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  3. I would say it's a great price with the factory bags and low miles also the center stand and heated grips. I will buy the saddle bags if you want to sell them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    That's a decent price - decent but not great. If you don't want the factory luggage, you could probably get a least a grand for it. The fact that the bike is on the factory tires and you like how the bike rides says a lot. The bike will be changed dramatically for the better with a better set of tires.
  5. Wow! My first post and your responsiveness is way more than I had expected - thanks so much for your help. I need to decide to pull the trigger on the bike I am looking at. It's a 2010F, 3,200 miles, full factory cases, center stand, heated grips, no damage, original tires - asking $7200. Not sure if this a decent price or not. Market is not clear. Your thoughts?
  6. Hi boOZZIE, Thank you for your donation of $75.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. I had heard ti is a bit more prone to cracking. Not bend friendly lo, argh Jezz, if Gabe's going to offer a ti system even more praise to him with all the welds per system.
  8. Seat mod/recover

    I had my 6th gen Sargent re-worked locally, though I never liked it from the start. I had mine done by cutting down the Sargent foam to a thinner level and then had 2 layers of progressively softer foam put on top of that. They were able to do that whilst retaining the cover. That way it molds to me to eliminate pressure points but still offers support against bottoming out on the seat pan. They also shaved off the contour lines that run lengthwise along the saddle that would cut in to the thigh on long rides. My longest ride on it was 460 miles. My arse wasn't fresh as a daisy when I got off it, but it was doable. A 300 mile day on it is not a problem. Maybe the most important thing is to find someone that will work with you. Each person is built differently and has their own preference for firmness so be sure to get what you want.
  9. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Might be moving from Reno to the Seattle area soon. Probably consider selling my new (~780mile) '14 Deluxe to get a 2nd car for work. Also found out we have our 4th kiddo on the way sooo.... Lol. Let me know if you're interested we can talk.
  10. Skids, yes that might be Euro only, but i will try the sequence from your scanned page. Thanks
  11. New Owner

    Thanks for all of the input. The seat may be OK for me, but the wife wants one with a backrest to feel a little more secure back there. I ride from Elgin, IL. to Missouri to get the bike in the same day to get it. Was over 1K total. That may have killed my backside for the ride back. Left a 3:30 AM and got home at 11:30 PM. That just may have been one of the dumbest things I've done lately. The stock tires do blow. They have a strange profile compared to the Q3 on my BKing and the S20 evos I had on the ZX. Has anyone tried the roadsmarts? I'll be doing a taller screen and the pegs first. Maybe the re-flash as well. Any good grip suggestions? My hands seem to take the worst beating from the bike. Bill
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  13. Not very many folks have the ability to play with Ti. it's a fineky material that takes special handling to another level, It's easier and simple to just cut and weld. I'm still thinking of having Gabe make a Ti system for me, as Gabe has contacts with suppliers of Ti. interesting as it's not as expensive the way he goes about it as I thought, so who knows.
  14. Thinking of installing one on my 2014. I've installed 4 or 5 before on past bikes with no problem. Just wondering if it will be any more challenging for our 8th gen VFRs. Thanks. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  15. looking to buy some stock parts

    If you wind up needing a stock upper cowl, I put one in the Classifieds a few days ago.
  16. New leftover base 2014 price?

    If anyone wants a new pearl white deluxe they have one in St. Augustine for $8,999. Not sure what their fees are though: https://www.cycletrader.com/dealers/Powersports-St.-Augustine-2891092/listing/2014-Honda-Interceptor-DLX-114168379
  17. looking to buy some stock parts

    I have my stock windscreen in mint shape from my 2014. just pay shipping and you can have it? I also have my stock exhaust but it was a bit scraped when I went down. if that does not bother you just pay shipping on that as well.
  18. Hi there people, an image is worth a thousand words so here it goes two thousand words: This is what i came up with, now i'm thinking about taking it to a welding shop to accomodate a pair of tabs and cut this tubing to match a bigger one that is oriented properly to plug into each side rad. I feel like this could end with the cooling problems we have on traffic jams during summer (even if we all know that the hotter the viffer the better it runs) So i've come up with this and i'll try to keep you all updated about how it goes The rad came out of an scrapyard from an unknown KTM (presumably from a 50cc cross style one)
  19. New leftover base 2014 price?

    Not true at all - "near no resale value" means it has $0 resale value, which is ludicrous. If you buy it for $6500, and used VFRs in your area with the same or more miles on them - given the same year - are selling for more than that - you'll always be able to get your money out of it. Because you're able to locate a deal on the price (because these deals are not available everywhere) has zero to do with resale, because the next owner has no idea what you paid for it. Buy anything below the market price and you'll always be able to sell it at market, resulting in some return on your money. Consequently, resale value on these big discounted bikes are an easy way to flip it for the same, or near same money paid if you determine it's not the bike for you.
  20. Mandrel bent vs welded titanium tubing mostly has to do with the material wall thickness and alloy that you can source/afford and if your mandrel bender has the capability to work with it. If you are making 1000s copies of a titanium piece and have the tooling flexibility of a large manufacturer, then the task is much more feasible. There are also other issues with material springback that must be accounted for differently with Ti alloy vs steel tubing. I'm fairly certain that there is only one grade of Ti alloy that is even suitable for mandrel bending.

    superbike conversion kit , even better/cheaper than elibars
  22. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    I remember those same Buell pegs costing $15 a pair at my Harley dealer.. that was nearly a decade ago...
  23. I own a 2010, and installed the helibars. They made a big difference. The stock seat sucks. I will be installing the Saddleman touring seat next. I'm 5'5" and find the stock seat height is fine. If you are taller I wouldn't keep the short seat. https://www.saddlemen.com/index.php?route=product/bikeSearch&search= Knight design makes lower pegs that look the best IMHO. I found the bars helped enough, so I will be staying stock for now. http://www.knightdesignllc.com/Products/Motorcycle/Honda/VFR1200/Honda-VFR1200F-Menu.html I have a mid sized wind shield installed. I live where it is hot, so I may reinstall the stock. Wind protection is quite good on this bike, but you get airflow shoulders up. It is a great bike. Good luck.
  24. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    Thanks! It looks like my pedal was a bit bent so I heated and bent it to something that looks more correct. It might be OK now without creating more range on the adjuster. As per the PO my bike has been knocked over both ways and has the scars to prove it, so that makes sense.
  25. Seat mod/recover

    Anyone have ideas on seat upgrade for the VFR? The Sargent seat on my VFR is showing its age and is not nearly as comfortable as it was when new. I was considering having gel inserts used instead of just foam this time. Any recommendations?
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