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  2. I'm pretty sure that strobing lite will get you a ticket.
  3. At 155-160 myself I too found I needed to take pre load out of front and rear from stock, I think the bike comes set for average over weight americans . I also softened both rebounds about 1/2 turn. And yes the ride is better. But having come from a pig CTX1300 that road like a rock the vfr is still very good.
  4. So I finally got around to checking this out after riding around with a portable battery jump pack. The screws on the terminals had backed out slightly, causing the intermittent no start and dying issue as well. Tightened them down and she fires right up. Chalk this one up to not checking the simple things first!
  5. it ended up being the hi/lo switch
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  7. Possibly replace the upper with FOG Lights ?
  8. Good luck & have fun!
  9. Hi InvisibleCities, Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. It's not the fuel cap.
  11. There's gold in them thar Hills!
  12. Lee, I should add that Indian Valley/Peach Tree are a bit of a goat trail - bumpy pavement, tight & twisty. But Ca 25 is one of my favourites, grippy pavement and nice curves make it great fun. G14 is mostly wide open sweepers through rolling grassland. G16 through Carmel Valley is tighter and hillier. Both make a great alternative to the bumpy monstrosity that is US 101. Check them out with Google Earth, or sign up($20) to Pashnit for their write ups of all the good California roads: http://www.pashnit.com/motoroads.htm
  13. After 19 years in the attic, I ended up giving away redslut's brand new OEM silencer to a good home... :-)
  14. Header repair? What happened? Enquiring minds would like to know... :-)
  15. I bought the paint, clear lacquer and etch primer from Halfords (a UK car parts shop - also affectionately referred to as Halfrauds! Due to some of their silly prices) Etch Primer cost £9.99 - C$16.84 - US$12.80 Anthracite Wheel Paint - £7.49 - C$12.63 - US$9.59 Bodyshop Lacquer £9.99 - C$16.84 - US$12.80 It has taken a fair amount of time, but I've not worked on the wheel constantly. I think the key is preparation. I used a steam cleaner to clean the wheel before I even removed the tyre, watched a load of videos on Youtube, mainly a guy called Windy Urtnowski, he did about 7 or 8 videos on painting a rear wheel from an R1. I used a dremel style tool to grind some casting marks out of the wheel to give a smoother appearance. Once all cleaned and sanded using 240 grit wet and dry, I used Panel Wipe (Antisil 770) to clean the surface and tac rags. Etch primer, sprayed on and then left for 24 hours before sanding, wipe with tac rag and panel wipe. three coats of the anthracite paint with 15 minutes between coats, had a slight run in the valleys of the spokes, so left for 24 hours again, before using 800 and 1200 grit wet and dry to sand the runs out, 2 more coats of colour, before leaving for 30 minutes and then start on the clear lacquer. Now gonna leave the wheel for about a week, the weather has taken a down turn, before fitting the tyre. Whilst that's drying I'll start on the front wheel :-) Oh and one last piece of advice, get a good mask for use while painting and cleaning - the fumes from a cleaner I used absolutely bloody stunk and gave me a banging headache!! My dad has a woodwork shop and uses lacquer so lent me his 3M 6000 Series mask, I've now bought my own with the appropriate filters.
  16. I had to change out that O ring to fix an oil leak but I already had the coolant and oil drained. According to the manual you don't need to drain the oil, just the coolant. But I'm not sure if that's for removal or disassembly only.
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  18. Hey Doc, how do those tires work on pavement? You do ride on pavement right? :)
  19. Good luck! Let us know how you survived that.
  20. So, I'm getting ready to start the stator and R&R replacement - everyone suggests soldering the wires, but I don't know what kind of iron to get (mainly wattage), and the type of soldering wire for this kind of electrical work. Any suggestions? Also, any good YouTube videos? Thanks in advance Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  21. Right, let me hold the phone up to my mouth and not my ear!
  22. Or the mysterious component failures that the Ten Kate racing team has had with the '17. Frankly it sounds to me like Big H didn't get their manufacturing back up to par after the earthquake that shut their factory down. Usually their QA is much better than that.
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  24. Time will tell. We have a set of headers on a Hawk that were coated 1 year ago and look new, but long term is unknown..... I tried it since the shop is next to my office, the nearest Jet Coat is 50 miles away.
  25. Most of the symptoms you describe would sound like a dirty/blocked airfilter, Is the new one seated correctly? Any chance of mice nesting in it? Try putting the old one back in to see if that changes the situation? How old is the fuel? Can you tell if the Vtec valves are operating? if they weren't I wouldn't imagine the engine would get beyond these revs on just 2 valves?
  26. Yes indeed, ground connection failure is already a common issue
  27. These bikes are known for this issue. A couple of things to check that would change with miles: Chain slack ( I can always tell mine is getting loose because it feels like the throttle is getting touchy.) Throttle cable slack Starter valve sync (shouldn't have really changed)
  28. I second the knights design letting pegs. I liked mine. I had different experiences with my 91 rr than snowdog, but maybe I was just unlucky. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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