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Frame Heat

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So, I know that the frame is supposed to help dissipate heat from the engine, and I know that it gets hot, but I didn't think it gets scalding hot.


A little bit of background.  I recently had issues with my charging system on my 1993.  I ended up replacing the R/R, the stator, the battery, and put in the VFRness, including changing out the starting circuit connection.  After all that, I start the bike up and voltages are where they should be.  I've ridden the bike around and gotten it hot and then checked the voltages again, and all seems normal.  What doesn't seem normal is that the aluminum frame seems to be getting scalding hot.  When I ride, I'm always right around the middle of the temp gauge if not just slightly below.  I have an automotive meter that I've been using to check voltages and it has a temperature probe.  When I put the probe on the engine (after riding) it come up to about 160 deg. F .  When I put the probe on the frame next to the engine, I get the same temp.  When I put the probe on the frame just above the front pegs, I get the same temp.  Am I being a little paranoid that something else is wrong, or I messed something up in the electrical, or does the frame truly get that hot? I typically don't touch the frame after riding, but I don't remember it ever being that hot.  Let me know your thoughts.

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My 4Gs' frames also get that hot when riding in warmer temps and/or direct sun. 

Paul in SoCal

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