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  3. 6th Gen Refresh

    Well all the cooling lines are replaced along with O-rings, thermostat, and a quick water pump inspection. All seems in good order and ready for some coolant. It's ready for the rebuilt throttle body to go back on. Let's hope we find a place for all the loose vacuum lines..... :-) After that, the rear CCT (still waiting for that part to arrive). Then these will go on..... Then the heat shield. Then time to rebuild the front calipers.... Using EBC pads.... I need to buy a micrometer to measure the rotor thickness. There is a distinct "lip" around the perimeter edge of both rotors, which tells me they are pretty far gone. Those puppies are expensive. Still hoping to use the old pair. We'll see. Still waiting on powder coating to be completed. They have my front fork lowers, which I need to get the front end back in order. So far - all is good. Appreciate all the advice thus far. Cheers!
  4. Handlebar Muffs

    I'm 100% with Mohawk and Stray on heated gear. Turn the knob to be as toasty warm as you like, and no bulky layers. Simple thermodynamics - insulation only slows the heat transfer. Sustained rides at low temp will eventually suck all the heat out of you, no matter how many purpose made base layers you have. For this situation, it is necessary to add heat to the equation. Heated gear does it. Not a big fan of the muff concept. Heated gloves solve the cold hands issue. Mine are even waterproof. That said, on real cold occasions, the gloves need more heat than the jacket, and if you're on a single circuit, the jacket can get too warm. So, for this, heated grips add just enough heat to find a decent balance. Both with a push of a button or turn of a knob.
  5. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    Great tips Gents. A bit cold for me to begin working down the list right now. I hope a slight thaw in the next few days.
  6. damn why does everyone want my money??
  7. Yesterday
  8. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Thank you much! Snagged a decent looking "tested" set on fleabay for $25 shipped. I will be doing this mod as a part of the refresh on my '98.
  9. How to lift RC36 to replace shock without centerstand?

    With the optional "front lift arm" you can lift the front. With the rear shock out, you cannot use the swingarm to pull the rear down. But use a longer strap to the subframe. Or place a small jack (with a bit of wood) under the oilpan, up enough to raise the front.
  10. Sprocket change

    Most times it is because our speed limits are artificially low. Also, and this is important to note, it depends on how vigilant and enthusiastic the highway patrol is. For example, the speed limits in most Interstates out in the deserts of California will say 70 mph. But you will get passed by everything except motorhomes at that speed! Most traffic move at 80 out there, and a great many go around 85. OTOH, on the highway leading from the greater Los Angeles basin to the Bay Area (San Francisco), the California Highway Patrol are very aggressive. So the posted speed limit is between 65-70 mph and most traffic will move around 75-78 mph. I personally wouldn't attempt to cruise through that section of highway at greater than 80 mph for long periods without a proper Radar Detector. Every time I go through there I see so many vehicles getting speeding citations.
  11. Rear-sets - looking for aftermarket CNC

    Replied, thanks! :)
  12. 5th gen engine in 6th gen

    Gotcha! Okay, so we're not in the presence of greatness, just in the presence of someone who makes their greatness possible! Ciao,
  13. You might get told a 170 is best, well...it's not. The 170 was the common most size back then, 180's were virtually unheard of. You'd need a 6" rim for a 190. You could achieve that with a hub swap from a ducati/Triumph with one of their later bikes wider rear wheels - lot of effort!
  14. Ducati supersport

    Nice! I dig the pipes. Must feel good to be senseless. I guess now, you can't even carry your wallet and you have to plan for three breakdowns on every ride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Nice bike (the colors even right). Have fun / be safe. Mark
  16. 2012 montose 379

    That's me! I guess that's my better half! Mark
  17. How I did mine (so far still good):
  18. Not sure if that helps but here you go
  19. Anybody Use a Nitron rear shock?

    Jamie has been part of the VFR scene since the late 1990s, maybe earlier. I just received my Daugherty Motorsports 929 shock plus fork cartridge and spring package last week, and it looks great. Lots of work to do on the VFR this winter and I can't wait for spring!
  20. Corbin seat?

    I'd look for some quality auto upholstery shops. Off topic -- Chevy police car enthusiast?
  21. Hmmm.... Will have to inspect the basket more carefully before I put the cover back on. Thanks!
  22. Build a better mouse trap - easy 5th gen hp

    Wow, your approach to buying and riding an 18 year old motorcycle is very different from mine. I've purchased two 5th Generation VFR800s in the last two years (one I keep here in Denver, the other is now in Alabama where I spend a lot of time). I can hardly bring myself to ride a new (old) motorcycle until I've given it a very thorough round of inspection and maintenance.
  23. Last week
  24. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Yeah, I'm just messing with you, Seb. Your work is top notch, btw. Lol I'm not sure my budget will ever allow for nice custom made parts from you, but I'll sure drool over the pics. I just got the bike running again. It was the dang bank angle sensor. There's one less concern in my world! Whew!
  25. Pc2 parameters ???

    Thanks for the replys.i am reasonbly happy with the 009 map ive adjusted it a little.sebspeed ,if youve got any good results or suggestions for ignition timing it would be appreciated thanks heaps again much appreciated.
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