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  2. Something about a 40th High School reunion!? Ack! Sleeping in front of the fish tank is better than sleeping in front of the TV. Ummm.......
  3. She has arrived!! The 49 state Wolf bike has been delivered!!!! And here she is next to her low mileage CA sister: The Wolf system sounds the business. Taking them both out back to back tomorrow but already leaning toward moving the Wolf system and red tank and panels to the CA bike. Ah the projects!! For shits and grins, I thought I'd share my non V4 project which is a bit more involved. Just getting started on her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. Those who transport their bike (and other vehicles like ATV), what trailer you got? I'm looking at one that only needs new tires so I'm replacing old ones with the same Mickey Thompson tires and one of tail light bulb. We used to load the atv at the truck bed, thought a trailer would make life easier.
  6. We are leaving DC around 7am Saturday morning. Forecast is mid 70's high and mid 50's low. Running out west on route 66 our first stop will be the Apple House for breakfast if you would like to join us. Arrival there should be around 8:15am or so and probably be finished and ready to roll out from there by 9am. Let me know if anyone else wants to join. The loop is about 400miles and will be all day. Back in DC area before dark. Proposed route for us is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FlsgexPSJJ42aYG3xChLP7-XWtY&usp=sharing or try this one: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1FlsgexPSJJ42aYG3xChLP7-XWtY&ll=38.814298889421636%2C-78.24629770000001&z=9 Let me know if it works, google maps is a bit confusing. Anyone else in the DC, NoVa area free to join us, and anyone else in the region feel free to join us at any part of our route. We are going counter clockwise if you see the waypoints, and they are only for reference, we probably will be doing a bit more gas/snack/smoke/stretch breaks throughout. Art
  7. Looking to get that kind of stand soon. Looks pretty tough and easy to work with.
  8. I only saw the red 2000 with the luggage recently. Gone so quick
  9. Welcome Jesse, good looking bike and looks a though you've got a Staintune to boot [emoji1303] Enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Plenty of Chinesium about. Not like you'd be towing anything with em. Couldn't you paint the originals if you wish to keep the rubber? Couple of bolts underneath, rubber off, paint and replace.
  11. Thank you gentleman. Maybe I'll write up a year specific carb clean for the next guy.. If i set the wrong float height or something and need to redo it
  12. Today: Put the exhaust, exhaust tray and battery box in. Frustrating as hell though because even though I could of sworn I did the measurements right from the oem clamps, my new ones were way too big. With a little measuring tape is telling me that the smaller tubes' clamps are roughly 1.8" and the big clamp is resting at 2.40" ish. Since I'm not that great at this, what would that mean with what I need to buy? Just in case you all would like to see how the Wolf exhaust tray looks like. Later: Dropping off my new tanks stickers to the painter. Will work on the dash welding at one point. My current solder gun isn't strong enough to make a difference.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Noice. Ezy access storageđź–’
  15. Rechecked the title. It's an 01
  16. I assume you've got a vacuum petcock on the 4G; if that is giving grief (e.g. not opening fully due to debris or age/perishing) then I suspect you'd have a similar problem. So check the vacuum line is intact with no cracks or splits, then try applying vacuum (a good mouth suck would do) and see if you get a good gravity fuel flow through the petcock. They are not difficult to rebuild, and are a known failure point on many bikes (my VTR1000 and ST1100 for example) with age.
  17. You've probably got levers for the 6th gen.
  18. I have Angel GTs on now, going to try the T30s next. The rear is ok, but the front feel is terrible with about 30% left, but i've possibly been hard on it recently. my suspension is stock, fresh forks (seals, bushings, oil) except with a 929 shock. always stock pressures.
  19. what carburetor do you have on it? I put mine back to stock to sell and gained back all the low end torque. If you ever see a purple '96 1200c with dual front disks, it was probably mine :p I do miss the belt drive..
  20. Welcome to the asylum. VFRs rock.
  21. Welcome to the asylum from a southwestern neighbor. Congrats on a excellent decision.
  22. She's a beaut!
  23. IF i can get them off without incident, i'd consider getting them blasted - But just as likely to sand them and get a wire wheel on them myself. Probably then just paint them with black VHT myself as it can get a bit costly and take too long to sort otherwise. I can deal with the bike being off the road for a few days, but i guess my stated time-frame is more for keeping the bench clear as i can't leave it on there overnight or the following day. It's just the wrong time of year to have my bike taking up space at work as we get pretty full with customer bikes and bikes needing my attention for the showroom. But it's also the time of year i want to do the work, so it's nice for the summer etc... Damned if i do, damned if i don't i guess... The major concern is that if the header bolts strip; It's a problem for two reasons: 1. I'd have stripped header bolts 2. I cannot fix that myself, and others in the workshop do not have time to help me with such an avoidable problem.
  24. Thanks @max. Adjusted it yesterday. [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Welcome to the asylum. Love the white. You obviously have good taste in mc's. +1 on the SebSpeed cover. It has led to many conversations with others on the road and street.
  26. Welcome to the asylum Jock3. You obviously have good taste in mc's. As I've had much of the non-motor parts disassembled over time, I've observed that there are rubber vibration dampers all over the great machines. It's one of the fabulous features of these terrific machines.
  27. Beautiful. Wish I was there.
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