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  2. how is the seat unit bodywork with the exhaust so close to it?,no problems with melting or warping??,just curious
  3. What is it about VFR air filters that mice find so very attractive ? ... Luckily, none of those air filters were from my VFR , but it just goes to show what a great mouse house that plastic box under the tank makes. The air intake scoop at the front of the filter is like a posh little 'porch' to them and they can't wait to move in, it seems . Anyway, the moral of this story is ... if you haven't checked the air filter on your VFR in the last few years (or ever) , go and have a look ... soon .
  4. Side Mirror Alternatives

    I was thinking the same thing, NYC vs LA. Admittedly, I did get a bit jaded that couple of weeks that my friend lent me his stripped '89 NX650.
  5. Today
  6. IMG_0410.JPG

    Very nice photo
  7. Wash and polish.

    From the album Germann VFR 800

  8. Bike value help 1999 (USA)

    +1 on B4V4's point - if the seller is desperate and hasn't gotten any interest, he might take $2500, but having put 40k miles on it, doing the valves on time twice, and the aftermarket add-ons he's chosen all show he really rode it, really knows the bike. If I didn't already have and love a 5th gen. and if I had a few scruples missing, I'd try to snatch it out from under you for $3000. As a reference point, I was happy to pay $3500 for my 5th gen a year ago - it was in very good shape with 32000 miles. The seller had been religious about changing oil and he replaced brake fluid and coolant once a year, but never touched the valves or suspension and the chain was tired - go figure.
  9. MyVFR With The Wife - 5

    Looks as good as the day you got her!
  10. H7 5000K 55w High Beams for 6th gen

    I think you are right, Nick. For whatever reason, I must have assumed the bulb/socket assembly was all one piece. Now I wonder if I can swap high beam bulbs without removing the upper cowl...
  11. IMG_5515.JPG

  12. Well, having bicycle bits drilled full of neat little holes or made of unobtanium is worth tons of cred at the pizzeria or pub. Been there, got the Dremel. But unless you're doing sprint races at the velodrome, the only time you really notice the weight savings is while carrying the bike. On a motorcycle, saving weight up high like inside the gas tank, or in rotating mass like the wheels, makes big differences in flickability in track settings, or if you're trying to set a new record for the local "technical" roads. But you have to shave a fookin' lot if you're expecting to feel it in the seat of your pants under acceleration. Funny thing is, a lot of people who rely on the seats of their pants for a sense of power often misinterpret crappy torque curves for impressive power.
  13. Spark Plugs

    Download the workshop manual http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/file/251-2015vfr800zip/
  14. Instruments going dead

  15. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    I finally got around to posting my 2015 Colorado trip to YouTube. Let me know what you think. Colorado 2015
  16. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    Here’s the shirt ordering info if anyone is interested. https://www.customink.com/g/wxc0-00b4-915w
  17. Hog tie 5.5

  18. Yesterday
  19. Help re changing plugs

    There's the factory manual.
  20. Panniers / saddle bag color change

    Looks REAL nice First 8 gen I've seen with SEB's window Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. My findings were with bags on a tip over caused minor damage to top and upper cowls because the bags lifted the rear of the bike causing it to nose over. My giant ctx1300 had bag savers that really worked but there is no were on the vfr for those. So unless I'm needing my bags they will not stay on.
  22. Pannier Rubber Steps Kit

    Excellent. Cheers Gareth.
  23. VFR1200 shock?

    'fraid not. You have a message.
  24. Universal switchgear

    I'm hoping to fettle it back on the road just waiting for the inevitable delay as the Insurance company tries to wiggle out of their obligation to cough up.
  25. received_771324006373574.jpeg

    Gorgeous sunset!
  26. Thanks, JZH. Definitely not OEM. If anyone has an OEM set I would appreciate the measurements hole-to-hole. That would allow me to determine if they're lowered.
  27. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    In the end, it is all a numbers game we choose to play or not. Dropping say 25 pounds (and still enjoing good food and drink) will up power/weight ratio of our bikes and less fat encapsulating organs, dropping risk of illness. And then an oncoming cager takes a sharp left turn. It is all numbers.... Not picking argument here, and with most of you not knowing me from Adam, my advice is free and freely ignored :-) This should even pull Fat Bastard from Austin Powers
  28. Speedo error

    The gas mileage drops precipitously if you're accelerating briskly, read fast, and/or a lot of stop and go with quick acceleration from the stop. My freeway was steady speed of about 70 miles at a time, so not a lot of hard acceleration. Running right at 65-70 mph, I can get about 45 mpg. If you spend a lot of time over 9,000-10,000 rpm your mileage will suffer. But you'll have a lot of fun.
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