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  2. welcome to chinaļ¼
  3. We are Vfrchina !
  4. Great stuff here. Looks great. I have one question. My present bike has a tidy tail modification. When I ride it in the rain which I am not averse to doing, it sprays my lower back and causes puddling on my seat. The 8th gen is my very possible next bike. It looks as though there is enough of the rear fender preserved to keep the spray down even with the tidy tail. Any information on how it performs in the rain would be appreciated.
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  6. As Terry says, it was standard on the 1990-1993 VFR750F. Btw, the NR750 had a natty 2-piece articulated cover on its side stand.
  7. Funny how things go.... My RC51 needs a new Brembo CNC master cylinder as the old one gets air in it through use and as far as I know, Brembo don't sell new seals. The VFR is working fine but I have other projects to begin & complete on it. The NSR250 project is in lots of boxes occupying the underside of our dining table. The CRM250R has a leaky fork seal and the clutch is beginning to slip... Only the least likely to be reliable - the Husky Motard in perfect health and ready to use any time, that is - after getting the side stand welded after it broke. Our daily driver needs a transmission swap, as internal clutches are getting worn out too, not even mentioning other car projects! My excuse is that our new workshop has been under construction and it's been bloody cold. TBH the Husky's probably the most entertaining to ride on local country roads here, but I hope to get on with the NSR next when the workshop's done and the wood stove for it is up & running!
  8. Yes the sidestand fairing is original but as you say, not common. IIRC only the VFR750 and the NS250/400 strokers had them.
  9. An absolute must have for a pro, and probably for a non pro frequent wrench turner as well I'm sure. I was having that thought. At least I had knee pads.
  10. Exactly why I bought the HFT lift. One of the best $300 I ever spent.
  11. Very nice. I'm wondering if that kickstand fairing thing is stock or aftermarket. Don't think I have ever seen one.
  12. I blame VFR Capt.Bob for luring me into the deep end when he came by and helped tear into it and see what all was needed. But I also have to thank him for his help. Could not have done it alone. If it was all down to me I probably would have sold it as is and been missing my VFR now. Once I add a battery it will be close to a $600 repair, with mostly used parts, minimal labor cost. Having a shop fix it probably would have cost close to and maybe more than it's worth as a running bike. Will keep a couple fingers crossed until I get in a good length test ride, but I think / hope it will be fine. Weather is supposed to be dry and good temps next weekend. Back into the garage to wrap up Saturday. Legs should be not so damn sore by then. Stand squat kneel squat stand repeat. You try it 200 or 300 times. Would love to take it out for a ride more than a test. Gotta put some miles on it to justify all the expense and trouble. A bunch of miles.
  13. What about three RC45's in a row? [See photo attached to comment]
  14. I used convertibars, as they allowed for any positioning I'd want. I only had to raise the oil cooler a little. I can't remember what I did but it wasn't rocket science. There's pictures on my thread which may help.
  15. Knowing Tyga manufacture in Thailand, clearly the cost of a system from them would be lower than something made in the UK. The welding on their systems is also very good. Anyways, with all the uncertainty and lack of progress I'm not sure they're as keen now. They asked me about getting a left exit exhaust for a VFR750 when we were in Japan together last year (don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger), but I don't have one & it seems from this thread there's not much commitment from the community, in reality? They're a busy company with about 20 staff and don't have time to mess about, so you might need to tap that UK manufacturer or alternative after all. Will probably be expensive though. Good luck with the crowd funding project, RVFR.
  16. Measured them up today. The quick shifter lever is actually longer than the std lever.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Any other nerds besides me think maybe the designer of the 8th gen is an anime/manga fan? :)
  19. Nice Cap! My very first bike, in 1989, was an RWB 86 700 - got it from Honda of Santa Monica used with just over 3k miles on it. Ended up selling it a couple of years later (my CRS prevents me from remembering exactly when or why) with about 25k or so on the clock. Then I was in between bikes for a short while and then picked up the 87, stock, with maybe 18k on it? I don't remember any more... :(
  20. Hey Dutchy, lol I had some white and blue Gaerne street/road racing boots to match some white, blue, dark blue Fieldsheer leathers. All that stuff went to my cousin too... :(
  21. Awesome song Greg, exactly what I was thinking/hearing and now some nice visuals as well! :D
  22. Thanks Switchblade! :)
  23. I added the Honda 45L topbox, and it fits 2 full face helmets. My small Shoei does not fit in the side cases. Most of the time I hang my helmet from the mirror.
  24. Seb my mate over in Spain is asking 15 Euros (postage aside) for the one off his 89000Km RC36-I (3rd gen) from 1993. If you want it, I'llcover the postage for all the favours you've done me over time.
  25. The Y2K mirrors fit the RC36s just fine, and everyone knows condoms just ain't as nice... Ciao,
  26. Oh, come on. We could lead a procession of VFRs through the mud. I got to track down the video of you going all Charlie and Ewan. I mean, we stayed upright last time, right? Clean bikes are over rated. Sent from my LG-H900 using Tapatalk
  27. No adventure riding this this year dammit!
  28. My Angel GTs are about toast, and I'm thinking that with my touring bias, I would go to the Metzeler Roadtec 01. The application guide on Metzeler's site says that if I want to run the Roadtec 01 on the rear of my 6th gen, I should use the HWM (Heavy Weight Machine) version of the 180/55R17. I've been through two sets of PR2s and the aforementioned Angel GTs, and I've never run the "A", "GT", "B" version of any of these tires. What say you? HWM or regular version?
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