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  2. passing dudes going into and out of turn 10? You are a savage. Great laps !
  3. EXCELLENT video smoke! I think I only saw you get passed once (what kind of bike was that?) and you did a hell of a lot of passing yourself! What kind of bikes did you pass? What level riding was this group? Where did you have the camera mounted and what kind? Did they make you take your centerstand off? Do you have the quickshifter? Any other mods? Sorry for all the questions.
  4. Going from a slipper to a non-slipper can result in some fun times. Having 4 years on a first-gen Magna v45, I had a couple interesting moments when aggressively downshifting on on the VFR almost left me with two distinct sets of skid marks. Didn't take me long to adjust once I realized I didn't have that slipper clutch though, but man that was better than a cup of strong coffee
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  6. Thanks brother. Got the idle fixed to to 1200 plus fixed some massive exhaust leaks in the front ports. Very convenient method to adjust that idle. It went from sounding like a ticking lawn mower with a ticking time bomb to how it should. The neighbors definitely did not enjoy any of that! Forgot how that wolf exhaust sounded and how loud it is! Mean! Will have to get some proper sound bites/video of the bike when she's more in tip top shape. Do any of you want a ride by video? Let me know, it's the least I can do. Btw, I don't know how your exhaust laws are in NZ, or the rest of the world, but in CA (supposedly) the legal limit for bikes 86' - current is 80 decibels; aka nothing. Pretty dangerous when you think about it, even when taking the Doppler effect into consideration. Tomorrow is lubing that lever cable and properly threading the wires to where they need to go. How it sits, none of the cables seems (operative word) to be having to bad of a time beyond that choke.
  7. What great action image - it's my favourite featured image in quite awhile.
  8. I can't here it!!
  9. Here is another solution to the problem. I had 17V at the battery and replaced many light bulbs multiple times until I resolved the problem. It was related to the relay next to the R/R. I did not have any connectivity from the battery to the monitor wire harness at all. So I opened up the relay housing and found out that the relay was stuck open due to rust. I cleaned it up and it worked fine after that but eventually I should replace it. That relay connects the monitor wire to the battery. Here are some pics of the relay.
  10. Hello all. I wasn't sure where exactly to put this story, I had already completed an introduction post (Linky-poo) but I haven't been around or active much (soooo much lurking) as I have had my hands tied up with the below: After doing some investigation and various bits and pieces I had everything I needed to be able to work on the bike. Mechanically very little was needed, in the end it was some various seals/gaskets, full fluid flushes, front brake, starter motor and carbie rebuilds, some fine tuning and a tiny bit of re-wiring. The painting held me back for a few months as I was waiting for the right weather - I even built myself a boot to do it in. Luckily, at the last moment I was able to secure a booth through a friend and used that, instead. I have never really done a lot of panel repair before, and especially not to this level, and I had never really painted before. I've got no doubt in my mind that the experienced spray painters will be able to recognize my (many?) errors along the way, but for my first go I'm pretty happy with the result. All up, the bike, parts, paint, tools, materials, registration, roadworthy and insurance have cost me A$3,500 - to put that into context, a reasonable condition second hand one in Aus (where you would still need to pay rego, roadworthy, etc) would cost around 4,000 - 5,000 - so I'm extremely please to have the old gilr up and running, now looking as good as she is mechanically. Plus, I got to rescue this amazing bike!
  11. Yes I know Almost two years later LOL. Absolutely amazing suspension setup. Never realized how much better the bike could ride. That's a recent picture :)
  12. Really like those mirrors. I remember a thread about those a long time ago. I really want a set. Anyone have that information handy?
  13. Well shes up and running. Now waiting on Gabe to figure out the Staintune connection, in the mean time. Oh what a sound, pure music.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I did 500 miles last Saturday getting to those same roads, riding them, and getting back to the hotel. I never challenged the bike's capabilities, but I was wishing the seat were a bit softer.
  16. OK , took the vfr800 for an hour yest ride. I am very happy with the bike. I am pretty sure I need to lower the pegs, I found them too high for my taste. AND will get that block to raise my bars a bit. I like the ride and it's nimbleness. I like the dash layout, it works well. I hope there is an after market wind screen add on for long trips. For around town the wind is fine but for a 500 mile hwy ride I'd like a little rest from the wind. I really enjoy the VTEC kicking in, it's like hitting NOS in a car. I think the exhaust note could be louder but that is an easy fix. The trans shifts better than any bike I have ever owned. Never a false N or missed shift even though my feet are used to peg location. If I could own 2-3 bikes I would but I only have room for 1 so I need a do it all bike as best as possible. I also looked real hard at a FJR1300ES , the gadgets like electronic ride height are just sick, plus adjustable wind screen, cruise control etc but the darn weight is just too much for my skinny body, plus the price is twice. So as soon as ins cuts me a check I'll be picking up the interceptor.
  17. Izzat your opinion? One of the amazing things about the Internet is how it can expose people to thinks they've never seen, did not know or know about, etc. We get into trouble when we assume that if we haven't seen it, it does not exist. Or should not. Or whatever. And I have to admit that as long as I've been riding, and with as many cultures as I've been exposed to, the only time I ever saw cages on sportbikes it was on bikes used for stunting. But, you know, empirical evidence and all that...
  18. First thing I do after thumbing the starter button is turn off the TC. I can recall as many situations that ABS has saved my ass or someone else's, as I can recall situations where the TC has endangered me or been useless. A shame about your CTX. If I would ever buy a cruiser, that would be the one I'd buy.
  19. I hear what you're saying and at least they did some testing. I just don't like it when people take small samples of anything and then draw broad conclusions or generalizations from limited data. Some of the brands listed look like they are only found in the Hawaiian Islands - nothing against Hawaii, love the place, but are we really supposed to believe the quality is the same as the largest name brands (unless they get their gas, including additives, straight from the source)? There are quite a few Valeros around here and I trust that brand even less than Arco...
  20. Yeah it's a separate connection, in two parts - from the battery to an outlet by the handlebar, then from the outlet to the hub in the bag.
  21. No the idle screw won't fix a stiff choke lever. A stiff choke lever that won't rotate properly closed will keep tension on the cable and keep the idle speed up. If you can move the choke lever fully off (anticlockwise looking along the bar) and the cable has some slack, that is good, and the high idle should be just due to the idle screw.
  22. Thanks brother. So just to reiterate, adjusting the screw on the right side of the bike can possibly fix the choke lever stiffness issue. Even if this was something that was never an issue before? Perhaps playing around with the screw and lubing the cable will do the trick? Also when I was moving the lever around, with the choke contraption open, I see that with the lever all the way up, there is a little bit of slack. Also, the lever goes a lot further up and down from than it used to. If you have any diagrams, beyond the repair manuals, than I would greatly appreciate it! I took a grinder to peel some powder coating and now I'm getting proper and quick return from the throttle. Thanks again.
  23. The idle speed and choke are one and the same thing on these bikes. The choke cable pulls on the starter valve plate (which opens all the starter valves together), and the idle screw (in through the rubber bung/hole on the right frame spar) pushes on exactly the same plate. So if your choke lever is not moving freely then it will keep the idle speed high. Let me know if you need any diagrams for throttle cable routing. You may just need to back off the slack adjuster under the bars to give enough freeplay so that the throttle doesn't open when at full lock. If you need more than that adjuster can provide then you need to access the other end of the cables on the side of the throttle bodies. Glad to hear that the bike is up and running.
  24. Is that power hub a separate connection i.e. Power cable that runs through the bag or embedded into the mount? SW-Motech uses the latter to put power inside the bag. The power connections are made between the bag and the bike via the mounting ring and bag receptor.
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