Being the engine for the most part is the same, it should fit an 8th gen less a couple re done bends there in front. Honda went back to the front radiator, so those tubes need a bit different bend. From there all the way out pretty much a 5th gen layout. You and a couple others have had a wish for a header, so while at this one. I have it to see what it's going to take to make that happen. Could be 2-3 months out, but it's in the pipe to figure out now that the go to VFR is the 8th gen. ;)
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    Great pics! Some suggestions to make your VFR look more sporty when parked next to your buddy's Ducati:1) Add a dark windscreen - I rode with VFR Dave this past weekend and he had a dark Puig and it made his white 8th gen significantly more sporty looking compared to mine. 2) Take some pics of your VFR parked with your buddy's bike at his chiropractor's office, that might make you feel better - but at your buddy's expense!3) You could also take some pics of your VFR parked next to his Ducati when his bike is up on a repair stand at the Ducati dealership - your VFR will suddenly look much more sporty - LOL. According to Consumer Reports, Ducati's reliability is nearly 3 x worse than Honda. Link: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/n...WantsFull=true
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    Salut sllik, ├ža va ? I love the B&W scheme on your VFR, but then I am somewhat biased as I also have one. In fact, our bikes' serial numbers are only 13 apart. I've only made four changes; 8-spoke off a 1990 VFR750, factory hard-bags, Leo Vince stainless exhaust, and an LSL handlebar kit. This pic shows all but the luggage
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    Is that what we're doing? Ok then:
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    Not a close up of my girl, but still my favorite. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    I took one out today. I was with a mate who took a Multistrada as well I'll copy my thoughts from another site It was fab HOWEVER the V-twin thing I don't get, lumpy as feck low down just like the V-strom. Sounds good, lots of popping on the overrun though not as deep and throaty as the VFR with the Remus. Not much in it power wise (113bhp for the Duc vs 104) but that power on the Duc is there from the off wheras the VFR is sedateish until you hit that VTEC. I thought I got the VTEC to kick in on the Duc but it was actually cutting out at the redline (NEVER BUY AN EX_DEMO BIKE) The more I rode it the more fun it was though Stuart(bless him) kept wandering off and getting lost so I had a great time trying to find him. Eventually I tracked him down at a charity shop in Waddington where we had a brew and swapped bikes. Unfortunately the Multi demo was gubbed, GOK what was wrong but no throttle response and wouldn't rev over 6k. Absolutely knacked but the handling was very good when it was moving so I see why John C Brown is so bloody hard to catch . I'd also say the Supersports handling was superb, on rails etc but then I wonder if some new tyres on the VFR might help even things up a tadScores on the doorsSexiness Duc 10 VFR 8Speediness Duc 10 VFR 8Soundtrack Duc 8 VFR 10Tank range (Yawn) Duc 150 VFR 200Comfort (wrists/bum/legroom) Duc 9 VFR 7 Handling Duc 10 VFR 7Price Duc howfeckingmuch?? VFR I suppose I'm paying for Honda qualityStuart dropped me at lunchtime as he had to go and pick his dentures up so I had a run with his mate Dave through Bowland (chasing him on his Monster 1200R) which made me think again that the VFR is a fine bike 3 modes on a 115bhp - why bother? I wacked it in sport and left it at thatQuickshifter /downshifter autoblipper? Not on the roads, pointless. \\\\\\\\\might be OK on a track but I found it awkward and jerky and defaulted to using the clutch. wish they'd left off the Quickshiter gubbins and put the Ohlins on the standard bike Oh, and te display is dull dull dull Would I buy one? In a heartbeat but it is not that much a better bike over the VFR. You only live once though. Better start the plan of nagging. I've got her captive on a plane for 8hrs next week.....
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    Just picked up a 2014 DLX on Friday, a similar sweet deal..rode 100 miles home in the pouring rain and still couldn't have been happier.
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    I'm in. Let me get a ride under me, and that sounds like a plan. Speaking of getting a ride, the insurance company surprised me today by not low-balling me. Their offer was very fair, so I can say now that Progressive Insurance treated me like a customer and not another number. Kudos to them. I'm working this weekend, but soon I will be back on two wheels. The weather is great and with my work schedule lately, I'm in need of some motorcycle therapy.