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9 hours ago, adeyren said:

Fusar are flogging helmets now! Going to get my order in, might get it in two years :cheerleader:



Holy crap Batman, $600 for a 3/4 helmet. They should be able to get them made at that price point. Of course

whether anyone will buy a $600 3/4 helmet is another thing altogether.

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New update.


Dear Loyal Supporters,

We know the delay in production of the camera is frustrating, but we are not leaving you in the dark. Here is an update on what is happening with production.

1. The plastic housing has been finalized and all steel tools have been cut. It was critical that we get the design of the steel tools right so that we can confidently produce a high-quality product. 

2. The electronics inside have been revised a number of times and are fully functional, but still need to pass FCC testing before we can begin production. When we built the handlebar remote this process took rounds of submissions before we gained the appropriate approval. Unfortunately, there is some red tape we need to work through in this process. We're confident that our experience with the remote will help us navigate the process more efficiently this time around. 

In the meantime, our digital team has been working on V2 of the Fusar app, which is now in beta testing. As you know, our user base is growing as is demand for our integrated system. At Fusar, our goal is to always remain at the forefront of technology, safely ahead of the competition. We are confident that this new version of our app will prove to be an enhanced experience for current users, with easy adoption for future users.  The app will be available to everyone by Thanksgiving 2017.

So, that's where we stand. We've been pushing hard on several fronts and we apologies for the delay in delivery. Rest assured that we are moving forward. 

As always, customer service is our biggest priority. You can contact us anytime and we'll happily answer more questions you may have. Please email support@fusar.com, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@fusartech), or call us at 1-844-443-8727 to chat with a FUSAR Customer Care team member anytime Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm EST.

Thank you for riding with us,

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Received the same.

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Okay, I'm just wondering how their user base can be growing if they're not shipping product.

I'm not so sure "Customer Service" is their biggest priority since there are still customers with no service.

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