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The Tale of My 100,000 Mile VFR800

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I hit 100k (in kilometers) last summer so it's nice to know I (hopefilly) have plenty of km's left on my Viffer ;)

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The electrical failures noted (and which occur regularly on other vfr forums). Make me think that I should preemptively change out the stator and rectifier/regulator for improved aftermarket parts.   I am without transportation right now after I wrecked my car but the insurance will pay for a VFR800.   I regularly commuted for 12 years on an 83 V45 Sabre which I bought before I saw the corresponding interceptor.   At first I was concerned with the weight if the vfr800 but when I looked it up the Sabre is about the same.   


So advice to someone(me) new to the VFR800.   Is there anything I should consider replacing besides the stator + rectifier/regulator right away?


I'm old (69) and can no longer be as assured as I used to be that I have the stamina to fix anything alongside the road.

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69 and looking to buy a VFR for the first time? Damn, you're awesome! I have a friend who is 74 and for the past 15 years he has been on ST's and FJR's because he wants the comfort. 


I have owned a 5th gen VFR800 (98-01) and a 6th gen (02-09). Honestly the only necessity is the beefed up charging system. A MOSFET rectifier and in my opinion (and @mello dude's) the stator connection should be replaced with beefier wire and molex connector. Add a voltmeter and you have the necessities taken care of. 


If you have a little extra money and want a wise improvement, @JamieDaugherty at http://www.daughertymotorsports.com/vfr800.html can tailor your suspension to your needs. Weight and riding style is what he will need to know and he can make it as stiff or plush as you need with custom valving and springs for your forks and rear shock. 


After that, the only thing (IMO) that you should really consider is a Fuzeblock http://www.fuzeblocks.com/ . And you really only need that if you want to have accessories. Warmers, GPS, etc... the fuze block will allow you to have switched power and some semblance of control of your accessories.


Best of luck and happy riding!

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