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  2. passing dudes going into and out of turn 10? You are a savage. Great laps !
  3. Going from a slipper to a non-slipper can result in some fun times. Having 4 years on a first-gen Magna v45, I had a couple interesting moments when aggressively downshifting on on the VFR almost left me with two distinct sets of skid marks. Didn't take me long to adjust once I realized I didn't have that slipper clutch though, but man that was better than a cup of strong coffee
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  5. Thanks brother. Got the idle fixed to to 1200 plus fixed some massive exhaust leaks in the front ports. Very convenient method to adjust that idle. It went from sounding like a ticking lawn mower with a ticking time bomb to how it should. The neighbors definitely did not enjoy any of that! Forgot how that wolf exhaust sounded and how loud it is! Mean! Will have to get some proper sound bites/video of the bike when she's more in tip top shape. Do any of you want a ride by video? Let me know, it's the least I can do. Btw, I don't know how your exhaust laws are in NZ, or the rest of the world, but in CA (supposedly) the legal limit for bikes 86' - current is 80 decibels; aka nothing. Pretty dangerous when you think about it, even when taking the Doppler effect into consideration. Tomorrow is lubing that lever cable and properly threading the wires to where they need to go. How it sits, none of the cables seems (operative word) to be having to bad of a time beyond that choke.
  6. What great action image - it's my favourite featured image in quite awhile.
  7. I can't here it!!
  8. Here is another solution to the problem. I had 17V at the battery and replaced many light bulbs multiple times until I resolved the problem. It was related to the relay next to the R/R. I did not have any connectivity from the battery to the monitor wire harness at all. So I opened up the relay housing and found out that the relay was stuck open due to rust. I cleaned it up and it worked fine after that but eventually I should replace it. That relay connects the monitor wire to the battery. Here are some pics of the relay.
  9. Hello all. I wasn't sure where exactly to put this story, I had already completed an introduction post (Linky-poo) but I haven't been around or active much (soooo much lurking) as I have had my hands tied up with the below: After doing some investigation and various bits and pieces I had everything I needed to be able to work on the bike. Mechanically very little was needed, in the end it was some various seals/gaskets, full fluid flushes, front brake, starter motor and carbie rebuilds, some fine tuning and a tiny bit of re-wiring. The painting held me back for a few months as I was waiting for the right weather - I even built myself a boot to do it in. Luckily, at the last moment I was able to secure a booth through a friend and used that, instead. I have never really done a lot of panel repair before, and especially not to this level, and I had never really painted before. I've got no doubt in my mind that the experienced spray painters will be able to recognize my (many?) errors along the way, but for my first go I'm pretty happy with the result. All up, the bike, parts, paint, tools, materials, registration, roadworthy and insurance have cost me A$3,500 - to put that into context, a reasonable condition second hand one in Aus (where you would still need to pay rego, roadworthy, etc) would cost around 4,000 - 5,000 - so I'm extremely please to have the old gilr up and running, now looking as good as she is mechanically. Plus, I got to rescue this amazing bike!
  10. Yes I know Almost two years later LOL. Absolutely amazing suspension setup. Never realized how much better the bike could ride. That's a recent picture :)
  11. Really like those mirrors. I remember a thread about those a long time ago. I really want a set. Anyone have that information handy?
  12. Yesterday
  13. I did 500 miles last Saturday getting to those same roads, riding them, and getting back to the hotel. I never challenged the bike's capabilities, but I was wishing the seat were a bit softer.
  14. Izzat your opinion? One of the amazing things about the Internet is how it can expose people to thinks they've never seen, did not know or know about, etc. We get into trouble when we assume that if we haven't seen it, it does not exist. Or should not. Or whatever. And I have to admit that as long as I've been riding, and with as many cultures as I've been exposed to, the only time I ever saw cages on sportbikes it was on bikes used for stunting. But, you know, empirical evidence and all that...
  15. I hear what you're saying and at least they did some testing. I just don't like it when people take small samples of anything and then draw broad conclusions or generalizations from limited data. Some of the brands listed look like they are only found in the Hawaiian Islands - nothing against Hawaii, love the place, but are we really supposed to believe the quality is the same as the largest name brands (unless they get their gas, including additives, straight from the source)? There are quite a few Valeros around here and I trust that brand even less than Arco...
  16. Yeah it's a separate connection, in two parts - from the battery to an outlet by the handlebar, then from the outlet to the hub in the bag.
  17. Nicely done [emoji106] looks good. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  18. Nice bike. Welcome to the forum.
  19. The cowl had a couple of broken tabs. One was already missing, the other was only held on by the bolt. My Dad did a couple of repairs for me.... ... and I hit it with a little white paint. Both of these areas are pretty much invisible when installed, but now they're fixed!
  20. Flat Stanley is one lucky paper doll. Beautiful pic.
  21. From the album maxswell

    Dakota County Tech College, about 20 miles. from my house, is the site for track days and classes put on by Zalusky Advanced Rider School in the summer. I've taken one each of the last two years. This is a on-site photographer's picture from my second class. I've learned a lot, got a lot of practice time and had fabulously fun at each class. There was an incident that made the day much more "interesting" for me the day of my first class. The track is a one-mile reconfigurable course with a very short front straight and a longer back strait. Passing for the lower-experienced classes is only allowed on the back strait and one rule applicable here is that if one goes off track for any reason they must stay off until directed back on. This six-cylinder BMW (Bad Dude) passed me illegally on the front strait as I was riding behind a slow rider, waiting for a chance to pass on the back strait. We three reached the back strait and Bad Dude took off passing and I followed right behind him. Halfway down the strait he disappeared from my vision for an instant. (I thought "great! no one in front now") The next instant he was back in front of me, sliding perpendicularly across the track, separately from his bike, about 10 feet in front of me. (holy feces!). Next thing I know there is a thump and I'm braking hard at the side of the track. I jump off and am the first person to reach the downed rider. (I was sure I'd run over him) He appears disoriented. But he eventually rolls over and sits up. Track shuts down, ambulance comes, he goes to hospital for observation, and I go back to the pit. I'm as shaken as I've ever been. The replay of me "running him over" is running unstoppingly in my head. The morning classes are over and afternoon practice had just begun. I cannot get the video out of my head and I'm mentally done for the day. I'm eagerly waiting for my third class May 7, 2017 and hoping it's less eventful.
  22. Am I there yet?!
  23. Tents afford no help with snoring. It's really about your thumb isn't it? [emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I saw those 6th gen bags in the classifieds and thought of picking them up. Im sure I could make a cage well enough to attach them. I have to admit though, i do like the top open ability of my soft bags, corbin beetles, and e21s etc. As much as I like the look of the factory option I hate they continue using the side open hinges......obviously if it can double as a top rack bag it makes sense. who knows. Id love to see Dutchys design though!
  25. Fuses are first thing to check, but It could be a ground/connection issue too.
  26. I apologize if this has been covered, but I'm having difficulty finding answers about the VFR1200 trunk/top case. I ordered the OEM rear carrier hoping that I could install my Givi case, but they do not appear compatible. A few questions, if I may: 1. Is there an adapter plate that would allow install of a givi case on the OEM carrier? 2. Regarding the OEM trunk/top case, how does this mount to the carrier? I do not have an OEM top case to look at, and I'm having trouble picturing how it attaches. Is an adapter plate of some kind required here as well? (Photos of rear carrier/base plate and underside of OEM trunk would be appreciated) 3. I've read that a larger (45L instead of 31L) OEM trunk is available. Does anyone know where I may source one without paying an arm and a leg? 4. Are there any surprise duties/taxes/fees when ordering items from Europe from here in the States? Thank you in advance!
  27. Guys, I'm selling my VFR and so I have my LSL setup for sale. I never installed, everything is brand new in the box. Ad is below: Thanks, Chris
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